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  1. My bigger gripe is that it feels very bait and switch oh we are doing a murder mystery. Then suddenly its have fun fighting an Oni guys... I think the other half that gets implied chasing the Blood magic user would have been a far more interesting game.
  2. The Rank 1 of the Bayushi Manipulator has 2 techniques listed: Weight of Duty Stinging Insult Neither appears in the technique section. There is a Technique called The Weight of Duty which is probably what is intended but the names should be exactly the same in both places. Stinging Insult does not appear in any form.
  3. Only started playing but have a question. The only way to move to a new location is getting a blip pile to 0. When you have a location that has no spawn triangles on it. Is the only way to spawn 'stealers via an event like they are everywhere? Seems like it take quite awhile to do so.
  4. Grimslock Shourafein said: All these discussions could have easily been avoided if FFG published a specific release date, like 1st Sept 2011 ( even at appx time frame say of a week time) instead of these hilarious "Arriving soon" , ..."at the printer", "on the boat".... "on the coffee machine down the hall".... etc etc. I do sympathise with all the lads complaining about the GenCon availability of the Phb. I am currently located in Europe and it sucks not being able to get a copy when everyone else back in the US can. I do understand though the limited number of copies available for the GenCon and the "promotional" move to have copies available there. Wont bother talking about Amazon. Those that werent born yesterday will know better than to take for granted the dates published there. If on the official web site of FFG there is no date mentioned, then whatever you see out there is pure speculation ( or deep dark desire!!!). Laterz Grims They used to do dates, but people used to get very bent out of shape over dates slipping so they decided (rather sensibly) I think to use the current system instead which has generally lead to much less moaning.
  5. Planning to run a game for my brothers soon and wondering has anyone done a conversion for Mark of the Xenos weapons? or manged to work out the formula so I can convert them myself? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. That would work pretty well as a fix, I wonder if it would have been better just to say that HB can't get metalstorm ammo. With this fix I'm not sure its worth the Req cost if you have UD since it only adds +1d5 mag hits now over normal ammo. It needed a fix, just not sure this was the needed fix
  7. Glad for the errata but it seems that the Unrelenting Devastaion fix has accidently nerfed every other blast weapon to the point of uslessness. Take the Frag missile for example with out UD it would do Blast (8) + 1 Explosvie + 1 Devesating damage or 10 mag hits. But with this 'fix' to UD it would do 1 hit + 1 hit as a blast heavy weapon + 1 explosvie + 1 Devestating + 1d5 mag hits or 4 + 1d5 mag hits (so somewhere between 5 and 9 mag htis). Which seems to be odd.
  8. Its kept pretty vague on how big it is. I think 200,000 was a figure I've seen bandied around. As to the five rolls I'd slash it to 1-2 or so. I'd roll steps 1-3 into one roll (Plotting the course) 4-5 in another (navigating the course)
  9. I tend to picture such charts to be a combination of a map and a rutter (A Rutter is a guide book that contains notes on where all the eddies, tides, currents etc are in an area each Navigator would have his own and they where incrediably valuable during the time, they where often coded etc to prevent there secrets being stolen), So not quite what we would recognize as a chart.
  10. I think for controling I'm going to use a mix of the old Titan graphic novel and Titancius so crew can be promoted from modertai to princips eventually (as mentioned in Titanicus) but no gunk tanks, just a command throne. I don't intend for it to be we got a titan cool. It's more we got a Titan now how the hell do we use it and keep it running. I've got the ideas for all sorts of stuff if they do keep it. If they don't thats great too. It shouldn't I hope be an end by its self, but the means to all sorts of storie because they kept it. Hell they might decide to get rid of it pretty quick when they relize its gonna be a long hard slog to keep the thing going and not have it go crazy. I'm thinking of it being old and in the ground for a long time. So to begin with it will seem week-willed and sluggish but as time passes it begins to wake up and cause all sorts of issues.
  11. Iku Rex said: Wait, surely a titan isn't that big a deal compared to a starship? A rogue trader could be buzzing around in an "Reliquary of Mars" capable of destroying a planet. I hardly think having a little toy like a titan rattling around in one of the cargo holds is going to get the AdMech all worked up. Or? Well on slight problem (Which if they do keep it may end up bitting them on the ass at some point) is the consider Titans to be a walking avatar of the Omnissiah so it could be said keeping it is scarilage of the highest order.
  12. You do have a point there by 100% cannon that is the most likely response. But I don't see anypoint on dicking my players if they do go for it, why screw players over who are handing you an entire story arc on a platter?
  13. why would I want something like a Emperor Titan? thats more than slightly impraticle. Its only gonna be a Warhound if they do keep it. I tend to see that the AdMech who get sent out with the RT's are borderline anyway (Why else would they sent to the ass end of no-where with a RT crew instead of being with a Exploreter fleet?). So I figurer the chance to work on a Titan is enough to keep him mum to begin with at least. As to your over point I don't really see it maybe its just the games I've been on but there has never been any need to constantly one-up finds. I mean you can start out with a cruiser which takes a hell of a lot longer to build than a warhound would, and I don't see threads on don't give 'em a cruiser cause then you need to make sure they get a battleship or something. Oh and because of the people I played with in the past game going a different way thing is a bonus. I love it when players throw the GM a curve ball.
  14. Mostly because it could led to some intresting plot hooks. It would be pretty unique thing to have out in the expanse after all (which is outside Imperial control/law anyway, which gives them all a one up on the other RT's out there. Of course it will mean dealing with pissed off Admech's at some point.
  15. How compatible are MIU's (Mind Impulse Units) Can someone with a MIU use any MIU equipment? or are the plugs/sockets unique for each thing? I'm mostly asking as I have this idea floating around for RT game where one a planet the PC's are going to discover a half buried Titan and I think it would be cool if I can trail some bait so they might decide to keep the thing instead of turning it over to the AdMechs. On a similar note does anyone have any thoughts on how commen MIU's are for ships officers? I know in one of the Gaunt's ghosts stories the Admech officers seemed to, but I've not really read anything on Imperial navy and the like to get a picture of them.
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