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  1. Can I get Beta1.5? I prefer some things from Beta1.0, and was happy to see some things removed in Beta2.0 Mind you, I still haven't read everything, but these are the things that stand out most to me from what I have read. Positive changes (in my opinion): - Wounds system back in. I didn't dislike the 1.0 version, I thought it was unique and interesting, but it took up too much game time at times - AP system gone. Same reason as above really, I didn't hate it, but confused the hell out of my players. - Weapons have their range increments back. The loss of this in 1.0 was weird and unrealistic imo. The update to weapons in general is good. Negative changes: - Don't like Aptitudes at all. I liked 1.0's list of Characteristic and Skills costs listed by Role, and being multiplied by skill rank or characteristic bonus. Working out their costs based off Aptitudes isn't too difficult, but still annoying. Aptitudes were the biggest problem my group had with Only War over the previous games. - For the same reason above, I miss the Talent Trees. While not as flexible or granting as much freedom as the Aptitude system, it neatly catagorised the talents into themes, had no restrictions on which trees you wanted to start purchasing from, and the XP costs were all listed on 1 page (including a basic summary), instead of flipping between the costs by Tier, the Tier list, and then to the Talent section to see what it does. EDIT: Skills also reverting to 1-characteristic tests 'unless GM says otherwise'. Allowing multiple characteristics for different uses of a skill was good. Glad it didn't change, or change much: - Subtlety. And this is compatible with nearly any 'investigation'-type game ever, and might work for Rogue Trader as well (although their Subtlety would probably start and have a 'resting point' of about 10) - Character creation. I liked this 3-step process, but that might be because my group likes Rogue Trader the most. EDIT: Threat ratings for enemies. Makes making encounters a little easier.
  2. I also prefered the Beta v1 system of Characteristics and Skill costs being predetermined by Role, and the Talent Trees were nice as well. Aptitudes were something my group never really liked, even with the freedom involved it did include all the work listed above. Beta v1 looked like a step in the right direction for us, with the costs clearly given, but still allowing players some freedom to make their characters due to there being no real restrictions on which Talent Trees you could use. Kind of disappointed in the change to the Only War system.
  3. Perhaps have the wound tables on 5 double-sided card sheets (similar to the reference sheets included in the actual Warhammer Fantasy + 40k starter sets), with the 10th side being the description of all the wound conditions and a summary of how to calculate wound values? As for the main screen, I'd have the Skill and Specialties tables people said, a summary of the AP costs of abilities, weapon qualities, combat modifiers, cover bonuses, and weapon noise for sure.
  4. Things I (and members of my play group I've spoken to so far about DH2) like so far: Subtlety and investigation Homeworld + Background + Role instead of just Homeworld + Career of DH1 feels almost like Rogue Trader with all the combinations possible New wounds system purely for the realism over the 'I still have 1 HP' mentality in a lot of other RPGs I (and my group) must be some of the few who like the Talent Trees, because my gaming group hated the Only War system of Aptitudes and free-access to all the Talents, because it made picking Talents and Skills take much longer, and too much book work was involved Elite Advances opening up new options for players (even if Untouchable is fairly weak) Vehicle combat being included Interactions having different modifiers based on the personality of the target being interacted with
  5. roler12345 said: They got the bomb dropped on them right? SO I am sure there are alot of 4 armed japanese running around needing some guns and katanas! I think in the Dust timeline the first nuclear weapon (VK improved) was dropped on Sri Lanka (Ceylon or something at the time) and destroyed 90% of the country, so all 3 super-powers agreed to not use nuclear weapons again. So I doubt Japan got hit with a nuke. On that note, the incident did make Japan strengthen their ties to Germany and become more officially part of Axis than it was historically, so I don't personally believe Japan will (or rather should) become a faction of their own. I would like to see more Japanese units for Axis, British, French and Commonwealth units for Allied, and more Chinese units for SSU though (maybe enough to field purely-themed lists of British, French, Chinese, Japanese, or Commonwealth armies). Back to the topic of the Vrill, I'd definitely like to see them make an appearance sometime soon. They were meant to originally be released only a few expansions in (if that plan was followed we'd have Vrill instead of SSU right now), and it'd make for a very unique force. The thing I liked about the SSU (and the reason I want to play them the most when I have enough units) was how different they were from Axis and Allied when they first appeared. At the time, the Axis and Allied units were almost carbon-copies of each other, while the SSU completely messed with that before the 2 original factions started diverging (2 Snipers no Spotter for sniper team, anti-walker weapon with command squad, commissars, the first aircraft, air-lifted units, double machine gun / bazooka teams etc) Now imagine how different Vrill will be. I liked someone's post before about Armour 1 or 2 vehicles with better movement, as there's so far been no Armour 1 or 2 vehicles but just about every other Armour type and value seen so far.
