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  1. This is beautiful, it cuts down to 1/2 the time needed to generate a character. THANK YOU! Also: how is this not a Sticky post? It is wonderfully made, and perfectly respects any copyright regulation.
  2. It's an option, but suffers from the same problem as the OP's variant: combat skills will almost always be possible to increase, and you might have a way harder time getting the chance to increase lesser used skills, that maybe would be more important for you character development/idea. Maybe, just maybe, an option would be that failures in a specific skill decrease the amount of XP that need to be spent in order to increase that skill. This would not limit the skills you can improve when spending XP, it would just make it easier to improve those skills you actually had a chance to learn on from failure.
  3. @Tom Cruise amazing stuff man, really appreciate the hard work! I am currently re-purposing an adventure I was working on with a slightly different setting to this, because it fits the theme of the adventure so well, and you basically cover everything I need in your supplements I'd like to second the request for a CSS/GMBinder template, as I like making things that not only feel but also look like a finished product, and the layout and style of your files is awesome. Again, thank you very much for taking the time and putting in the effort to create this, looking forward to the next step!
  4. Gregorius21778 said: So much that some of said changes/additions (like some parts of the psyker system) are taken from RT and introduced into DH:A. This is my real fear: that DH will become the unloved "step child" while DH:A will get all the attention from it´s "mother". But all in all, this is all rambling and crystal gazing. Let time tell the story ...and write our critics afterwards Well... looking at last DD about Ascension it seems not... I mean, the biggest psy power system change from DH to RT was the vanish of the threshold in favor of a characteristic test. In Ascension will be the same, you'll have you treshold as you used to in normal level DH (given you didn't change it when RT came out ). This is just an exemple, but I don't really think they will try to change things to solve the supposed 'problems' spot out from the masses after it came out... Also, i consider the game very well done and very interesting. One thing I'm almost disappointed relating DH to RT is that in RT (for obvious reasons, I know, but still bugs me a little) they got rid of the career progression tree DH have... setting wise it's logical, but it gave me a strange feeling as well... I hope never to see something like this happen to DH (even if DH:A will have non-tree careers )
  5. The sysem CAN handle it, few doubts about it, but the SETTING would be completely different. Colleges of Magic it's actualy just an institution to instruct people with sensivity of the Winds of Magic, thus suposely avoiding the insurgence of a lot of Hedge wizards, who coul become Chaos Corrupted quite easely... On the 15-20 spells to choose from, I don't really know how many spells 3ed does have, but in 2ed every wizard have quite a lot of them to choose from (from second career on)...
  6. The concept is not if there are places with high magic capabilities, the concept is that there are really FEW people capable of withstanding more than the average magical power a normal person can handle. Yes, there are High Elves High Mages, but they're really a few and they hardly put theyr nose out Ulthuan. Yes, there are the Chaos Wastes, but that's a place no one should go, since you would loose your mind, if you're lucky, loose you very essence in the real of chaos for eternity, if you're slightly less lucky, or worse And finally Yes, there are the araby nations, but those who have been great and powerfull mages there right now are something like Liches or sort of... Again, if you want to take the SYSTEM and use it for an high magic setting ok, but the WFRP SETTING is not mean to be played high magic, in any of its places, sorry
  7. If you look for a High Magic setting Warhammer (in neither of its incarnations) is the game for you... I suggest you D&D. Acid Spit aside, I really don't know if WFRP3 would be appropriate... sure v1 or v2 are not, 'cause it would be needed to change a good part of the magic system to make them high magic... anyway, the WFRP setting it's not appropriate at all, you can take the system, but if you put the setting to high magic it would not be WFRP anymore...
  8. It is all a matter of points of view... Personally I like more the point buy system than the random stats one, but both gave me really good experiences and really bad ones... I think giving the players the choice, as a group, which one of them to use it's the better solution... As far as I can go with speculation/immagination the new system seems to be based on 10, rather than 100, so it would just need a roll of a d10+race mod to come up with the characteristic rating... Adding a little bit of maths to this baseline (once more details on how many points a starting char has) awarding a certain ammount of "skill/action/talent/whatever points" divided by race shouldn't be difficult... Or at least this is my tought, as naive as it can be...
  9. Think it would not be a big deal to transfer it to a roll generation system... with a little bit of effort I think it can be easly houseruled...
