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  1. Check out Corvus Corax. While they are a German neo-medieval band, the sound is very unique and I'd use it for any fantasy rpg - particularly for combat scenes. For more general background music try Zoe Keating
  2. I haven't finished the book yet, but it doesn't look like they are in there. Gunpowder weapons did exist and had a big impact on warfare during the Sengoku period and later. I have also read about ninja using gunpowder bombs as weapons and breaching charges. Oh, teppo are matchlock firearms ?
  3. OK, that is a weird question when you are talking about a fantasy rpg. But what period in Japanese history does this game draw from?
  4. Not Available!! Oh how you tease!!!
  5. How many of you play the mini's game? Does the mini's rulebook (big hardcover) have anything in it that might be useful for the RPG?
  6. That's odd. The few places in town (Las Vegas) that actually stock stuff for Tannhauser only have Yula, Gorgei, and Ramirez. Of course, all but one of them wont get in any of the new stuff. Still, if you're looking for a new character to "counter" Ramirez, I'd just go with an extra Stosstrupen. Play the terrain and get close where Ramirez is lacking and the Stosstrupen (a.k.a. "the Demon Stinkfist" or just "Stinky" to my players) dominates. Oh, and a spare Stosstrupen in case he does catch you at a distance.
  7. I'd look to the "Creation of Beings" chapter for both Crows and Gears. A Crow is just an augmented human - so the easiest thing to do is take an NPC and give him Inhumanity and whatever stat boosts you feel are appropriate. As for Gears the best thing seems to be just build them as if they were a big construct/golem style monster just with a person inside. Yes I know that only covers NPC's but I honestly cant think of how to give a PC access to Gears without breaking the game.
  8. I'd also get the GM's toolkit/screen for the game. It has sample characters for each class - so you can get an idea of what a finished character has points and "should" look like.
  9. Sweet!! Some of those obviously wouldn't be workable for something on Tannhauser's scale but the rest....well let's just say that I'm personally hoping for Matriarchy Troopers that aren't just homicidal lightning rods. Of course the Equipment cards seem more like a final endcap release than anything else.
  10. That's a lot of potential releases....care to elaborate or post a link for more info?
  11. I'm curious -- which of the Tannhauser releases were actually developed by TOY and published by FFG, and which were developed by FFG from the start? Given that, anyone know what might be next after Hoss?
  12. I'm not sure I'm reading this rule right -- p.57 of the Revised Rules states that voivodes are not targeted by the Magnifier's "splash" attack but are considered to be adjacent to Zorka for magnifier attacks. Does this mean that Zorka can "attack" any voivode on the board with the Magnifier and channel the splash attack to anything within three spaces but that the voivode also takes damage from the Magnifier hit -- or does the attack channel through the voivode not damaging it, but still attacking adjacent models with the splash attack? Thanks in advance for the help
  13. I'm not sure that I follow. A new "revision" that isn't a replacement for the core rules? Please explain.
  14. Does anyone know what direction FFG/Anima Studios is going to take the game? There's already several supplements in Spanish that we haven't seen translated and there is a second edition of the game in the works -- if not out already. Has there been any news on the supplements being translated or the second edition corebook? Or does the support end with the GM screen/toolkit and the setting book?
  15. Do you play any miniature's warfare games (Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40k, Battletech, etc.)? If so, then you'll probably be more familiar with Dust Tactics. Tannhauser is essentially a boardgame with many mini's warfare elements and it's a great intro (though some might say "gateway drug") to mini's warfare in general. Given what most mini's games wind up costing in the long run then the $70-80 for the Tannhauser basic game and revised rules isn't really that much - particularly if you don't know if you're going to like this sort of game. Then again, if you can get someone at your FLGS to demo it for you.... Now if you are a 40k nut like I was once, I'd still recommend Tannhauser. As I said above the overall cost is much lower and the time commitment is as well. With prepaints using a board you don't need to get all kissyface with a desktop magnifier or conduct experiments to see if coat hangers and paper mache can be transformed into 6 inch tall pine trees. The game itself also plays quickly no more than an hour or so once you have the rules down. With all that if you're looking for new game to play as a sideline for your main mini's game Tannhauser has much more to recommend itself than Dust Tactics. (I hope that all made sense)
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