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  1. +1 to the request for rulings regarding tentacles. My group have pored over the existing rulings and come up with a number of issues that could do with some clarification. The rulings stipulate that tentacles can never move more than 3 spaces away from the controlling figure. Given that the controlling figure will activate before the tentacles it is possible that the figure could be moved to be more than 3 spaces away from a tentacle. What should happen here? Does the tentacle get moved with the figure so that it says within range of the controlling figure? Does the tentacle get destroyed/removed because it is too far from the controlling figure? Does the tentacle stay where it is and on its activation move so that it ends the turn within the required 3 spaces? The tentacles will always have at least as much movement as the controlling figure and possibly more, so getting the tentacle back in range shouldn't be an issue. If a tentacle is grappling a hero and due to the movement of the controlling figure is out of range, does it have to move itself back in range thereby releasing the hero from the Grapple effect. Furthermore, if the tentacle needs to move just 1 space to be in range of the controlling figure, is it forced to take the movement option and forego vthe opportunity to constrict the Grappled hero. I might be missing something, but clarification of these issues would help a great deal. Thanks for the effort that must have gone into compiling this final FAQ and bring on Descent v 2.0.
  2. The cards you mention are feat cards rather than skills. You will have multiple copies of some of them and only one of the more powerful ones. So this is not a misprint.
  3. I don't think that's legal, IIRC no one (hero or monster) can make an arrack from a space that contains another hero/monster. The soar is irrrelevent here. Logically it may be inconsistent but logical consistency isn't something that Descent is known for.
  4. Quite simply, yes it can. Page 15 of the SoB rulebook says: In addition, when the heroes end their movement in a city, they have the option of moving the Home Port marker to that city. This city now becomes the party’s “home port.” This is where heroes return to when they are killed or travel through a glyph to “restock.” So yes the home port can and probably should be moved.
  5. There was a change in the FAQ at some point which made the use of the Breath attack optional. So you can just do an ordinary attack with either or both of these monsters.
  6. So now we have Descent 2nd Edition annouced and a few details made available. So far there is nothing about the new monsters. Looking at the box I would imagine there will be a dragon of some kind in there somewhere. I was wondering what monsters people might be in the new version. My initial thoughts are to look in the direction of the creatures included in Runewars. Anyone got any other ideas as to where the monsters are coming from. Alternatively, what new monsters would you like to see. I'm guessing that most of this is probably already decided, so this is a purely speculative thread. So go on add your ideas/thoughts about monsters and let's see who, if anyone, is right when details are released.
  7. Graf said: slaphead6 said: no power dice The picture shows a black die (behind the blue one), so this might be a power die. The symbol on the face of the black die is a shield, which tends to suggest that this is in fact a defence die, so I stand by my original observation that there may be no power dice in 2nd Edition. The lack of power dice does mean that 1st Ed skills such as Bash and Berserk will need to be reworked. Similarly the removal of lingering effects which rely upon a power die roll will presumably be replaced with skill checks. It's not clear how these skill checks will happen, but they are already present in both Runebound and Runewars albeit in different forms aqnd since Descent has both dice and cards it could be either mechanism, FWIW, my money is on a card based skill check system.
  8. Finally! I'm quite excited by this. Also like the idea of a conversion kit that will enable all the existing monsters and heroes to be used in the new version of the game. Looks as though there are a lot of changes - no threat tokens, no power dice, new defence dice. Hero characters are class based. 4 archetypes and eight classes, so presumably 2 for each archetype. Lots of stuff to speculate about and time to start saving for a 2012 release date. Did I say that I was excited about this? Because I really am Excited pleased and happy that there is going to be something new for Descent. Now just got to be patient and wait for the details to start to be released.
  9. I seem to recall that the Gauntlets of Power were errataed in the FAQ so that you have to exhaust them as part of the cost to use them. This makes them less abusable as you are limited to one activation per turn.
  10. I was just looking back at the last Descent news items. The most recent was in May - reminding you that if you buy a copy of Dungeonquest you can use the heroes when playing Descent. Prior to that August 2010 announced the Ocean Map Board for Sea of Blood going on sale. So my prediction is that the next news item will be in February 2012 reminding us that if we buy an additional set of Descent dice we don't have to keep passing all of the dice included with the game from player to player. Maybe I'm becoming jaded and cynical, but when do you think we will actually get some new Descent news? Or will it suddenly disappear from the website as being a no longer supported product?
