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  1. Ton496

    Availability CardgameDB

    site is up and running again. thx
  2. As CardGameDB is at the moment not available, it would be nice if FFG would keep the community updated in this thread. Thank you.
  3. Ton496

    Guide PDFs on iPad

    I use iAnnotate PDF on my iPad for all my manuals including WFRP. It's not extremly fast but after paging through it, it refreshes in about 5 seconds. The is one annoying issue about iAnnotate PDF: it is not capable to rename any pdf filenames. You might end up with filenames like: Qw45gy.pdf So I use a combination of Goodreader and iAnnotate PDF to name my pdf's and browse them on my iPad.
  4. Ton496

    Monster ONLY List - By Expansion

    William Blake said: I wish they had printed the symbol from the set the monster came from on the tokens. They did it for all the cards and it would have made it easier to play with the version you want. If say you wantedto play with just the base set and one or two others. WB If you mark the sides of the monster tokens for each expansion with a different colour that might work. Easy to sort out and during play, if they are in the monster cup, you don't see it.
  5. Ton496

    New Scenario's

    Regarding the user scenario's, i just found them : app.fantasyflightgames.com/descent_quests.html thanks anyway.
  6. Ton496

    New Scenario's

    433 said: We'll be bringing more stuff from the old site over in the next few weeks. Is it already known if the user created scenario's will be published on htis site and alse when it will happen? We are anxiuos to play that scenario's now in the X-mas holidays. thx.