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  1. I really only have 2 gripes when it comes to the way things are bundled; 1. When cards that are almost vital to certain ships are only available in a different faction. Prime example being Autothrusters only being in the SV when I couldn't imagine flying Fel without it at this point. This really hurts people that only want to play 1 faction. 2. Things showing up with epic ships that are vital to small ships, AKA the X1 title. There is simply no reason to not run the X1. and you cannot get it without a $100 ship that some people may never use. I don't see things showing up in Aces packs as being a bad thing, like Royal Guard being in Imperial Aces, or the Refit being in Rebel Aces, because I always recommend those to new players if they like those factions in general. These issues don't really mess with me since I buy everything, but I has seen multiple players complain about the X1 title in my local area. I gave away 2 of mine to new players since I won't ever competitively need 4 and I will just proxy if I want more for epic, also doubtful.
  2. Demerean

    new core set?

    frogy84 is a troll. Can we stop feeding him.
  3. That price is in line with standards set by third party mats of the same quality and material.
  4. I was the TO and recieved an A-Wing and Tie Interceptor. They are not going anywhere, and are already very open and have been played several times. But yeah, there are a ton of Slaves and Falcons on eBay for between 100- 150 buy it now. I will just wait 2-3 months, not that big of a deal.
  5. As there is no NDA in place. I can tell you that the sequel is almost exactly like the original. So a separate board game wouldn't make sense. The only thing I could see is if they added the new units, but honestly I wouldn't see that happening.
  6. Well it doesn't appear that FFG has any help staff on the weekend. So in the meantime does anyone by chance have that older pdf, or even scans of the scenario part of the ToI rulebook. We were really wanting to try it out during this week, I have friends in town that will only be here for the week. Please let me know.
  7. Thank you. But it appears your email may be hidden. It doesn't show up right now. My email is also on my profile it you would like to email me. I really appreciate the help.
  8. Thank you both, I sent a request to FFG last night and since it is the weekend, I am not expecting much unfortunetly. We were having a descent night tonight and were wanting to do a ToI scenario or two since we've finished all the others and played three full campaigns. But unless someone have a pdf of the scenario guide, I guess I'll be waiting.
  9. Hello Everyone, long time player, first time poster. So as the topic says, I just got my copy of tomb of ice and there is no rulebook inside. I know the pdf is online but there is no scenario section in that pdf. Does anyone know how I can either A: Get a copy of the rulebook, or B: know if there is a pdf out there with the scenario part in it. Any help would be great, we were going to try it out tomorrow. Demerean
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