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  1. In the FAQ 1.5 p. 2: Q: Are entrenchments and/or pillboxes considered terrain for the purpose of placing concealed squads? A: Yes, entrenchments and pillboxes are considered cover for the purposes of concealed squads. So here you are, those entrenchments will provide cover for your concealed squads
  2. I only comment on the game related aspects of anyone's comments - even though I sometimes don't understand why they bother to post
  3. Actually there IS a mistake on the ref sheet. Icons show range and FP against infantry and armor instead of the correct S and N options.
  4. Under the Files section there is a LoS sheet that I find useful. Also, there is this ref sheet: http://files.boardgamegeek.com/geekfile_view.php?fileid=37250 which I think is quite good. EDIT: it is the same as the one available on Headless Hollow !!
  5. I don't own Normandy (yet) so I can only assume from your comment above that the scenario layout was modified to reflect the "shared" quality of some cards, which is a good thing, imo.
  6. Have you looked up on the boardgamegeek page for ToI ?
  7. Am I the only one under the impression that we should probably not get The Hungarian started on road movement and tank traps ?
  8. You should read the "Heavy fog" operation card more carefully. "All units" means well... all units, not "all your units", otherwise it would have read well... "all your units" Why is the operation card mentioned on the German side, then ? Well I admit this is confusing, but operation cards are usually given to one side as they give an advantage (or disadvantage) to that particular side, so scenario layout is designed accordingly... But the card text is still crystal clear. You speak a lot about proofreading things, start with carefully just-plain-reading what you get, for a start.
  9. I could'nt agree more with your reasoning about what the rule should achieve and wether or not it feels right in that matter... One thing about transporting a towed gun, I think it should stay on the board (as opposed to being removed and placed off board near the corresponding transport marker) for stacking purpose.
  10. I think the 2 MP cost should maybe be on the squad with the equipment attached, rather than on the transport (and thus would have to start their activation in the hex where the transport is). The -1 MP on the transport unit is fine by me but I prefer to fatigue the squad for untowing, otherwise they could be able to fire the gun immediately after being transported which sounds wrong to me.
  11. As a house rule, I think equipment units should be allowed to move more than a single hex when they are towed ; i.e. the fresh unit it is attached to is a squad being transported (truck, half-track, bren carrier...) - they follow the transport vehicule (and thus count against stacking limit). Off the top of my head, the transported squad should then be fatigued to untow and deploy the equipment. Do any of you have tried a similar house rule ? What do you think ?
  12. Hello, I played my first game with Days of the Fox yesterday and discovered I have a misprinted board 21! The other side shows 15B again instead of ... well 21B Is this a known problem ? What should I do ?
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