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  1. Sure! Terminal Entertainment Grosse Eschenheimer Str. 41a 60313 Frankfurt/Main https://t3ffm.wordpress.com/uber-uns/ and JK Entertainment Eschersheimer-Landstraße 267 60320 Frankfurt/Main http://www.jk-entertainment.de/ Both shops selling FFG-Stuff! AND JK Entertainment would be the first place to go, if you like to play some X-Wing! Every Monday at the JK Store (19:00) and friday (18:00) at the JK Entertainment Event Store Gwinnerstraße 36 / 428 60388 Frankfurt I'm sure there will be some players around, who you can play with! Uhm,... maybe you should visit the german forum, already mentioned above... http://www.moseisleyraumhafen.com/t5798p1000-spieler-in-frankfurt-und-umgebung#232166 There you'll also find our Frankfurt X-Wing League, hosted by our X-Wing Team "Crimson Aces Frankfurt"^^ http://www.moseisleyraumhafen.com/t4778-crimson-aces-frankfurt We also meet on privat basis. cu
  2. Hmmm,... am I allowed to spend an evade token if there wasn't a defence dice roll?!For Example... YT-1300 is attacked by Wedge, Wedge reduces your agility by 1 to 0... so you don't have any defence dice to roll (except you are in range 3 or behind an asteroid) In other words, am I allowed to add an evade token to a "dicepool" without dices in it?! So throwing no dices, still counts as throwing dices...?
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