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  1. Razrael

    Vassal Mod

    @ Aidan Messaged you on vassal, but no response. Wouldn't mind helping with the tesing.
  2. I use strange aeons for ark ham horror custom material, it could be tweaked to create material for this. something to look into I think.
  3. Whilst the original Adventurers didn't have much in the way of replayability, it still remains a firm favourite in our gaming group. There are fan rules out there that help out. It gets brought out for a bit of light relief, as for family play it is our favourite after monkey lab (which is more to do with the monkey combat than anything else). We will definitely be getting the next one. You never know FFG might weave their magic over it and increase the replayability
  4. I am more than happy to assist with this
  5. I had a similar bent model issue with Yula. FFG's solution is as you described. I dipped mine in not quite boiling water, waited for it to self right then immersed in cold (iced) water.
  6. Hi, I have just got into the game after a long period playing Arkham Horror. So I was wondering if anyone had tried writing a plugin for strange eons to help create custom content for the game? I know in AH it has been a great help for getting authentic looking content with minimal design effort. TIA Raz
  7. When I first heard this I was a bit miffed. But the explanation allays my fears. Another on the to buy list
  8. Fenyx said: This is a retelling of what just occurred; "Yay! I've been waiting for this!" "Oh, iPhone only?" *sets aside sweet new Android phone* *picks up old iPhone* "Guess I'll just use this then." A few clicks through the app store later... "4.0.1 or better? Nooooo!" Sadly my original iPhone is no longer supported by Apple and only goes up to 3.1.3. (Although I still have 3.0.1 but would be willing to upgrade to 3.1.3 for the AH Toolkit if necessary!) Any chance the AH Toolkit could be made backward compatible or does it use too much of the later library functionality? (Or maybe it doesn't use any and it would just take a small combobox change in the xcode ) I'd take an Android version too... But I'll take it however I can get it. Same here. Saw app, tried to download, failed. Had a rant over on the app forum, retracted comments then found it was only for 2nd gen ipod touch onwards Bad show, thoroughly disappointed.
  9. My signature is apt for once I try not to use mac filth and the wife has advised me that the touch can be upgraded Oh the shame of it. FFG I apologise.
  10. Just seen this app and raced to download it on the wife's touch. Only to find out it is version 4+ only. Can't quite see what part of the new functionality it relies on that means it can't run on the touch Very disappointed as the card management/book keeping element of the game is what prevents it being played more regularly. Epic Fail FFG!
  11. Razrael


    @GIO Did you ever get round to finishing these off?
  12. Hugues said: The french are starting that league those days. And it was ruled that no, you're not keeping your clues. If you ever read/write french, you can have a look there : http://www.edgeent.com/v2_fr/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=172&efcid=3&efidt=129881&efpag=0#130080 It is a pity that they didn't write new ones for this, rather than translate the Spanish ones More scenarios are a great way to keep the game fresh.
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