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  1. I would say yes offhand because it says control, not in play. But I would have to take a look at the rules reference to be sure and I don't have it with me. Edit:Just downloaded and checked the RR. You do control the cards in your hand, so yes you would discard those as well as the cards in play.
  2. Interesting question. My first instinct is to say yes, but to be certain, I'd suggest you ask directly.
  3. I bought some cheapo capsules on Amazon. Unfortunately they didn't lock closed, so I ended up sealing them with some airplane model glue.
  4. Vicious blow would not do extra damage because it only does the extra damage when the test is successful.
  5. I don't see how higher education unbalances the game. You have to both have the resources to spend and have more than 5 cards in your hand, meaning you can't be playing too many cards. It can be extremely powerful combined with other cards, but card synergy as you spend XP is kind of the point.
  6. It's not being done by FFG but there is a Fallout miniatures combat game that was also previewed at Gencon.
  7. Just because it's not a reason you don't personally approve of doesn't mean it's not a perfectly valid reason. They really don't have any requirement to justify their decision to you and you have no obligation to justify whether or not you choose to purchase the game. That's your decision.
  8. Just remember when starting a campaign, you can only use zero level cards. If you look at Lita, because she is a story asset, her card has no level, thus is not eligible for deck construction or even to be bought later using XP. As the previous posters stated, story assets can only be attained through gameplay of a campaign.
  9. Yup, that's how I took them out when I played it. The only difficulty is keeping the hand size high enough so you can still use Higher Education. Also remember the movement is at the end of the enemy phase so they don't get an attack right after the special movement.
  10. The big draw for me is that it seems to be a tabletop RPG system that does not require a DM. This is a huge deal for me as it will mean getting a group together to play will be FAR easier.
  11. It's not a board game, but Heavy Rain was a video game that had enough branching paths and possibilities for replay value and had a rich, deep story. On general you are correct, though. Most of the time the more story options you have, the more the storytelling itself suffers. Also the Arkham Horror LCG I would say has replay value with both how the story in a campaign goes and the ability to play as different characters. Infinite replay value, no, but like you say, most people don't play their games a ton of times, and you usually get your entertainment value after only a few plays anyways. Based on their work on the Arkham LCG, I think FFG can pull this off and I think there will be some replayability based on, if nothing else, a party that focuses on a different set of skills. I do think you can have a certain number of branching path options for a story and retain quality storytelling, but it certainly is more difficult the more options you introduce.
  12. I used Daisy and she is a monster with the right cards. Hoovered the clues up left and right. You do need a good combat companion to offset, although she was responsible for taking out a surprising number of big monsters with "I've got a plan!". My friend played Jenny as support.
  13. My best impression is that it's a tabletop RPG that is written and designed so that there is no need for a DM. Basically a combination of a full RPG and a choose your own adventure book. After seeing the narrative possibilities explored in the Arkham Horror LCG, I'm fairly confident in their ability to pull it off. It looks like the initial box includes six adventures(modules in D&D parlance) that link together to form a campaign.
  14. The comparison between painted or unpainted mini's and card or board quality is not an analogous comparison. Cards and boards, the artwork is done on computer and printed out by machine, the only difference in quality is cost of material. Painting the mini's would take skilled labour by hand. A proper comparison for minis would be the material used and level of detail on the sculpt. It's fine that you place a high importance on the minis being painted but frankly I think you're highly overestimating the importance most people put on it. A good paint on my mini's is cool, but for most board games the mini's being painted or not is not a very important issue(specifically board games with mini's. A game that is entirely miniatures is a different issue.) X-wing having painted mini's is actually the exception for FFG and not the rule. Most of their mini's in their board games are unpainted. The painted figures for their Arkham Horror line of games are only available as a premium separate product and do not come with the games.