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  1. When will this game be released would have been perfect for xmas...
  2. so does Valor morgulis kill ALL characters in play on both sides: Starks and Lannisters.
  3. I have been looking over the rules of this game and have decided I can make them work as a board free wargame using measurement steps of 6 inches. I intend to use 54mm figures (same unit size i.e. 4 inf, 3 cav etc) for the game to get that big toy soldier feel. I think this will work out swell. Bit of painting to do tho! (looking for a set of Prussian house rules!)
  4. I don't think its gamey - its a choice that the game allows you to make - intensive deployment of MG vs brittle formation - any manner of card events could have not to mention concentrated mortar fire could have given it problems. Great scenario, great game play the game!
  5. haha yes indeed: just win the game before the tank arrives - good advice!
  6. get your tank there first?One mod might be to extend arrival of German reinforcements and game length by 1 turn?
  7. Thanks Aussie - note to self - always check the FAQ
  8. thats should read exiting not exciting....doh
  9. Hi Does exciting an entrenchment trigger opp fire - the core rule book seems to say no on p32 but yes on p46? cheers Alex
  10. side rear armour has no place in TOI imo. I don't get why the british inf in Normandy expansion still wear shorts and having no churchill or carrier models (iconic brit kit ) is also very dissapointing. Not sure what other models I could substitue that would fit with existing models (all painted now!)
  11. Hi in the scenario book the British OOB for scenario 1 : Maida requires 14 Light infantry figs - but only 12 are supplied in the box - is this a OOB mistake? cheers
  12. yep Nexus responded quickly to my request for replacement cards - I am now on the list to receive said cards in due course.
  13. I really love that the release schedule is well I would decribe it as manageable. I hate that feeling when a game expoldes into splat books that I cannot keep up with. With Anima you have time to grow into the world and don't feel overwhelmed by a mega catalogue list of supplements if that makes sense?
  14. mmm ok then...but how do multiple attacks relate to counterattacks.. You hit me and miss enough that I can counter attack. I declare multiple attacks (AA of 200) but choose to only attack once saving my other attack for later in turn when active or as a counterattack etc. That tactic ok?
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