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  1. Not yet, gonna buy it tomorrow and the store has it in. I'm in Canada so the release date is tomorrow because no Thanksgiving this week. (Canada has Thanksgiving in early October)
  2. Can't wait to play Unspeakable Oath tomorrow. Playing with my friend, I'm Yorick and he's Akachi. Sooo excited.
  3. They have to be directly on the location itself.
  4. On my playthrough we had at least once where there was more than enough doom to advance the agenda but it didn't happen because we were able to clear off the doom before hitting the Mythos phase where you check to see if it will advance.
  5. I haven't been playing lots of games, but I play consistently with one of my friends. I got the core set when it came out so I've been buying the expansions/packs and playing them as they come out. Yes, it means you start with less options and you won't see as many of the cards in play, but you can always replay the campaign with new investigators and access to all the cards while you're waiting for the new campaign to come out. That's what we did with Dunwich while waiting for Carcosa to release. To me, experiencing the story is far more important than having access to all the cards from the start and there are plenty of cards at this point to build good decks with.
  6. Sooooo.... you've never played an FFG game before?
  7. That's what happens when you level up. You draw two and either choose one you don't already have or you can choose a perk if you already have at least one of them.
  8. One of the special stats is determined by the character you're playing and the other one is random, not both.
  9. So probably more like 3-6 hours.
  10. Okay, I'm super psyched for both the location AND the two Agenda deck mechanic - PICK YOUR DOOM! BWAHAHAHAHA!!
  11. I actually asked FFG directly about this as I had the exact same question and yes, zero clues counts as having the fewest. That is the official answer.
  12. Happy to admit when I'm wrong. Another nuance of the game that it is good to know. Appreciate the link to the official answer.
  13. Clarification: we are talking about within a single investigators play area, correct? Because my interpretation is that the limit is player/investigator specific and not a group limit for the table. Each investigator should be able to have 1 composure in play at a time.
  14. I don't see why you can't. It's expressly provided for slots that if you want to play a card that takes up a used slot, you just choose and discard an asset that is already taking up that slot. Unless it's a weakness or a treachery/encounter card, you're allowed to discard any of your asset cards in play at any time, replacing one composure with another should be perfectly legal, you just have to discard the first one and can't have more than one in play at a time. Think of it as a new slot type.