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  1. That is exactly how the FFG sleeves are intended. I have used several dozen packs of their standard sleeves over the past year and every pack has literally been the exact same size. I applaud them for their consistency. Their sleeves are roomy. It is the primary reason why I use them. The bit of extra length at the top prevents the card from poking out, or having the edge exposed. The extra space on the width prevents the sleeve from bowing. If you want a tight fit, buy Ultra Pro clear sleeves. However, be warned that the edge of the card will be very close to the edge of the sleeve. I have tried them several times with the same result: cards slide out a bit after one play, exposing the edge.
  2. The quest log calls the scenario "Journey Down the Anduin". It is actually named "Journey Along the Anduin" according to the printed quest cards. I noticed that the rulebook also has "Down". I'd go by the cards instead of the rulebook.
  3. I'm near Toronto. Anyone else?
  4. I've lived in the area for over ten years and have never heard of this place.
  5. edroz said: Well supposedly, there is a new FAQ in the works. We shall see. Now the rule book, an updated PDF version with all of the corrections and FAQs worked in would be great. In fact, a living, consolidated rule book avalable online in PDF format with all of the expansions included would be wonderful. Ah, one can but dream. For strict referencing, universalhead's Descent sheets are great. They have Altar and Well expansions integrated and are organized in a way that allows one double sided sheet for the heroes and one for the overlord. You can find them at: http://www.headlesshollow.com/freebies_games.html#des
  6. So I bought Descent and a few expansions this week. I open it up and discover that it is the latest printing with all the card errors fixed and rulebook updated with all errata and rule changes. Awesome! One problem, the online PDF is still the old version. Considering this rulebook does not include an index and rules are scattered throughout, it is helpful to be able to search the PDF for specific things. I humbly request that the powers that be upload the current rulebook. It would also be helpful if the FAQ color coded the errata which was already applied to this new rulebook.
  7. I have no idea what you are complaining about. I have my cards stored in the provided slot with no issues. They fit. They don't spill out. They don't get damaged. Far from worthless. The large compartment holds everything else fine. I have each color of ships in its own bag. The rest of the stuff is just loose in the compartment. Everything fits fine. Even the alien cards fit in there perfectly. The warp and gate sit on top, then the rulebook is on top of those. It all fits fine and stays in place. I don't understand the complaints at all.
  8. Looking at the counter sheet, it seems FFG just had extra space to fill on the die that cuts the counter sheets. They may as well use the entire sheet since it costs them nothing extra.
  9. First, I have to agree with this forum software. It blows. I click reply thinking it will show me the original post in the space below. Nope! VBScript Runtime error on the server side. Guess I have to open a new window. I 100% agree with you about the Macron flare. It caused us much grief in my first game. Doesn't anyone read this stuff before printing it? I don't like how they added the "start turn" phase on all the cards. Yes, some of the current aliens have a power that triggers then, but for f--k's sake, how hard is it to just print "do this at the start of your turn" instead of printing the pointless START TURN phase on every single card. So far it has confused two different groups of players when trying to figure out what you get to do during your second "encounter". I also got a good laugh about how the reinforcement cards are barely even mentioned in the rulebook. You would think there would be a section devoted to them where the rules describe the reveal phase. Nope! They are just barely mentioned at the very end of the rules. If you didn't know they existed ahead of time, you might not even know until you are into your first game. The fact that they labeled the cards with a "type" at the very top of each cart (artifact, encounter, flare) then proceed to totally redefine "type" for other specific cards (plague) is hilarious and aggravating at the same time. The rulebook in general is rather haphazard, which is a shame since this is obviously supposed to be geared toward new players. The Mayfair rulebook was rock solid. I have to disagree with you about the alien powers. Play a dozen times then get back to us. Yes, some aliens are clearly more powerful with on the attack. Some are powerful in other ways. Each alien has a fair way to win. *EDIT* Whoever wrote this forum software apparently has never actually tried to use it. It overrides your right click menu. My browser spell-checks, but I can't right click to correct since the forum software overrides it with a completely useless "cut/paste" option. Hello, I can cut and paste with the keyboard. Speaking of keyboard, it also overrides certain common keyboard shortcuts. Thanks a lot for overriding my keyboard combination that opens a new tab. I didn't really want to do that anyway, right?
  10. Maybe you weren't paying attention, but germangames.com and fungamescafe.com both had it in stock at the same time as the US release. I bought a copy from fungames.
  11. I was missing a red and purple ship. Contacted FFG right away and they sent one out that day. I guess their Chinese packagers are in too much of a hurry to count properly.
  12. ColtsFan76 said: The "missing" card stands really aren't needed as the remaining 4 per side are sufficient. The additional 2 holders were meant for Epic to hold the community hand. But you can either lay these on the table or steal the card holders from memoir. I haven't tried cramming in 3 cards per stand, but for the cards to stand alone, you can only have 2 per stand. With potentially 6 command cards and 4 lore cares, this equals 5 stands.
  13. A glued flag and no reference card means this will not be added to my collection.
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