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  1. Thanks for replies, it sounds like where's on track. The first game took about 6 hours, but that included going over the rules and learning the ropes. The second game actually took almost as long ... definately played smarter, but maybe I was trying too hard to be evil and end the game early. In the second game I played an NPC so there were 3 heroes without making the monsters stronger. My cousin has a strong warrior and wizard character that lucked out with some pretty nice skill cards I suspect he'll keep for the rest of the sessions: tough, mighty, and parry mata and kata, prodigy, inner fire Started to catch onto line of sight, harder to utilize in the 2nd quest though. We'll give it another try over Christmas.
  2. I just recently picked up Descent and played a couple the first two quests with my cousin. We're planing to get together over Christmas but I have some questions. Maybe I'm overlooking something in the rules, but it seems like it's pretty easy to crush the heroes, and it sounds like the expansions make the overlord even tougher. I basically just kept throwing all my monsters and traps at him and took away all his points when he was only halfway though the map ... though wel kept playing. In the second game I played a NPC hero to help out, and was a little less vicious with the traps and monsters and he finished, though I could have killed him off. My first though was the once you spawn a monster that maybe the card was removed from the game so the overload would have to balance it out ... but I double checked and it just goes into the discard pile and is kept in the game? So then I thought maybe you're supposed to play the overlord more like the dungeon master in D&D ... rather then it being you vs them trying to win the game, the overlord is more of a story teller and tries to keep the game moving along and doesn't want to just crush the heroes, but puts out enough monsters to keep it challenging? Jason
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