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  1. Well, I just hope you are right and we will see something new 2016. But thanks for giving me a little hope.
  2. The Problem I see is, that it has become awefully quiet around this game. A Wildling/Night's Watch expansion should have been possible. Or maybe just a Cardexpansion like with GoT Boardgame just to show that the game is still supported. If wishes were fishes....
  3. After finishing Season 5, I just ordered BoW with all expansions to shorten the waitingtime. I also own GoT 2nd Edition and love it, but it's hard to organize enough players. It would be a shame if they wouldn't bring another expansion. I believe it's a great game with a great license. If they aren't sure about the the sales, a Kickstarter-Campaign would remove risk and probably hype the game again.
  4. I use Onenote, until now the only one that is easy to use across the iOS-Windows hurdle.
  5. That would be awesome, the next store where I can play is 50 km away and as a father and husband I'd really like to play Netrunner more often than I currently are able to. Datapacks could be sold as in-app purchase. Once the base structure for LCG Apps is programmed it probably would be easier to use it for other LCGs like GoT or LotR. Also real live online WC would be possible, or fast testing new decks against an AI... Someone already suggested it to FFG?
  6. I have the same problem with "convincing demeanor", also the "black market contacs" talents seems underpowered since very few items are actually illegal. I'm thinking about giving a boost die for every 2 levels of "convincing demeanor" if no set back dice are in the dice-pool.
  7. There are some RPG groups in and around nürnberg. My cousin plays there with an english speaking D&D group, if you wish I can try to contact him via HoloNet.
  8. Thank you all. I will make the HoloNet (and all galactic communication) owned, restricted and watched by the empire. Official trade communication will be very expensive, so that no one will just order his Thermal Detonator "online". There will "shadownets" used by Black Sun and the Hutt Syndicate, but without the proper contacts and money it won't be possible to just call somebody on the other end of the galaxy. Palpatine probably wanted to isolate the planets to reduce opposition and monitor any rebel communications.
  9. How do you handle intergalactic communications? The HoloNet is very restricted and controled by the Empire. I want my PCs to be contacted by their employers but this seems pretty hard. There seems to be an alternative called the Baobab Holonet but there is not very much information about it. Also are there portabable HoloComms?
  10. PDF would be the way. International customers and no printing cost would give it a fighting chance. Also content would have to premium.
  11. I startet on a NPC list (.odt) and would like to transfer it to my IPad. The problem is that I can't find an app and a document format which would show the pictures on the Ipad. Only way is to export it as PDF.
  12. http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9077657/SW-EotE-1page-Reference-Sheet.pdf has it at the bottom, well advantage/triumph not threat/despair also some tips for skills would be nice, flipping through the rulebook after each skill-check is very cumbersome. But still, thanks for the combatsheet.
  13. Is the Beginner Game still in print? In most stores in Germany it is out of stock and they seem to have trouble to get more?
  14. timonkey said: I really hate Shadows over Camelot. The traitor is too weak, can't really do anything on either side except play badly. With any reasonable number of players the game is incredibly easy and it's optimal to simply not worry about the traitor. And I feel mostly there's very little interaction between players. You just draw some cards and then play them. and that's exactly how I think about BSG. You should try both before making a decision.
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