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  1. Dust USA has licensed the rights to Warfare 1947 from Dust Games. You can join the FB site and get in on the Play-test for the new edition and get the new Warfare card printed from DriverthruRPG https://www.facebook.com/groups/dustwarfarefans/
  2. Since I only need 5, is there anyone who ordered a box that would be willing to sell me a set of 5 for say $3 shipped to Colorado?
  3. http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2012/01/tutorial-creating-realistic-arrows.html Or http://www.thebattleforge.co.uk/fantasy-arrows-x15-pack-296-p.asp
  4. The major issue with the spider web is that it gets in the way of playing the game.
  5. I highly recommend the Army Painter basing supplies. They are easy to use [like most of their products] and give great results. Try looking at this: http://admin.thearmypainter.com/files/downloads/guides/Battlefields-Basing-Guide.pdf
  6. bloomkareninaishmael said: For me, since it sounds like they're going to come out with some stand-alone pre-written adventures, and since I have no doubt they're going to come out with a little dice set, I'm just going to save my money. I might get this just for the maps…
  7. doctorbadwolf said: Librarian said: nope your all expected to either be unable to do your job or take extra obligation, just be careful ites really easy to break 100 group total obligation at character creation and if you do no PC can spend XP till you lower it, on the upside your a galaxy renown super criminal somehow. some people love that pc's start super poor, they cite things like firefly and cowboy bebop, yes the stars of those shows are allways poor but they also almost always have the tools they need to do there job, they have there guns, tool kits, med packs, even grenades. they actually get hired because they are desperate for money but have the tools and skills nessesary to succed at dangerous missions. this. If it stays the way it is, this is right up top on the list of houserules for my group. Starting cash needs to be more than the cost of a gorram blaster pistol. So agree with you there!!! Sam, fix this crap please?!?!?!
  8. Ok, we have built our first characters and found that the starting credits of 500 to be WAY too low. My Wookie player can't even have a Bowcaster and the cost of cybernetic implants is so high that my Droid Player can't even hope to get any right now, even if he maxes out his Obligation. Am I missing somthing? Is there a place for characters to start with equipment based on their starting career?
  9. ynnen said: LukeZZ said: Are you referring to the general rule of "upgrading / downgrading" the ability of a pool / the difficulty of a pool, or specifically to the text of the "Improved Side Step" talent? (It says that "…to perform an additional maneuver, the character must downgrade his action or…".) "Downgrade his action" refers to converting the 1 Action you receive on your turn into 1 Maneuver, and has nothing to do with the dice pool. On his turn, a player can perform 1 Action and 1 Manuever (p. 129). He has the option to "convert" the Action into a Maneuver -- perhaps its the use of the term downgrade, which implies a maneuver is less than an action, when in some cases it is simply more versatile (not to mention we use the term downgrade to refer to a specific in-game process of dice manipulation). Thus, to take advantage of Improved Side Step the player could either a) use his free maneuver then suffer 2 strain to gain an additional maneuver, then use these two maneuvers to trigger ISS -- still allowing him to use an action during the course of his turn. or b) forgo his action, converting it into a maneuver. since he already gets a free maneuver, the action-to-maneuver conversion is how he acquires the 2nd maneuver to trigger ISS without suffering strain. There may be other options, as well, but this hopefully clarifies the wording in the ISS talent description. THANK YOU LukeZZ
  10. Blackjac said: cparadis said: (Druids can not take the specialization) LOL Neither can Paladins… [JK] I assume you meant Droids.
  11. Qingtian said: Also Characteristics cannot be increased after character creation, unless you have run into a talent that allow you to increase a characteristics. That is correct, and Talents can not increase them above a 6…
  12. LukeZZ said: What is the "parts page"? I tryed this page: More -> Customer Service -> Damaged/Missing Components But in the field "Search for a game by title" it can't find Star Wars… I just typed out "Star Wars: Edge of the Empire" and it worked out just fine.
  13. I have already received notice that a replacement copy has shipped to me.
  14. cetiken said: Pg 66: tables 2-5, 2-7, 2-8 gain no benifit from being d%. Suggest changing to d10 tables for simplicity. I disagree. d% is used as a standard in quite a few games. d10, is just a single die, and d100 is also used to designate a percentile roll.
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