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    Dreary_Angel reacted to Tom Cruise in [Second Edition Release!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    One thing I'm contemplating is redoing the formatting to be a 2-column layout, like how most RPG books are designed. Not totally sure why I didn't do this in the first place?

    Quick comparison;

    Thoughts on this? The two column layout feels a bit nicer I think.
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    Dreary_Angel reacted to SkyJedi in A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium   
    The Genesys Emporium!
    I've been working on this for since launch and I'm super excited. Create your character, track talents, skills, equipment and XP!
    The project is also open source.  Feel free to fork and pull and all the other suggestive git terms.
    If you have questions the best place to talk to me and ask questions is the Genesys Discord
    Todo list at the moment.   
    print block for vehicles NPC blocker Magic thingy Heroic abilities item durability setting export settings filter better export tree add to google drive button gear printBlock favors  
    Bulk import/export Custom datasets import/export datasets equipmemt database custom Archetype Talents Custom Motivations better print layout custom tab Craftsmanship Settings toggle RoT themes compact layout vehicles  
    Item durability tracker
    I hope you enjoy!

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    Dreary_Angel reacted to drainsmith in D&D 5e Starter Set Lost Mine of Phandelver Conversion (Now Complete!)   
    Complete in so much as I have included everything. However, I'm sure people will point out problems and mistakes. I will update this link as those come in. So, please, let me know what you think.
    PDF: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Am2tG8-iIXGdgdJaH3qSipdnBQKpLg
    Additionally, for those of you that have InDesign, I am making my source file available.
    InDesign: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am2tG8-iIXGdgdItsmKgS29qBCQn6w
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    Dreary_Angel got a reaction from Roderz in An Alternative to the standard Genesys way of Character Advancement   
    It's an option, but suffers from the same problem as the OP's variant: combat skills will almost always be possible to increase, and you might have a way harder time getting the chance to increase lesser used skills, that maybe would be more important for you character development/idea.
    Maybe, just maybe, an option would be that failures in a specific skill decrease the amount of XP that need to be spent in order to increase that skill.
    This would not limit the skills you can improve when spending XP, it would just make it easier to improve those skills you actually had a chance to learn on from failure.
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    Dreary_Angel reacted to Tom Cruise in [Second Edition Release!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    - Second Edition Core Rules Link -
    - Form Fillable Character Sheet PDF -
    - Russian translated Character Sheet PDF (all credit to LelouchVee) -
    - Printer Friendly Character Sheet PDF (slightly out of date, will update this one ASAP) -
    - Rules currently at release 2.0 (Beta), see bottom of post for changelogs -
    This conversion, totalling in at 197 pages of content, brings all the rules you need to run FFG's well-loved Warhammer 40,000 RPG in the Genesys system. Featuring a few new gameplay systems to model the work of the Imperial Inquisition more closely, it should have all the content you need to run a campaign scaled anywhere from dirt-poor Acolytes scrabbling to survive, to all-powerful agents of the Inquisition who condemn worlds to destruction with a quill-stroke. 
    The second edition release features a whole host of updates, including absorbing the first expansion, Liber Heresius, into the core book and integrating its content. As well, new content and gameplay systems have been added, the entire book has been reformatted for increased usability and general prettiness, and the gameplay balance has been tweaked and adjusted to make for a more consistent experience overall. Check out the Changelog at the bottom of this post for a rundown of all the big changes in detail.
    Here's a quick outline of what's included:
    A full set of character creation options, including 19 Home Worlds (this setting's Archetypes) 8 classes and a revised skill list to better suit the setting. As well, guidelines are provided on how to appropriately create a higher level party, with details on what sort of resources and finances they should have access to. A whole host of new talents across all five tiers, clocking in at 167 talents total. Some of these are entirely new designs, while some are copied over from various FFG books and modified appropriately.  Elite Advances, a new system to allow for playing as Astropaths, Untouchables and several other galactic oddities.  A complete equipment section, including rules for weapons, explosives, attachments, armour, custom ammunition types, cybernetics, servitors and general equipment.  As well, rules are provided for purchasing and acquiring services such as accommodation, void transport and healing.  Rules for Influence and Subtlety, allowing your Acolytes to climb the ranks of the Inquisition and receive concrete rewards for it, while feeling mechanical effects (good and bad) for how subtly they conduct their investigations. Rules for psychic power usage, based upon the magic rules presented in the Genesys Core Rulebook and modified to suit the setting. Includes a handful of new abilities (heavily inspired by Cyvaris' work), as well as a Perils of the Warp table for each psychic discipline, a design idea taken from the failed beta of Dark Heresy 2e. Corruption and mutation rules, allowing characters to slowly succumb to the influence of Chaos over the course of a campaign. These took heavy design cues from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e, with some heavy modification. Expanded rules for fear and mental trauma, based upon the rules for the horror tone presented in the Genesys Core Rulebook. Includes an advantage/threat table for fear check results, and a large list of potential mental trauma effects to inspire GMs and players. A fully fleshed out NPC section, including a list of 17 NPC traits which can be used to create or modify your own adversaries, along with 58 fully statted adversaries. This doesn't cover the whole range of adversaries Acolytes might run into in a typical campaign, but provides a solid jumping-off point for GMs to fill the gaps.  I have lots of plans for future updates, which will roll out as I produce them. Keep an eye on this thread for development updates! 
    It should be noted that the content in this PDF really isn't enough to allow a total newbie to understand the Warhammer 40,000 setting. I highly encourage anyone curious to get their hands on a copy of one of the Dark Heresy rulebooks (first or second edition works fine, they're both excellent for fluff) and give it a read; they'll give you the proper context to appreciate the material here. Also, the Genesys Core Rulebook is required, if that wasn't obvious. 
    Please either post here or PM me if you spot anything which needs fixing or tweaking, and if you end up running a campaign with this, I'd love to hear about how it all goes, actual play experiences can be great feedback for design purposes. Plus it's just nice to hear what people have been doing with stuff I've made. 
    Oh, and I highly recommend actually downloading the PDF; it's fully bookmarked and hyperlinked, something you miss out on if you view it in Google Drive. Makes navigation 10x easier.

