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  1. Yep, this is totally legit. There's a survivor card that does the same thing, an instant defeat on a non-Elite enemy - "Waylay"
  2. Yep, 78 is the card count There are 4 encounter sets and each card will give a #x/total for the set Set 1 The Blob That Ate Everything: 54 cards Set 2 Mi-Go Incursion: 18 cards Set 3 Single Group: 3 cards Set 4 Epic Multiplayer: 3 cards 54+18+3+3=78
  3. Yep, and per the rules, you cannot have more than 10 of each in the bag at one time.
  4. That still doesn't really justify use of the term "cash grab". It comes across as derogatory for no real reason. I mean, yeah it's not illegal, but it doesn't serve a reasonable purpose either. And also, FYI all the player cards are actually compatible with the regular game. The only ones that aren't are the actual investigators and their signature cards. On the donation note - they may or may not be donating a part of the proceeds, but making the product may have inspired them to make a large donation to the charity, or even set up a recurring regular donation. So they may be supporting it in conjunction with the product even if it's not a specific percentage of the proceeds.
  5. I haven't played the campaign or scenario yet, but I've heard this a couple times now. Was wondering if anyone who has played through the entire campaign could weigh in on whether there is a significant effect later on? From a thematic storytelling standpoint, "don't leave the path" is absolutely a classic concept, but it does sound like there may be a problem with implementation here.
  6. I believe after Dream Eaters there are 21 investigators left in their stable, so four more campaign cycles after the new one, only one of which will have 6 investigators included (so maybe one more neutral one)
  7. Pretty sure the low stat line is to balance the power you can have when you start every round with 5 cards in hand. Definitely on board with thinking she'll be secondary Mystic. I really think when they reveal these investigators they should be showing us their deckbuilding restrictions at the same time. Ah well....
  8. Always wait until you have the full regular campaign cycle before buying a "Return to....." product. The "Return to...." sets offer three things and ONLY these three things: 1)tweaks/additional cards to the original scenarios of the campaign. You cannot use them without the originals, they do not replace, but only add a few cards for replayability/variety. 2)A handy dandy cool looking storage solution for the campaign. I especially like how one end looks like an old school file cabinet drawer labeled with the campaign title. 3)A few new player cards - usually new, different XP cost versions of existing cards. If you have the base game, you can buy "Return to The Night of the Zealot" since that full 3 scenario campaign comes with the base game.
  9. They did mention that combining both mini campaigns into a linked normal campaign would be an option. So, yeah, I'm looking forward to figuring out how the campaign interaction works in that regard. I don't really fancy building two different investigator decks for a single campaign.
  10. It's entirely possible exactly what "happened" may be very different in each ending based on the leads you end up pursuing, so it may cover all of those. This is my best current theory as it would give the scenario a lot more playability as opposed to a situation where what happened is the same thing all the time, just different outcomes to the investigation.
  11. All the marketing made it very clear that it was one core to support 1-2 players, two cores for 3-4 players. If you felt duped, that was your fault for not doing basic homework on the game before buying.
  12. If you go back and read the instructions carefully it says that any enemies on locations get shuffled in with the top 5 encounter cards in the encounter deck. Unless you mean in an "Empty Space" location. Not sure if that's covered specifically, but I think it would work just fine to treat them like they were on a Cosmos location that got shuffled back into the Cosmos deck.
  13. It comes and goes, sometimes they stay on top of it for a time, then it get really neglected for awhile. Sadly not consistently reliable.
  14. You'll be a bit limited in Investigator and player card choice/options, but you could play it with one copy of the Core Set for 1-2 players, needing a second copy of the Core for 3-4 players
  15. Whether you have Lodge Jailor / Cell Keeper is also dependent on Membership status, it's always only one or the other.
  16. Makes me wonder if they'll ever make a listing on the FAQ to say the nearest spectral enemy not at Haunted Fields or if they're okay with it being a dud if there's already one there.
  17. I sent mine in a little while ago and just got a notice they are being shipped.
  18. Silas starts in Arkham but centers around Innsmouth and Devil's Reef. I think it might fit what you're looking for.
  19. Remember that there is a room that automatically allows you to draw and place the enemy with the 3rd key, making access to 3 of the keys simply a matter of exploration.
  20. Remember that this scenario is one of those that ask you to accomplish the task X number of times, much like Midnight Masks asks you to interrogate 6 cultists in NotZ. In these scenarios it is usually pretty much impossible to reliably accomplish every single thing. From the different campaigns, in these types of scenarios, it seems that accomplishing half before resigning is effectively a successful run-through.
  21. Almost all the investigators are in that book. I think it's only missing two or three because they hadn't been introduced yet. And the deluxe rulebook for AH 3rd Ed has stories for the ones not in the big book.
  22. Just double-checked, and wow, could have SWORN it was Strength. Must be the holdover from Eldritch Horror and the AH 3rd edition that made me think that. But yeah, I also agree Strength would be a better title.
  23. (head icon) = Willpower (book icon) = Intellect(default investigation stat) (fist icon) = Strength(default Fight stat) (Foot icon) = Agility(default Evasion stat)
  24. Yes, basically assigning damage or horror to an asset(ally or itemor talent or whatever) means they are soaking up that damage/horror instead of you. The assets get discarded when either their health or sanity gets maxed. If they get discarded through another means like crypt chill, they have already absorbed the damage/horror and any tokens tracking that just get discarded along with the card.
  25. The effect is like having three copies of Blood-Rite in your deck but only taking up one card in your deck size(The Lexicon) and you have to play that one card to get access to them.
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