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  1. Hi all!! The last game the guardian player uses Let me handle this! card ti Shield the seeker player from potencial damage that will knock out him. He then say "I resolve this and he nor me draw mythos" We vote that he must have his turn because is his turn and the card replace only the drawing not the turn How this works? We have the right choice or Is the seeker player the one needs to draw a encounter card or Let me handle this! Replace also the card turn drawing. Thanks
  2. Hi please help me on this: **SPOILERS** ahead from the Forgotten Age; Scenario VII: The Depths of Yoth. One resolution tell: " Each investigator... Searches the collection for a random basic INJURY weakness, adding it..." We play only with one collection and in the start I get the "Internal Injury basic weakness" that is the only basic injury weakness in the collection (x2) up to the Circle Undone expansion. Because are not other weakness that fulfill the instruction we decide at first that only one get the weakness, then decide the leader, the leader read (somewhere) that the weakness only are in the "deck of available weakness once" finally no one take it. What we do in another case like this? The leader take the weakness? We can decide who take it? Can be only one weakness of each on ALL the decks ? (doesn't feels right cause why are then copies..) No one gains the weakness? Thanks for the response and don't let the Mythos defeat you!!
  3. Hi there I have a matter with a friend about the objetive card "cut supply lines" I will not describe all the situation to avoid some partiallity Can You please describe the correct an official use of this card (we find this in another forum both even with that response my friend Is not convinced about this rule) if you can explain in other words to avoid (again) confusion moreover I appreciate if You can describe with some examples. Thanks !! (The trouble Is centered on the use of the Word "either")
  4. I make the "campaign report" with the tables I create in Excel to track the campaign. reporte campaña v2.pdf
  5. Thanks both for the reply. Well he use that night very well the card. Even we (I in particular) don't let him to change the LOSE portion of a tournament one week. He acquire the improvement the 1st week and every week thereafter he collect 3 fans from highlights, some with "poor" choices even when he won the central payout. I assume was a lot of fans (12 in 4 weeks) and at the end he beat me for 3 fans....I beat my cousin by 1 fan Was a really close game thanks again and good gaming
  6. Maybe is only a grammatical issue but the card reads: "Exhaust this card to replace the entire payout section you win with FAN FAN FAN. (This does not replace the printed payout for any manager other than yourself.) In the rules only talk about "payout sections" on highlights (Page 15) and only talk about "payouts" on tournaments. Let's say that the tournament has "payout sections" as well and your logic about the phrase in parenthesis I agree too. The only matter now is the card reads "..you win" is correct to say that the last payout section LOSE! you also win? the rules say that you "collect" the LOSE! payout (page 13) and not "you win" that moreover you are at the LOSE end.... Maybe I think the card is overpowered then because in any case you can have only 1 player in the tournament and change the LOSE! part in 3 fans that I think is a lot!! More in the final week of the game. Thanks for the replay waiting for more feedbakc
  7. Hi there. Yesterday night was a discussion about this staff upgrade about if can replace a LOSE payout in a tournament. At first I said it do not because is a LOSE payout and the card state you replace the win portion of a payout section. He ask me to find it in the web and only find an answer here that only speak about highlights and then "hit me" that the card says "Payout section" and thats only on the highlights and no in the tournaments. At the end he take his LOSE payout normally but he was upset because he want to change it and I say he can´t. Please help me to clarify this. Thanks in advance.
