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  1. I remember D1E had a great quest maker program and fan quest database - is there anything like this for 2E? Can't seem to find it here at FFG. Any tips would be appreciated!
  2. Thanks! Anyone know if they'll support porting over old quests to the new system? Are they even going to have a new quest database?
  3. How do you access the older archive? I keep Googling around (and searching in these forums, but all forum searches are useless) but nothing comes up. I remembered getting an email a few weeks ago about how to update my old submitted quest, but I can't find it in my inbox and all the obvious search words aren't bringing it up.
  4. I'd love to see an Android app that lets you make your own dungeons so you can make then on the go.
  5. I would love more new material for Descent... as long as it's quality stuff. I remember all the people burned by the Quest book that was put out over a year ago. My group was also very disappointed in the poor testing that went into Road To Legend - we spent months playing the Sorceror campaign only to get to the end and realize they could just snipe the mirrors from the hallway and they were in no danger whatsoever. I love Descent, but it's very clear to me that the people making it aren't interested in putting out a quality, well-tested product, so until I hear that there's something new for Descent that's really good and well put together, I'll hold off. But negativity aside, I'd love a new book with quests in it. No new boxes are necessary. We already have tons of material. Just need new, inventive quests. Then again, I guess I should just put my money where my mouth is and make my own...
  6. This is such a disapointment. I was very much looking forward to this product and I couldn't wait to buy it. I saw it in my local (Toronto) store yesterday and was about to pick it up, but had to leave so I decided to come back later. Then I came to these forums. Guess what I won't be buying now? Honestly, I'd love to assume people are just being sticklers and that they're overexaggerating, but after the obvious and blatant flaws in Road To Legend and after the general lack of support and/or proof-reading I've seen in FFG products, I can't help by think the worst. That all of the above is true. That several quests are buggy if not impossible to play. Really, FFG, what is going on? You have an entire legion of people here on the forums who would have been happy to proof read this thing and play test it FOR FREE (and sign wavers, I'm sure). As far as I understand there should be no excuse for releasing such a buggy and incomplete product. I'd love to buy it. But I won't until I hear that there's a significant errata that fixes what should have been a complete product. Lastly, guess how this makes me feel about Sea of Blood?
  7. Thanks for updating this thing - it's very helpful. While I'm glad we got an update to the FAQ, I'm disapointed that FFG seems to have ignored most of the questions forum members spent a long time putting together for them. Yes, I'm happy for what we've got - but I think we should have got more. Nevertheless, thanks a lot for keeping this thing alive!
  8. We encountered this problem in our campaign. Yes, it seems you can just stack comets close to your keep, thus, totally lobotomizing the heroes for the final keep. This is lame. I didn't do it, and I have yet to buy anyone's argument against it - there's a difference between balance and poorly planned mechanics, in my opinion.
  9. Hey folks, You're right, it WOULD be a good idea to play it first before commenting on it - it's just that when I looked at it and saw that they totally removed all the starting clues, I figured it would be quite difficult. After all, using clues for re-rolls is very helpful. This reminds me of some of the scenarios in the previous league. The poor grammar and poor mechanics of some of the earlier scenarios led me to believe that there was one person writing these things at FFG, not testing them, and not giving much thought to how they would work or how much fun they would be. Essentially what I'm saying is I don't want to waste time on a poorly planed and designed campaign by one dude who's more interested in just getting these things out there as opposed to creating a well-rounded and enjoyable experience. HOWEVER, I am hopeful that on this second go-round FFG will get it right - it sounds like this scenario isn't as tough as I assumed, and I'm hoping that it's a reflection of what's to come. We've had much more fun with the game just playing a straight Kingsport or Goat of the Black Woods than those last few scenarios. As long as the new scenarios are adding to the play experience and really taking advantage of the time you invest, then I'm down. Maybe we will give it a try tonight after all.
  10. Sooo.... it's been a while now. Any word from FFG or Kevin Wilson?
  11. Hey folks, Just saw the new scenario, and to be honest I'm not looking forward to playing it. Don't know if our group will. One of the major put-offs of the previous campaign was how INSANELY difficult the scenarios got. While I agree there is a fine line between "challenge" and TOO challenging, it seems that this scenario, like many of the previous ones, clearly crosses it. On the one hand, yes, it's more of a sense of victory if you win, but in little bit of time we have alotted for Arkham, I would much rather have more fun playing regular games than getting discouraged by impossible scenarios. Why not instead of trying to make the game "more challenging", try to make it more fun. Include new, imaginative ideas that don't necessarily just make it more difficult? My vote is to up the fun, detract the difficulty. Anyone else agree?
  12. Any thoughts on The Word of Vaal? In our last campaign my heroes insisted that this item should work through a closed door, but I said it wouldn't. I can't recall the exact wording on the card, but it does make the issue somewhat ambiguous. Speaking of, is Word of Vaal okay to use with Dark Charm? That is to say, Vaal specifies "enemies", so when you Dark Charm a hero who has it, do his allies suddenly become his enemies, and are thus valid targets?
  13. That list looks fantastic, Thundercles - great job! FFG should get you to put together all their formal Descent FAQ queries (wink wink). Thanks a lot for putting it together, and thanks for the update. Looking forward to the new FAQ! If you're out there, Kevin or JR, thanks for all your hard work!
  14. Wow, thanks a lot Thundercles. I'm sure Kevin Wilson wil greatly appreciate such an organized and easy-to-read list. Kevin, please keep us posted on the status of the FAQ, even if it's a simple, "I've seen your list and will get to it when I can." Just want to make sure all the hard work everone is putting in will actually go towards improving the game. Thanks!
  15. - Sorceror King's Keep - Final Room - Mirrors can be sniped, OL has no recourse The heroes can (and will) simply sit in the hallway and snipe at the mirrors, easily destroying them all without ever having to enter the room. This neuters what was otherwise a fun final battle concept. Alternatively, if they get locked in the room, 8 mirrors seems a bit much (when the Avatar can do a Battle action and attack twice). By way of suggestion, what about forcing the heroes into the room, but only having four mirrors?
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