  6. Only played one game of Only War so far, and it was a fairly balanced group (Psyker, Commissar, Weapons Specialist, Stormtrooper, Medic). I was the Commissar, which made people feel better because they figured I was less likely to execute players (it helps that I was an Optimistic Krieg Commissar). Most of the other classes were considered by one person or another, except the Ratling. Even I would prefer to somehow make a Weapon Specialist Sniper over a Ratling, even though its not as efficient, simply because I'm not a fan of Ratlings. In Rogue Trader, the most popular careers in my groups are Arch-Militant, Explorator, and Navigator (this last one doesn't last, but initially a few people are interested). There's a Rogue Trader in every game too, but that might be changing to being NPC'd soon. On the other hand, I've only seen 1 Astropath, and never seen a Kroot or Missionary be played. In Deathwatch, its Assault Marines, we've had about 6 - 8 Assault Marine characters (admittedly, at least 3 were from the same player) in only 2 campaigns. Tactical Marines are actually fairly popular in my group, although I suppose you can't really call a Wolf Scout a proper Tactical Marine, and both Techmarines and Librarians are often looked at. There's only been 2 Devastators and 2 Apothecaries in those campaigns so far. The former is because the first player to play a Devastator ended up becoming so strong in such a short amount of time he was almost single-handedly winning fights, and my group didn't want to see that always happening. The latter I think is simply because everyone else does so much better in combat, and the Apothecary players mostly feel they were only there to heal after each combat (although the first Apothecary, a Storm Warden, did start requisitioning items to make himself more useful, such as Storm Bolters or Missile Launchers, as well as Storm Shields when possible that has seen him 'tank' Tau Battlesuits and at least one Carnifex).
  7. I like it, but there was one thing that threw me off a bit. Why do Wyches only get Swift Attack at Rank 4? Seems like something they should get earlier. Great stuff otherwise.
  8. The Pain Token thing really comes down to how the GM wants to run things. I for one, who owns the Dark Eldar codex and has read Path of the Renegade, would not allow a Dark Eldar character to gain Pain Tokens from repeated abuse of those poor space puppies. They'd gain them for the first few times, maybe even enough to gain that Fate Point, but no more beyond that. Why? Because the Eldar, especially the Dark Eldar, are fickle and bore easily. Punching puppies might be fun for them for a while, but eventually there is no satisfaction after the 10th puppy is abused in the exact same way. Now maybe if the Dark Eldar player became creative in exactly how they tortured said puppies, I'd allow him / her to gain more Pain Tokens, but this would require good roleplaying and probably suitable skill checks (like Intimidate, Chem-Use, Interrogation etc.). As for the Homonculus resurrection thing, I'd probably require the burning of a group's Profit Factor in order to gain their services, and a trip to Commoragh or an arranged pick-up. I'd even allow non-Eldar characters to do it if they have the right trade deals or contacts with the Dark Eldar (such as what they might get at the end of Soul Reaver). However, then it comes down to if the players think its worth burning the group's PF to resurrect just one player's character, especially considering that player could just roll a new one. Also, I'm pretty sure there's some rules for Homonculus resurrections in Soul Reaver that also causes the loss of some stats when it happens, and also a random 'upgrade' of sorts, so I'd be inclined to use those rules too.