  10. Sunatet said: 3. To be non heroic. I don't like heroic type games, maybe that is the reason I never even tried to play D&D. I think today's developer diary career cards exemple can quite assure you on that ;-) I mean, who in heaven would consider a Barber-Surgeon an Heroic character?? XD (although it is one of the best careers ever created)
  11. Well, the career pictures have always been singe-raced and single-gendered... but I can see the fact having it always under your eyes during play may create a little "weird picture" sense ;-)
  12. Redcrow said: Was 1e WFRP broken? No, not really. It had areas that needed fixing, but a few house rules worked to solve those problems. Was 2e broken? No, not really. It had areas that needed fixing, but a few house rules worked to solve those problems. Will 3e be broken? No, probably not, but no game is perfect for everyone and I'm sure it will have areas that will end up getting house (over) ruled too. Thats just the nature of RPGs. In fact I can't recall a single RPG in my 25+ years of GMing that I haven't created a house rule for some aspect I thought needed fixing. Was creating 3e a financial decision. Of course it was. There may have been other factors involved, but most companies can't afford to be altruistic and continue to support products that don't maximize profits vs. production costs. Companies that do that don't stay in business long. So whether or not 2e was broken is quite irrelevant. What matters from a business standpoint is if a company could continue to support it with new products even though the majority of profits have already been earned from that line by another company. Things might be quite different if FFG had been involved with WFRP from the start. Afterall, they have been involved with DH and RT from the start and those lines, for now at least, will continue as they are. In the past GW has dropped WFRP (both 1e and 2e) once they felt the cost to profit ratio was too low for them. 1e was picked up by a couple of different companies (Flame, Hogshead) that tried to continue support for the game even though the line was in its twilight and profits were down. Now I'm sure there were other mitigating factors for these other companies eventually dropping WFRP (*cough GW cough*), but I'm sure the bottom line was profit. You'd be surprised how much crap a licensee will put up with from a licensor if enough money can be made from the license itself, but eventually it reaches a point where its just not worth it anymore and then support dies. So from FFGs standpoint it makes perfect sense to start over with a 3e rather than try to continue supporting 2e and I don't fault them one bit for the decision. Anyone who honestly thinks that a company should cater to them and their preferred product rather than doing whats best for the company is living in some type of altruistic fantasy world. I'm trying to reserve judgement on WFRP 3e until I have more information and/or actually played it. Some of the things I've heard I like and some things I don't like. Its not the direction I would have gone with things if I were creating a 3e, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be a bad game. I may very well find out once I've actually given it a chance that it is the best edition of WFRP yet or I may find out that its just not suited to my tastes and stick with my house-ruled-to-the-gills 2e. Either way, I for one am glad that WFRP will continue and not go through another Dark Ages. Clear. Precise. True. Not much more could be said I think... New edition is just the natural oucome of every RPG setting with a potential, and Warhammer have an awful lot of potential. This 3ed could be anithing, but surely it will not be perfect... Most likely I'll give it a try, and I already know one or two things I'll not use (if possible) or houserule (more likely) [for practical exemple I really think I will not use the party tension meter and I will come up with an houserule to re-introduce localized damage]... But as far as we are now I'm still not sure of what I think about 3ed... Wait and see (for someone, Wait and bleed )...
  13. Reading the developer's diary I would say those are mainly categories, not actual names for careers (save for the apprentice wizard, that, for the low number of starting career, will much likely be a career per-se) so I think we'll see amalgamation of careers, but let's hope it will be done in a logc way... Asalways, until we get a career list we cannot be sure about anything concerning this...
  14. They're just covers... If it was a "normal" RPG I could agree with you that (if I got your point right) they might have a look resembling D&D ones and that FFG could be pointing to have a similar look to appeal more people... But since this game comes in a box, and as you said the box image is quite cool, no occasional customer would be able to see the book covers before baying the box, other thank maybe a little image in the back... So, what's exactly your point? I mean, they can surely rememberD&D ones, with the image bordered in a lather book fashon, but the fell, for me at least, is totally different from D&D ones, starting from the images itself...
  15. As Mr. Little said in at Gen Con, the ratcatcher will be in the Adventurer's Toolkit, together with other 9 careers. The fact is that we still do not know what the career progression will be... will we have basic careers and advanced careers? will there be multiple "levels" for every career? It seems that you can jump from one to another, as Mr. Little explained somewhere (can't remember if it was in the gen con videos or where) based on you present career's "keywords" but it reamains to be seen how this will be handled... Also it seems characteristic will go from the 100 basis to 10 basis, in relation to the dice system... I'm still very curious about this game, but some things sound a little strange to me... As a lot of ppl said... Wait and see!
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