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  1. Hi board, I am usually not a nitpicker when it comes to typoes. But when I got my copy of "EotI" yesterday I almost immediately flipped back to the "Credits" section to make sure there was an entry under "Editing and Proofreading". It's been a while since I've seen so many errors in one paragraph of a professionally produced book. Page 8: Line 4 "the war to control the Calyx Expanse would have taken to complete" --> probably missing: "much longer". Line 5 "might not have completed" --> this is only a matter of taste, but repeating verbs displeases the sense of aesthetics of every Eldar Lord. Line 7-8 "Severus's greed his greatest limitation" --> His greed even swallowed "was" or "proved to be" or whatever verb was omitted. Line 15 "as the descendants of [...] Severus descended into" --> this might have been done on purpose, but sounds terribly awkward. IMO. Line 16-17 "Without their Warrant of Trade or the capacity to claim new domains and titles." --> The capital letter and the fullstop indicate this is supposed to be a complete sentence, the lack of a verb speaks against it. Or it is a continuation of the preceeding sentence, but then why the fullstop before "Without"? Five mistakes in an introducing paragraph of 17 lines. Not bad! Why am I being such an ass? Because it makes for a terrible first impression and makes me look out for more mistakes. So please, at least proofread the first paragraphs! And I am not even a "native reader". Or am I the only one who is bothered by this?
  2. Hi, as the rules tend to get better I'd like to introduce some of the DC/OW rules, especially the combat rules, into DW. Has anybode made bad experiences with that? Stuff like swift attack/lightning attack and the new semi/full auto rules could become more powerful as the Space Marines have higher BS/WS. Any thoughts or threads? Thanks! Einbau
  3. Thanks for the answer - and please excuse the terrible typing errors, I try to be better than that - but we have carnival at the moment. It is difficult to be sober. One problem I have with "heavy weaponry" like missile launchers, melta guns etc. is that there is no reason not to use them against the PCs too, if opportunity arises. I have to "hold back" the heavy weapon guy and only use him against the vehicle even if a soft PC sticks out his head.. Perhaps I am overanalyzing this but as a GM I always felt "cheap" when I let the heavy weapon dude only fire at the hard target.
  4. Old problem, new system. When we were playing the Battletech RPG I tried to keep everyone in or out fo their 'Mech/vehicle at the same time. It is rather difficult to manage a player group, it gets worse when one is a Walker and all the other are grunts. (Only thing worse: if the vehilce is an airplane or aerospace). How would you integrate vehicles (especially one man vehicles like the Sentinel Walker) and a sqaud? I find it difficult to balance the opposition. If I include a threat to neutralize the Walker the group will be squished if their Walker loses the duel. Other way round is less dramatic, but even more boring: If the groups Walker wins, he can stomp the infantry opposition. Any suggestions for that?
  5. I just received the message that a new and free copy will be shipped to me. Thanks a lot, this is very cool!
  6. Thanks, I've made good experiences with them as well
  7. Hi Board, I recently got my print copy of "OW". My eager joy was somewaht tarnished when the pages 379-390 came out to greet me in person. I.e. these pages are not bound but loose (though they are not separately loose). Am I the only one to have such a copy or is it a widespread manufacturing error? Thanks!
  8. As I thumbed through Black Crusade last night I realized that some talents and combat are working slightly differently (Swift Attack/Lightning Attack/Charge Bonus etc.) than in Deathwatch. Is this an evolvement of the system or are the difference in the rules on purpose to support different styles of play? I like most of the Black Crusade rules better but I am not sure whether using them would unbalance the game. Any opionions on this? Or any threads I nissed?
  9. Badlapje said: Just off the top of my head: light cruisers and heavier ships can fire in to the fore, port and starboard arc with prow weapons. So if you use one of those you could fire up to 270 degrees around you making them far more viable torpedo ships then frigates imo. In the case of torpedoes "Grand Cruisers and smaller", i.e. all the hulls we know of, can fire into the fore arc only. The reasoning ifor this is pretty crap, but this is 40K so I have stopped caring long ago
  10. Hello board, the rules on firing torpedoes on pg.6 and 7 of BFK aren't entirely clear to me. It is clear that on most ships they can only be fired into the Fore Arc. OK. Got that. But on pg. 7 it is written that "upon firing and in each subsequent turn a salvo travels directly forward". Does this mean that a torpedo is fired out of the prow in a straight line or that it fires in a straight line out of the Fore Arc? If I combine the latter with a grid overlay I run into problems. A ship might well be within the fore arc (and even within range to be hit in the same round) but using a grid I won't be able to draw a straight line from the firing ship to the target. The use of a grid would severely disadvantage torpedoes as there would only be two possible trajectories: Either straight ahead or in a 45° angle to the right or the left. If "directly forward" were to be interpreted that it can only be fired straight ahead from the prow it would make it difficult to line up a good shot with a light cruiser or heavier and make a frigate a much better choice for a torpedo boat. What do you think? I have no problem with any ruling, though the "you can fire straight ahead or at a 45° degree angle" ruling when using a grid seems silly. Another completely unrelated question: What are the modifiers for the Upkeep/Acquisition test to check if your squadrons are replenished? Do I use the availability modifier given in the vehicle annex? Thanks for your thoughts!
  11. SanderJK said: Not sure if this was discussed elsewhere, but I'm wondering if Master of Gunnery allows rerolls on the torpedo Ballistic Test. And to add to this: Can a Rogue Trader use his "exceptional leader" ability on the torpedo gunner? I would guess "yes" as it is not a component bonus or an extended action (but rather a free action).
  12. I don't see it as a binary answer buy/don't buy. I think it is legitimate to say "I buy your adventures but I would prefer them to be released closer together/in an omnibus /in softcover". If Frozen Reaches is something to go by the trilogy will cost 3x25$ and cover ~180 pages. That's a lot of money for comparatively few and I am not sure that a 180 pages omnibus being sold for 65$ would sell less copies while at the same time saving production costs. So I am interested in the "hard reasons" for this salami tactic. Is it really the three "upcoming slots" or does it produce cash flow between corebooks or wouldn't anyone buy an adventure for 65$?
  13. MILLANDSON said: Hiding behind others is an excuse, but not a reason. I am sure there has to be a reason. I don't see the point in three hardcover booklets when one harcover omnibus would work as well. It seems like a waste to me, a waste that leads to more costs for producerbuyer alike. And I am aware that adventures sell worse than rule books. This works in theory, but in practice this means that the group has forgotten most of what happened three months agothat even if you retell them everything you kill the mooddefinitely kill any feeling of urgency.
  14. Hi, I have some issues with the releasing of multi-part adventures (like the Harlock trilogy or the Frozen Reaches) if they are released with several months between each installment. This makes it difficult to plan a campaign and in fact you have to wait until all installments are released. Now I am sure that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this policy, but I'd like to know why FFG doesn't release a trilogy omnibus instead of three (overpriced) hardcover booklets with 70 pages each. Regards Einbau
  15. What is the point of boarding torpedos? I think that a hit-and-run tactic without an escape vehicle is a suicide mission. Is the torpedo on a tether and reeled in after the run or does it have a reverse gear (including the claxon sound and the blinking backlights)? Edit: Several humiliating typos.
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