  8. First at all. Excellent analisys. I don´t think about do a complete analisys like this about the game instead I keep track of the statistics. Yes the human team is one of the best teams, they always are in the top of the game but are not the best team, Chaos is the best team at the moment and, I think this is a major surprise the Dwarves are the second best team in my playing group. The worst team that no one whats to play are the Elves. Really we don't seam to understand the mechanics of the wood elves. I and a friend are the "best" using this team but even I try to exploit the "draw card mechanic" to have star players all the time I finish 3rd or 4th in a game of 5th players. At the moment this are the statistics. 1. Chaos 2. Dwarves 3. Humans 4. (very close) Skavens 5. Vampires 6. Undeads 7. Dark Elves 8. Orcs 9. Elves (far behind!!) I take the average of fans plus improvements. The "new teams" have few statistics. 5 players 1. Mike -- Better team Humans (then Chaos, Dwarves) -- Worst: Orcs 2. Luis -- Better team Dwarves (then Skavens, Chaos) -- Worst Elves 3. Roy (myself) -- Better team Vamps (then Chaos, Undeads) -- Worst Orcs (close Elves) 4. Pato -- Better Team Skavens (then Humans, Vamps) -- Worst Elves 5. Mike -- Better Team Skavens (then Dwarves, Orcs) -- Worst Humans Seya and good gaming
  9. Yesterday the next "line of events or actions" take place at the start of the game: I have in play Arianne Martell Type: Character House: Martell Cost: 4 STR: 3 Icon: Intrigue,Power Lady. Stealth. While Arianne Martell is attacking, raise the Claim value on your revealed plot card by 1. Crest: Noble "Martell brings some formidable companions, it would seem." Set: PotS with this attachments on her: Rhoynish Steed Type: Attachment House: Martell Cost: 1 Creature. Warhorse. [Martell] character only. If you win an [intrigue] challenge in which attached character attacked alone, instead of the normal claim effects, choose 1 character controlled by the losing opponent and return it to its owner's hand. Poisoned Spear Attached character gains joust. Response: After you win a challenge in which attached character participated, kneel Poisoned Spear to choose and kill a character with no icon AND two Orphan of the Greenblood Type: Character House: Martell Cost: 0 STR: 0 Icon: Ally. Any Phase: Discard Orphan of the Greenblood from play (cannot be saved) to choose 1 character. Until the end of the phase, that character loses a Military, an Intrigue, and a Power icon. Set: PotS I was elected to act first. In the challenge phase I attack with Arianne and use her stealth ability to prevent a character to defend, the defense player, with only one more "intrigue icon" character to defend lose against Arianne but he chooses not to defend; then the chaos begins: 1. I collect 1 power for my house because an unopposed challenge 2. Instead of discard 2 cards for his hand (because my claim value of 1 and the Arianne's power) I return 1 of his characters to his hand. 3. I discard one Orphan to remove the only icon another of his characters has (military icon) in order to use the 4. Poisoned spear: Kill his character because he dont have any icons. He tells me that the "order" was wrong because I use the "Steed" power first and then the "challenge" is over and can't use the "spear" anymore. The correct "line of effects", according to the other player, is: 1: Orphan 2: Spear 3: Steed I think the order is really irrelevant because "ALL" the effects happen at the "SAME TIME" is only matter of how I play it. Please help on this. EXTRA: Is the ability of Arianne Martell a "Triggered" ability?? I say yes but, how I know for sure?? Yesterday play on her the Bowl of Brown Type: Attachment House: Neutral Cost: 0 Item. Attached character cannot trigger its abilities and cannot kneel to pay for effects. "There's a pot shop I know in Flea Bottom, makes a savory bowl of brown. All kinds of meat in it, I hear." "Make sure I never eat there." Set: LoW And I was "0K" on dont use her power. Is this right?? Thanks all
  10. The expansion until Xmas!! I was talking with a friend about buying it the next month!! Is too much time! lol
  11. Hi there I have an older version of GoT since 2002. This cards can be used in the LCG?? This cards are allowed on tournament?? Almost every event don't have a "house icon" on the superior corner then Can be used in any deck? (some events need certain character knelling to use) Thanks
  12. Talking by expansion and only one tournament in the roster but I will be very happy with a set of rules or players or roster sheet to play a campaing. Like the house rules about injuries/deaths witren in other post in this forum. I was thinking in a way to make my own.... Maybe new cards showing the improved teams in a campaing: A more powerful dwarf runner, a better passer elf or a skaven with 2 heads lol. At least I have a simple Excel sheet to record the fans in each tournament and auto calculate the fans by team and by player Looking forward for an undead or a wood elf team both may favorites
  13. When you collect "Star players" Take the ones with "low strenght" and a lot of abilities. Then, in a matchup: GUARD them and change cards with your team improvement if you need. Is a matter of "knowing" your team
  14. Well only for make a comment: I have this card for 3 weeks in game time and with a lot of cheat tokens (in a matchup two of my players have 3 each) and non of them was ejected!!! lol
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