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  1. Anyone out there? Comments are welcome...am I off base?
  2. First off I'd like to thank Fantasy Flight for a very good game thus far...I've very much enjoyed it and have bought both expansions and the Developer Series vol. 1 book. I'd very much like to see this game polished up to perfection by the following items being addressed: Updating the scenario editor to include both expansions and thereafter updating it shortly after each expansion is released; Having themed scenario design competitions quarterly to stimulate interest in ToI much like the introductionary scenario competition that was run this past year; and Consider a "refit" package that re-scales the over-sized orginal tanks to the scale of the new expansion pack ones so my game looks great again. Frankly I was very disappointed when the scale was changed with the expansions...I have absolutely no idea why this was done. Consider this the plastic version of the upcoming map upgrade pack. I understand that the developers are very busy but I'd really appreciate comments on the above, even if it's a simple "go back in your cave" comment. Just please consider writing that three times to address all three points! Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas filled with family and friends...all the best in the new year!
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