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  1. Many thanks for the clarification Dam.
  2. Hi All I am probably overlooking the obvious interpretation of this but I just needed clarification. If I enter into a Dead End room through a door and perform 2 searches that don't yield Secret Doors, am I killed or do I have the option of taking Door cards on my turns to try to open it? I suppose the same question would apply if it was a Portcullis too. Thanks in advance Doomer
  3. Thank you so much! So basically, in regards to Combat, you can only remain on a Space for 1 turn, you must move off unless held by a spell/event etc? To confirm, combat with creatures etc you only get to do 1 turn of, then move away?
  4. Hi All Been lurking for a while and had some questions come up during our first games. Referred to recent FAQs and looked through a large portion of the Talisman forums but still could not find an answer: In any degree of Combat (Psychic, Character vs Enemy, Character vs Character), are you locked in combat in that space until either combatant dies or can you move away on your turn? If you move onto a space, draw a teleport card/event that moves you to another square, do you draw cards also at new location immediately? If the Wizard/Prophetess lose their spells to Magical Vortex, do they immediately draw a spell card or do they wait til their turn or do they gain none as they didnt use them? Can a Thief steal an Axe created Raft before it is used on the creators turn? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Doomer
  5. Doomer2

    Team Fortress DOOM

    Hi All About 3 years ago, after being mad about Unreal Tournament, i adapted the weapons, pickups etc to the Doom Boardgame, primarily for Deathmatch. The file can be found at http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/23589/utdoom-zip. Includes printable counters of weapons, ammo, pickups and Unreal specific items. I am sure these could be helpful for your Team Fortress games by giving you a more UT feel.
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