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  1. I had bookmarked Corpse-God's excellent paper ship cut-outs blog, but unfortunately all of his files appear to be hosted at megaupload, which is no longer available. Does anyone know of an alternative resource for ship markers that's free? In other words, BFG models are beyond my price range
  2. How difficult would it be to convert HoC to RT, rather than moving the planet into the Screaming Vortex, instead putting it in a place of the Rogue Trader's choosing? I have a piratical group of Explorers, and I'm looking for their next challenge after going through Lure of the Expanse.
  3. My Rogue Trader is a charming bugger, and managed to get the disparate factions on his side (well, to be fair, the female Explorator wowed the Iron Kin). The group is now leaning towards salvage rather than repair, as it'll be quicker to make a profit. Still, they could change their minds!
  4. Wow Professor, that's....amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. Larkin, I gleaned some nice info from your thread as well. Thanks to you both!
  5. I've searched the forums and seen where people have talked about their group salvaging the Light of Terra (LotE) in broad brush strokes. I know my group will want to do this as well, and it fits their piratical nature to steal that which is not theirs. What I'm struggling with is all the various components and repairs they'd need to make the ship 1) barely functional to return to port, and then 2) fully functional. I realize this will likely take decades. My knowledge of 40k fluff is fairly light, so I don't know what thingamabobs a battleship needs to function. No idea too crazy
  6. Teneb

    Wiki host?

    I'm starting a Rogue Trader campaign, and my players have the information retention of rabid squirrels. I figured an evolving wiki would serve nicely. Any have recommendations for a free wiki host? I'm very new to the wiki world and know practically nothing (OK, actually nothing) about it. Thanks!
  7. Battlefleet Koronus is available at DriveThruRPG now.
  8. @ TLG - hah, thanks for the clarification. I was typing late last night after the game and mixed up Dead Stars and Damned Cities. Oops! Also, yes Governor = Judiciary. My players aren't very familiar with 40k and "Governor" was more intuitive for them to understand that "Judiciary" for the gentleman's profession. FotD, I may not have run it exactly "by the book", but I don't think the PCs constantly arriving just after the nick of time is very satisfying. I honestly didn't think the one character would chase after Skarmen and Constantine since Skarmen essentially said "we've got this, protect everyone else". Apparently being a paranoid player can be a positive thing sometimes :-) Some good ideas here. We'll see if the players can convince the Judiciary to avoid war, while Skarmen suggests an Arbites safe house.
  9. It's a GM forum, so I assume a spoiler warning isn't necessary. My players are going through Dead Cities, and just played through the attack on the Clockwork Court. Unfortunately (for me), one of them raced after the Risen going after the Governor (along with Skarmen). I didn't want to railroad too much, as this would clearly tip the players off that something shady was going on. For that reason, I allowed the player to catch the Risen and battle it. Skarmen "fought" too in order to maintain his cover. Long story short, it was a hard fought battle but the players were victorious. Skarmen actually struck the killing blow against a Risen, again to maintain cover once it became clear that the battle was lost for him. So here's my conundrum - the Governor is still alive, and has his two mirror pieces. I've played it so that he is convinced that the Undertow is responsible for the Risen and is clamoring for war (although the players will try to talk him out of it). I could just arbitrarily have the Governor killed by a second group of Risen or something similar, but that seems arbitrary and not very satisfying. After all, the player did something heroic and saved the Gov. I'm looking for any advice to get the train back on the rails, so to speak. In-game, Skarmen will still want the two mirror pieces that the Governor possesses - how might he try to get them now that the frontal assault didn't work?
  10. Played my first game of Tannhauser last night, and some questions arose. 1. On the building-side of the board, it seems you can't access an entire quadrant of the map based upon the path colors (if the stairwell is facing north, it's the northeast quadrant). Am I missing something? 2. On the maps there's a a green + on a few circles, but I couldn't find in the rule book what these mean. I just put crates on them . Fun game, should get a lot of use.
  11. It's 7:30 a.m. in Minnesota. Why not give the FFG crew a little while to wake up?
  12. Teneb


    I also use AT-43 figs for my DH games, and they work well. It's also a great TT wargame, so they serve double duty!
  13. Thanks, these will be useful!
  14. I'll be running a demo in about a month, and was wondering if anyone knew of a character repository that I could pull PCs from. The alternative is making them myself, but that takes time I'd rather use writing the scenario.
  15. Read through it a number of times and thought it was top notch. Think I can get through it in a 4-5 hour session? This will be my first time GMing DH.
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