  9. Kerrahn

    Hall of Heroes

    Some of the fun things I've seen members of my gaming group do with their characters: Blood Angel Successor Assault Marine, in his very first mission (the player retired his Black Templar because, due to the personality he was roleplaying, was a hindrance to the party), he managed to long-bomb-throw a Krak Grenade after buffing his strength with that solo mode ability across an almost 100m distance to hit a Sentinel and blow it up in one hit. A few sessions later, he defeated 2 Greater Knarlocs single-handedly with his Thunderhammer (everyone else was busy killing Tau), and then later jumped atop an Orca and caused it to crash. Ultramarines Librarian, dropped an entire squad of Chaos Space Marines with a single pushed Smite, only got a little cold around him as a result (he never rolled Perils once). Storm Warden Apothecary, charged into close combat with a Carnifex to save their injured Watch Captain from death, while the rest of the Kill-Team were busy killing other Tyranids. Accepting he would die if hit, he managed some amazing Parry / Dodge rolls and Combat / Storm Shield field saves for several turns before the Deathwing Terminator destroyed it with his Assault Cannon. A pair of Space Wolf scouts who went an entire game session without missing a shot, often making Called Shots to the heads of their targets, or even shooting people while they were jumping out of their Chimaera transports when they were exploding (they were holding back an action or something, can't remember). Both earned Marksman Honours at the session's end. And the Deathwing Terminator, who started as an Angels of Absolution Devastator, consistantly hit with low numbers with rediculously high BS that unless fighting something really big, I started telling him to not even bother rolling damage. Currently holds Terminator Honours, Marksman Honours (yes, with a Heavy Bolter), and on his way towards an Iron Skull / Halo.
  10. HappyDaze said: How exactly does the Red Scorpion's Resistance (Mutation) really matter? AFAICT, Deathwatch rules don't allow for Space Marines to mutate until after 100 Corruption, and by that point they are unplayable. To my knowledge, there are a few Chaos psychic powers and other stuff that can cause mutations to anyone they hit. Tzeentch Sorcerers are often fond of this.
  11. Just got Honour the Chapter yesterday from DriveThruRPG, and noticed something interesting with the Raptors. One of their Combat Sights options increases the range of any Pistol its attached to by 10m and Basic weapon by 20m. So this means you could attach the Sights to a Flamer (even though, fluff-wise, it makes little sense) to get a 40m range on your Flamer, right?
  12. If Walkers can be taken (I just skimmed, so don't know if that was brought up in the article), suddenly the short range on many of the SSU Walkers doesn't seem so bad, and for that matter the range 2 on their infantry's SMGs.
  13. Brought all this up with my group today, and they're pretty keen to give it a shot. They all liked the Only War system when we played it briefly, but got turned off by experience spending and Aptitudes, so including the rules in Deathwatch should keep them happy. And yeah, I'm thinking of letting the enemies 'cheat', means less hassle for me, but I'll probably use Only War Orks and Dark Eldar where possible, Deathwatch has more Chaos enemies so I'd probably be better off just keeping to those. Thanks for the help all.
  14. Hmm, maybe I should do Unnatural Strength / Toughness +4 if you guys think its right. But I may leave the enemies alone, in that I can just as easily say that they all keep the same Strength and Toughness Bonuses, just say they are Unnatural Toughness (+16) or whatever. Only thing that starts getting confusing is if I want to transfer Only War Orks (especially Weirdboy) over, seeing as all Deathwatch ones have UT (x2), and Only War ones have various modifiers depending on their size.
  15. Has anyone else done this at all yet? I'm planning on starting fresh with my group's Deathwatch campaign (I'm not entirely happy with the way its going due to multiple reasons), and was wondering what opinions are of using some of the Only War rules in it. Rules I want to include are: New Lightning Attack and Swift Attack rules (including Unwieldy and Unbalanced preventing Lightning Attack) The +10 to Standard attacks, and the new Semi-Auto and Automatic Fire rules New vehicle critical hits tables Revised Talents, Skills and weapon traits (I love the way Toxic, Concussive and Primitive work) 1d5 critical Righteous Fury, plus the ability for NPCs to do it too I don't plan on using the Only War / Black Crusade method of Unnatural traits, however, as so many enemies in Deathwatch use it, and it makes some abilities (like one Solo Mode ability that increases Unnatural Strength by an additional multiple) a bit more work to change. Does anyone think this will unbalance the game at all? Like would the Lightning / Swift Attack talents need new XP costs or could they be left alone? Is the 1d10 extra damage from a Righteous Fury necessary for some of the Deathwatch enemies? One problem I constantly dealt with in my game was an Assault Marine who would basically use Lightning Attack + Thunder Hammer to beat anything into submission (he single-handedly killed 2 Greater Knarlocs in about 5 - 6 turns total), and a Devastator / Deathwatch Terminator with Assault Cannon that had so much BS and BS increases that, when combined with Tearing for a greater chance of Righteous Fury, killed things even faster. Meanwhile everyone else was struggling to keep up, and I think some of these changes would prevent the same happening in future games. I don't want to tell players they can't do things, so I think its better to try and put everyone on equal footing and so far I think Only War has ironed out a lot of problems the other lines had. And moderators or whatever, feel free to move this if it doesn't belong here.
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