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  1. mwmcintyre

    Future "Return To" ideas

    As to the request for additional copies of base encounter sets - my solution is to use the RTTNOTZ box to hold all the tokens and other components since the campaign takes up so little space in the box, then I can just take that Return box and the relevant campaign and I know I've got everything I'll need.
  2. mwmcintyre

    Rita's special ability

    But any enemy still engaged with you will move with you, it just won't trigger an AOO.
  3. mwmcintyre

    Deny Existence and Terrible Secret

    Pretty sure I saw a reply from Matt somewhere on something stating that "ignore" is indeed different than "cancel"
  4. The next expedition style adventure I'd personally like to see is Ithaqua based in Alaska/Yukon.
  5. That spoiler isn't really a spoiler - the game straight out says it in the setup for the prologue. I don't really think it's the best as a tutorial given you don't have a deck to work with. Maybe to give a quick taste of the game, not the best for teaching, though.
  6. If they do Ithaqua(and I expect it eventually) it will be set in Canada/Alaska. We know this because in at least two of the other games, both Eldritch Horror and Elder Sign - that is where they have set the Ithaqua storyline. The Antarctic/South Pole is the site for the Plateau of Leng and the Elder Things.
  7. Okay, just checked again, you're right, just omitting Quiet Glade for two or more investigators does work.
  8. Actually you could still get only 5 per investigator that way, so doesn't solve the problem(there are four 1-clue Witch-Haunted Woods locations) although it makes it even more unlikely to pop up. But I did just receive an official answer from Matt: Greetings, Thanks for bringing this problem to my attention! We've heard a few reports of this, so the team has been discussing how best to handle this issue. For now, I believe the best way to handle this is to revise the setup so that the players put a total of 5 Witch-Haunted Woods locations into play during setup, instead of 4 (as evenly as possible in front of the investigators, with any excess in front of the lead investigator). This should ensure that there are always at least 6 clues per investigator among just the Witch-Haunted Woods locations, regardless of what other locations emerge later in the scenario. In a future FAQ we will either issue an errata to make this change permanent, or issue another errata which should solve the issue, but for now players should play with this change in place. If the change is made permanent I will make sure that the PDF of the Campaign Guide on our website is revised to reflect the change. I offer my sincerest apologies for this problem. I hope you are enjoying The Circle Undone regardless! Cheers, ———————————————— Matthew Newman Senior Card Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games mnewman@fantasyflightgames.com
  9. This was brought to my attention by someone else, but seeing if someone here can resolve this. Apparently with randomized locations, it is possible in the first scenario(not prologue) to end up with not enough clues to advance Act 3 making it impossible to win the scenario. Anyone else become aware of this? It's an unlikely combo of locations, but not impossible.
  10. mwmcintyre

    Return to Dunwich - Where Doom Awaits issue?

    Understandable issue and I haven't played it, but it seems clear that the Ascending Path is not meant to be a location where the clues are removed from by that instruction. I think this is one where the intent is clear even if they made a technical goof in how the instructions are laid out.
  11. mwmcintyre

    Return of the Awkward Shaped Box

    That's where the problem is. Pretty sure the boxes are supposed to be a storage solution for the campaign and they expect you to store the player cards in their own separate storage system with all the other player cards.
  12. mwmcintyre

    Return of the Awkward Shaped Box

    Two questions: 1)Were you trying to fit the player cards as well in there or just the scenarios and encounter cards? 2)How do you have the cards sleeved? Penny sleeves, double-sleeved.......? Because if it's the same size as the RTNoZ box, I anticipate having a bit of extra space after putting in all the scenario and encounter cards for the campaign - My cards are also sleeved(single, ultra-pro pro-matte)
  13. mwmcintyre

    Tarot Cards

    Nope, if it's in your opening hand you get to simply put it into play, no resource cost, no action cost.
  14. mwmcintyre

    Unreleased investigators

    Yeah, any character involving a lot of money/influence seems to be in the Rogue realm so far. Criminals and rich folks.