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  1. In this case I think its neccesary to place down 3 tokens.
  2. BSG with turn timer - nonsense. What about discussions? What about acusations? What about everything whats perfect in BSG?
  3. 1 - No units AND no bases = eliminated. 2 - In SC some flying units were broken, in my SC I had 1 such element. In BW FFG fixed that problem. 3 - No house rules about assist units in my crew. Assists units are very very powerfull and I think that someone with another opinion was playing SC very badly. Science Vessel can be very deadly for everyone and for example Archon Psionic Storm is one of the main adventage on the battle field for the protos player and so on and so on.
  4. I think otherwise. In my opinion Sauron can resolve both: peril and monster. Why? Because (p22) "must resolve one of the followinf (if able):" means that Sauron can't do nothing in this point - he MUST resolve one from two options but I think that he CAN resolve both options.
  5. Crying? If I pay big money for one game I expect better product, not half figures destroyed. Thats all.
  6. Hi all I just got my MEQ through one of polish internet shop. Few seconds ago I opened my game and that was disaster. Five figures was not complete; hands, swords and axe broken from the main figure are falling from the plastic bag. FGG - why game so expensive can be such failure in term of plastic figures? After all this is obvious that such thin elements will broken easly. Why ohh why? ((( What about other boxes of MEQ - someone had such disappoinment game opening?
  7. Dan said: Try the no sympathiser variant. i use it all the time. Our games are 50-50 Please, post a link to this variant.
  8. EMELT said: Aba said: It's wrong. I think that splash damage should be triggered only then front line unit was destroyed. Splash is triggered when your frontline unit makes a kill during the resolution of the skirmish. Doesn't matter if you kill an enemy front line unit or an enemy supporting unit. Yes, I know that. I clearly said "should be".
  9. It's wrong. I think that splash damage should be triggered only then front line unit was destroyed.
  10. Bytom, Poland but post was too short
  11. spirit_machine said: Aba said: Maybe so but our opinion is that civil ship flying around basestar looks ridiculously. It may look ridiculous, but the rules are the rules. The reason the Basestars don't attack is because as was stated above, the game is already hard enough for the humans. If you are having a hard enough time trying to legitimize why a civi ship would be parked next to a Basestar without being attacked, just assume they aren't attacking because they know the civi ships aren't a threat and that they are currently giving orders to launch some raiders soon. I see a lot of posts that argue points like this that would make the game harder for humans. Unless you have figured out the perfect way to play as humans and never lose as them, why even bring this up? Not trying to be mean, but you have a better chance of being a human than a Cylon. Why make the game harder on yourself? Because I like challenge.
  12. Maybe so but our opinion is that civil ship flying around basestar looks ridiculously.
  13. Our houserule is that in case when Basestar attacks Galactica - civil ship(s) on the same area is destroy.
  14. Ello Quick question: What happend when a basestar and civil human ship are on the same space area - for example when two crysis cards with cylons attacks was played one after another? Please dont say that nothing happen and civil ship just flying near by:P
  15. Lusankya said: Railarian said: -Can Defense matrix apply? Well, it's no reinforcement card and no event card, but it is a bonus. You probably can't use it, but I am not sure about this. I forgot about "Play area" cards - in our rules they can't be count with guard token.
  16. Railarian said: ... As for cloaks there's a couple of tricks here. You can splash them, spawn broodlings, make them flee and of course detect them. .... You are sure that splash works before cloak units withdraws?
  17. Reminder - you start with one base (one planet) and the second planet can be far far away so don't overrating this small random factor.
  18. In my opinion you can count a health bonus from: - hero leadership cards, - combat cards ("If your front line ...."). On the other hand you can't count bonus from: - reinforcements cards, - event cards. That's all I think.
  19. guest482406


    From the rule book: "A player may build any number of transports during a Build order (...), but may only have one transport on any given navigation route." It's very clear and in my opinion a Offensive Module with many transports from one player on one navigation route will be too powerfull.
  20. It should be Support Value from his owner faction sheet.
  21. YourBestFriend said: This token should always be placed FACE UP. I will update thid in the FAQ. That's too bad ((. It was really nice leadership card, I know that this order is also very usefull now but it was so much better before
  22. F5 about question no 2
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