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  1. Morning, Does anyone know when Return to the Night of the Zealot will be released? I am assuming this is a print on demand product?
  2. Card List

    Thank you and that sucks
  3. Card List

    Is there a list of the cards included in the base game because I think I am missing one I have 26 cards per clan except I received 25 cards for the Unicorn clan. Is this correct or am I missing a Unicorn card?
  4. Reviews of the Books so Far

    So is thier a mail in offer in Bones of the Yopasi?
  5. Sudden Death - Announced!

    Do we have an idea when this will be out?
  6. Brief Review (some spoliers)

    Nice review. Do you know if there is a mail-in offer in the book?
  7. Which properties would you like to see in LCG?

    I would love to see Battletech.
  8. Available On Amazon AppStore?

    I would love to also play this game on my Fire.