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  1. Novella Speculation

    Marie might be in Forgotten Age still. But yeah, given he's officially a Seeker and they've already revealed one, Norman will most likely not be.
  2. Investigator number listed in new preview

    So I just looked at the rules sheet from this expansion and it said there are 7 investigator sheets. So I think the intent was the two listed plus 5 others. Calvin Wright was officially announced in a previous preview and Daniela Reyes is used as an example card in the rulebook, so I'm assuming that's a pretty obvious inclusion.
  3. Full cooperative version

    Doesn't apply. the way I read it was they did an encounter action 2 out of every three full turns.
  4. Novella Speculation

    One is alternate art of an existing card, the other is alternate art of a card that has not yet been released. And the article states until the original card is officially released, the alternate art version is NOT legal for tournament play. Sounds like They've got their bases covered on that front.
  5. Remember there are two versions of the Organist. One that you try to hunt down and one that tries to hunt down you.
  6. New To Game - What To Buy

    Play the core first to make sure you enjoy it, then you can start with either the Dunwich campaign cycle or the Carcosa campaign cycle. The Dunwich cycle is completely released, though I don't know how difficult it will be to get ahold of all the mythos packs. The Carcosa campaign only has two mythos packs left to be released. One of them is next week, the final one will probably be in a month or so after. Each cycle has a deluxe expansion and six mythos packs. You can also buy the two standalone scenarios for some fun on the side.
  7. Some questions?

    Very true. Was slightly misusing the asset terminology. Thanks for the clarification for others sake.
  8. Some questions?

    Also remember that you can only use the +(whatever) from ONE asset card for each dice pool. You can use the special abilities from all of them(such as the reroll), but if you have one that gives you a +2 and one gives you a +1, you only get +2, you don't get +3 because they don't stack.
  9. Novella Speculation

    I think there's a large chance it's Roland. The primary reason is that I remember hearing that some people got the Roland replacement cards mistakenly in their Jenny Barnes novels.
  10. Encounter- and quest card confusion

    I would suggest contacting FFG directly. My understanding is that they're usually pretty good about fixing mistakes like that.
  11. Suggestion is broken

    Although it can only be used once per turn because it exhausts the card, which may be why they worded it that way. If you could use it multiple times per turn(like other spells) then I agree it would be broken.
  12. Suggestion is broken

    Seems like definitely a question that should be asked directly to FFG
  13. Masks of Nyarlathotep

    Except that the mystic ruins have always only been available one at a time like the expeditions. So thematically the encounters may be different, mechanically it fits perfectly.
  14. La era olvidada

    Cthulhu hasn't really ever been Aztec Ruins and while Mists is very Cthulhu themed, it's been a spell available in AH games since the very beginning and is a player card, not a scenario card. I'm kind of surprised it's taken this long to be represented by a Mystic player card. Given the treachery card that is specifically Curse of Yig, and Yig has always been associated with the region, I'm calling 99% chance Yig is the AO for this campaign.
  15. Except it's a guaranteed damage with 0 resource cost. That's pretty significant and useful. Maybe better as a card for an investigator whose secondary role is Guardian.