    - Book Link -
    - Supplement currently at release 1.0.5, see bottom of post for changelogs -
    My own take on a "monster manual" of sorts, this little expansion goes into detail on Tau armaments and NPC statblocks. Eventually I plan to do one of these for a wide range of different opponents. Note that this is a first edition book; there might be some slight discrepancies in game balance between this and the new second edition of the core book, and the layout isn't consistent, but it should be totally usable stil..
    It includes:
    Statistics for Tau weapons, armour and gear, and rules for using and modifying these as a human. Rules for Tau battlesuits, complete with a full host of support and weapons systems, and a custom crit table. Stats for a big variety of Tau enemies, including all the warriors of the Fire Caste, drones, the alien auxiliaries, and the civilian castes.  - Changelogs- 
    Dark Heresy Core Book - Second Edition
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    Dreary_Angel reacted to Tkalamov in How would you do a Warhammer 40k-type Ascension system?   
    I've recently been reading the new Wrath and Glory RPG and in my own efforts to convert Rogue Trader, I've become more and more convinced that large piles of XP aren't really the answer if you want to play a higher power level in the WH40k universe, it is more a matter of narrative and scaling up/down enemies to suit the challenge. But it is important to have more 'toys' for your character to play with to make them feel like they have accomplished a fair amount.
    Here's how I've done the Tier separation, but bear in mind that it is very rough and may require tweaking:
    Tier 1 (Your Acolytes, Imperial Guard, Gangers): +0XP to the starting from their Home World archetype; max skill rank: 2 (see @Tom Cruise's Dark Heresy conversion)
    Tier 2 (Veterans of the above, crew of a Rogue Trader ship): +100XP for career skills; +50XP for non-career skills; +30XP for talents; max skill rank: 3
    Tier 3 (Interrogators, Rogue Traders, Explorers of a Rogue Trader ship, Commissars): +150XP for career skills; +100 for non-career; +50XP for talents; max skill rank: 4
    Tier 4 (Inquisitors, Space Marines): +300XP for career skills; +200XP for non-career; +50XP for Talents; max skill rank: 5
    Space Marines (there is also a Space Marine booklet in the forum post for the DH conversion, check it out) have an XP balance just below Tier 3, though with all their equipment and modified stats they'd more than make up for that. Characters besides Space Marines would be skill monkeys, basically. 
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    Dreary_Angel got a reaction from Tom Cruise in [Second Edition Release!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    @Tom Cruise amazing stuff man, really appreciate the hard work!
    I am currently re-purposing an adventure I was working on with a slightly different setting to this, because it fits the theme of the adventure so well, and you basically cover everything I need in your supplements
    I'd like to second the request for a CSS/GMBinder template, as I like making things that not only feel but also look like a finished product, and the layout and style of your files is awesome.
    Again, thank you very much for taking the time and putting in the effort to create this, looking forward to the next step!
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