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  1. mwmcintyre

    YAOTL Clarification

    Just for additional clarification, I'm pretty sure you can't commit a card to that test and get double the icons, because, unless I'm mistaken, cards you commit to a test don't move to the discard pile until after the test, meaning the card utilized by Yaotl would have to be on the top of your discard pile at the beginning of the test.
  2. I don't think it's as laser focused on a single character as you think. Despite Finn's access to all things Illicit, if you look at all the cards. the ONLY cards that are illicit to begin with are all Rogue class cards, so it's a pretty generally useful card for lots of Rogue builds.
  3. Seconded. Other than specific, card based instances, groups are playing separate games and unless directed otherwise, treat them as separate.
  4. mwmcintyre

    Arkham Horror LCG and Six-Week Schedules

    I really don't see that happening. It'd be interesting but it's way too restrictive unless it's characters that are in the core set or potentially have a copy of that character in that pack along with the mission. And if they're limited to only the characters in the core set - that's just not enough potential to develop products on those lines. So far they've had different starting conditions if you choose to play a specific character, like Lola's starting location for the first Carcosa scenario or requiring the lead investigator to be one of several characters if they happen to be in the party for Forgotten Age. And I think that's as far as they'll go with that. But if I'm wrong and they do, bonus.
  5. mwmcintyre

    Arkham Horror LCG and Six-Week Schedules

    I think the most cogent and relevant point they talk about with the 5 rings is the fact that there are multiple factions and having one faction getting a significant increase in options well before another faction is fundamentally unfair to gameplay while splitting up each pack between all factions means each release is going to be insignificant for everyone as it will only include a few cards you can use. The accelerated release schedule solves those issues. This problem is absolutely crucial to competitive play and is not at all present in the Arkham Horror LCG where each pack, the star is the scenario itself which is a significant addition to gameplay. The one per month release schedule ensures that people are always anticipating the next pack while not spacing it so far out that people have put away and forgotten the game by the time the next release goes out. As much as I agree with you that would be nice, from a marketing perspective it makes perfect sense and using the L5R release schedule could easily mean the death of the game from that marketing viewpoint as no news for a while means people lose interest in the game. I actually appreciate the spaced out release schedule because, while my gamer brain is clamoring for the next scenario, it makes it much more affordable to purchase and set aside money to purchase the product. If I had to shell out for an entire campaign cycle inside of a single month or so, I might not bother to continue to follow the game.
  6. mwmcintyre

    Historical Museum

    And that's why investigating with Duke would work is because it uses a different base value. My interpretation is that you can't use skill cards to increase and you don't benefit from bonuses on cards and from abilities like Magnifying glass. This would also mean that for instance, Calvin Wright would be stuck with a base value of zero no matter how much horror he had on him. But you can use Flashlight because it modifies the Shroud, not the intellect value. In fact, using Flashlight would guarantee a success even for Calvin.
  7. mwmcintyre

    The city of archives

    Unless the effect is specifically limited to one investigator, there will be 4 copies. Just like the Essex County Express included 4 copies of the lost in time and space weakness you could potentially pick up.
  8. mwmcintyre

    New Investigators

    Eldritch Horror Bio: Clocks do not lie. In the past, people said hurtful things to Rita. They threatened her. But since she started running competitively, Rita has only cared about the clock. Most of the time, it says that Rita is faster than the rest. It says she is stronger and has trained harder. Now she competes around the world and has attracted some unwanted attention. The prejudices of certain esoteric cults cannot tolerate her successes. They plan to make an example of her. But they will have to catch her, and the clock says they cannot.
  9. I'm curious as well, because after these first two scenarios, we are ostensibly going back to civilization. So will we have the chance to pick up more supplies if we go back out, or what? Who knows until we get those scenarios, I guess.
  10. mwmcintyre

    Proof reading?

    This. It actually shows they are being very thoughtful about the future of the IP and the game in particular, taking into account all the investigators in their stable.
  11. I think Starter level for Wendy is right. To take full advantage of her Amulet, maybe you need more skill, but to support my judgement I have two points: She's considered by FFG to be one of the two recommended starter investigators and while her amulet and event recursion may take a little more skill to take full advantage of, her basic special ability as an investigator is very powerful and straightforward. Remember since there's only one, you can't rely on getting her amulet out to begin with.
  12. mwmcintyre

    Olive McBride

    Okay, I'm still trying to figure out exactly how Olive works. Particularly how you resolve two tokens on a single action/test. Does this mean effectively the test/action happens twice? It's the only logical conclusion I can reach but it doesn't seem quite right. Seems a little overpowered. If that's how it works you could get two uses of a powerful spell card like an upgraded Rite of Seeking or Shrivelling by only spending one charge and one action.
  13. mwmcintyre

    Fr Mateo and the Ultimatum of Chaos

    This sounds like the best way. After all, it doesn't say you have to spend them right away or that you get 5XP worth of cards, just that you get the XP.
  14. mwmcintyre

    Father Mateo Revealed

    But her standard ability is far better at mitigating token draw overall than his. He gets one use per game, she can replace all day as long as she has an extra card or two. His elder sign effect is so powerful because his standard ability is so situational.
  15. Clues and monsters are the two biggest things to cover in gameplay. Even though Guardian and Seeker usually are focused towards those, the other classes have ways to compensate.