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  1. Hi all I've been given the Anima Tactics Saga 1 & 2 Awakening and Rise I've read the rules but am a bit confused apart from buying a few figures is everythnig else I need (rules wise) in the book? If I was to get a few figures for each side can I play a game with just the information in the book or do I need to collect cards to be able to use the character abilities? I gather I don't as the character write ups in the book seem quite complete so just wanted confirmation on this point. Hope all that made sense
  2. It's funny most games I play I end up being the doctor or cleric or some such character with healing powers. Then came along Deathwatch and for the first time I actually chose to be an Apothecary. I just love the character class, he's a warrior of the imperium like most of his fellow brothers but also he has a near clerical position in the kill team. Where a cleric saves souls its the Apothecaries job to save a brothers gene-seed what is more honorable a duty than that for a space marine. Yes this career needs more love from others and should not be seen as a gap filler for a kill team just because it needs one in its group.
  3. Quick question about this career. I've noticed that some influence talents have restricted career requirements but apart from a few that allow any career to use them there are none specific for the Crusader career. Is there a reason for this ? and do you think it lessens the career not to have any?
  4. I live in West London but haven't sat round a table to game in years. Mainly do online gaming due to real live things.
  5. Hi there I'm both new to the board and the game as a whole. I have a concept of a court jester type character who was actually the body guard for his noble lord. I've been looking through the classes and noticed that the freelancer is a general catch all class and suggests the jester in it's write up. I am looking for something slightly different some one who is good with a weapon and magic. I thought of illusionist as a class because it kind of fits the jester type persona. Does anyone agree or have a different suggestion for me to consider? Cheers Ripcord
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