  11. Ouch! 7 hours is a very long game for that particular quest. I have to say it's not a favourite of mine at all. Once the heroes understand what they need to do t becomes a trivial and quite dull quest. If you're looking at the expansion then I would recommend the 1st quest from Well of Darkness. It has a clock which will punish slow play. You can't afford to hang around in that quest or the dungeon will crush you - literally. I also have a soft spot for the 1st quest from Altar of Despair but be advised that this is a long quest and very challenging for the heroes. The third AoD request is very different and shows the possibilities of the game to good effect. Finally, the quests in Tomb of Ice tend to have smaller dungeons which leads to shorter games that are well balanced and seem to give a fairly even conquest with victory being possible for either side. The other route you could go is to look at Road to LEgend and/or Sea of Blood. These completely change the feel of the game they are Advanced campaigns where your hheroes will gain experience and become more skilled as the campaign progresses. The dungeon levels in these expansions are much smaller and typically can be played in 1 - 1.5 hours. However, the Advanced campaigns are definitely not for beginning players. You really do need to have got the tactics of the vanilla game taped before you embark on the advanced campaign otherwise a lot of frustration and a sense of wasted time can ensue. I hope that you can manage to convince your group to give Descent another go because the game has a lot to give.
  12. At the moment, news of anything new for Descent would e more than welcome. IT's been a very long time since Sea Of Blood was released (December 2009) if my memory is correct. Shorter quests in the style of those with Tomb of Ice would be good and combining content across multiple expansions would be very welcome as I own all of the expansions and have played most of the dungeons to death with a few notable exceptions. So it's a big thimbs up from me and yes I most certainly would buty it.
  13. The thing that we would all like to see is some news regarding the future of Descent. But it's almost 18 months since the last expansion (Sea of Blood) release.. A commonly held viewpoint amongst players is that both the Quest Compendium and Sea of Blood showed signs of poor quality control. The quest compendium required a 10 page errata document - not an FAQ, an Errata! Sea of Blood received some fixes and clarifications in the FAQ of March 2010 but left as many problems and difficulties as it resolved - Yes, tentacles and ieutenant fights I'm looking at you. Where does this leave us. It could be that FFG have realised that mistakes were made and that they need to avoid repeats of this nature in any future releases. This alone could be sufficient to slow up the whole development cycle. We also know that Kevin W spent significant chunks of last year working on the Civilization game.Maybe he is now engaged on some new Descent material. Another thing that cannot be ignored is the cost of our beloved plastic models. Whist being no expert on the subject I understand that the production costs of the plastic game components has increased significantly. FFG is a business and cannot simply asorb the whole of this cost increase. I believe that it is also significant that FFG have been focussing heavily on its card game products recently - I am assuming that the production costs for these games are lower than the plastic heavy Descent. If costs can be kept down and the end product sold profitably then of course FFG are going to take this road. All of the above is speculation on my part. It would be interesting to do some analysis of the plastic content in games that FFG have released over the past couple of years. In fact, as I am currently recovering from a major operation I may have the time to do some analysis. If I do then I will post again to give you some figures. As to the disappearance of the Avatars that is harder to explain, unless it is indeed part of a plan to remove Descent from FFGs catalog on the quiet. The only slightly positive thing I have noticed recently is that AoD, RtL and the Base game are all showig up as being reprinted. If the game was being killed then I do not think that this would have happened. Note to self, keep an eye on the Upcoming Board Games page and monitor the presence/absence of Descent products.
  14. it does look as though they have disappeared. Conspiracy theorists might suggest that this is another nail in the coffin of Descent's future. Having said that, I have had this happen before, so perhaps it's just a feature of the system and they will return in due course.
  15. The first quest in the Altar of Despair expansion (The Thing in the Pit), requires the heroes to finish the quest with a set number of conquest tokens in order to succeed. In this case the conquest for killing the final boss could make the difference between success and failure. So far I've never yet succeeded at that particular quest, my best attempt ended up being 1 CT short which was agonising. When the nights start to draw in again and we get back to longer evenings I fancy aving another go at that particular quest.
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