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  1. I've got two questions about vehicles in Balka. 1. If a vehicle during a single advance action passes through a Balka (i.e. enters it and exits it) does it check for damage once or twice? 2. The rules say that a vehicle damaged by a Balka is lightly damaged, so if a vehicle were already lightly damaged is it immune to balka damage, or do we read between the lines and assume it takes a hit of damage and becomes heavily damaged? Thanks for you help.
  2. panzerjaeger


    Nanich said: I have an overrun question. The rules say that a tank can over run a hex with just squads, but the movement cost is +1 for each UNIT there. The question is what is considered a unit in this case? Are the unit figures? So if a squad has 4 figure it would cost +4 to over run? I think each squad is a unit; therefore, a squad with 4 figures is still only +1 to movement. The other question related to entrencments and trenches. The rules say that tanks can not enter these. The question came up that if a tank can not enter them, how can they overrun units that are in them? I think that the tanks can still overrun. My thinking is that the trenches are large enough to fit squads, but too small to fit a tank. Don Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe your initial assumption is right. I don't think the rules ever state that the hex you overrun has to only be squads. I know that vehicles are unaffected by overrun, but I believe they can be present. The other part of your question about tanks entering trenches...tanks can enter the hex with trenches, but cannot enter the trench fortification itself. So a tank could overrun a hex with trenches in it, but couldn't occupy the trench itself and take advantage of its cover.
  3. panzerjaeger


    Nanich said: So units in entrenchments will not be pinned? What about units in trenches? Will they be pinned? Don The FotB rules that add trenches don't address the Overrun ability, so here's my thinking: 1. If you want to be a strict rules lawyer, nowhere does it say that units in trenches are immune from overrun... 2. however common sense would dictate that if units in entrenchments are immune, then units in trenches should be also. Take your pick and probably discuss with your opponent ahead of time and come to an agreed consensus until an errata/faq is release for FotB. Regarding entrenchments I believe the units in the entrenchment would count toward the movement cost of the overrunning tank, and they are definitely not pinned according to the base game rules.
  4. In my opinion, you are correct on all counts in number 1. Yes, engineers can lay multiple smoke tokens, and yes they can lay smoke in their own and/or adjacent hexes. I think the key here is that laying smoke is not a special action, like "bandage" or "dig entrenchment" it simply cost 2 mps, so if you have 4 mps you could do it twice. Regarding the second issue, I have always thought this part was a little weird too, however, since you are instructed to use a neutral command objective I believe it does count toward the German's command points if they occupy it. If not, they would have used a VP token instead of a command objective. I'd love to hear others impressions as this scenario has given me trouble in the past too.
  5. Page 5 of the rulebook explains about your beginning encounter hand. I just wanted to be clear. You still draw your initial 5 encounters at random, then when you move you choose which of those 5 to play. Then draw at random one to replace the one you just played. Hope that helps.
  6. Bill, Can you give us an info regarding when to expect a preview? Thanks.
  7. I looked and looked for this and didn't see it. Can you give the link or tell what the 3 vehicles were? Thanks.
  8. Sorry if this was also posted before, but did anyone else notice that map 11B in the map pack expansion is different from the original map 11B? I mean it is easily enough to fix with the tile overlays, but still pretty annoying.
  9. If I have both Take Cover cards can I use them both simultaneously giving a unit 4 cover?
  10. I want to know the correct interpretation of this card, I think I made a huge mistake to my disadvantage. Which is correct? 1. You get two red dice to attempt to roll for cover. or 2. Two enemy hits are no longer successful because you have two cover. Secondly, I had a question about the timing. Do you declare you are taking cover before or after the attacker rolls his attack dice. In other words do you get to see whether the enemy actually scores two hits, before using the card. Thanks.
  11. I played "at the breaking point" today, and I thought I had finally figured out how to win this one as the Germans. I did the best I ever had and made the Americans sweat a little bit, but I still lost and it wasn't terribly super close. Is it possible to defeat a moderate to experienced American player in this scenario? If so what worked for you guys on this scenario as the Germans.
  12. I want to make sure something I did was legal, because it seems like it shouldn't be, but I think it is. Unit A moves adjacent to a enemy unit and attacks at half strength close range and becomes fatigued. Then Unit B moves adjacent to the same enemy unit and assaults it with support from Unit A. (which is fatigued and has already done a Fire and Move) Then Unit C moves adjacent to the same enemy unit and assaults it with support from Unit A and Unit B. (which are both fatigued and have both already attacked). Is the turn described above all legal?
  13. Okay...I'll yeild. Yeah, I get the part about close quarters, but since you don't actually move into the hex and use movements points and figure out what type of terrain you are assaulting and factor in the terrain cost I thought it might be worth a shot, but if that is the consensus I'll agree. Thanks for the help guys.
  14. Oops! Okay that definitely answers the second part of my original question. You cannot move into the bunker hex, but what about simply moving adjacent to the bunker on lvl 0, launching an assault, but not actually ever moving up the hill afterward. Is that legal? Or is it implied that you used the 3 mp cliff scaling ability to launch the assault regardless whether you decide to take the hex afterward or not? Sorry to belabor this point, but I wanted clarity. Thanks.
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