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  1. I find the letter size on the cards to be smaller than either Warhammer or Game of Thrones. Are there plans to increase the letter size in future expansions?
  2. Will FFG be issuing art sleeves for CE? I'd like to mix some of the Mayfair yet to be published by FFG with the FFG ones and can't use the transparent sleeves. Other than FFG issuing them, what other sleeves for CE's card size can I use that are in the market that have art or color in the sleeve?
  3. Recently, FFG's license to use World of Warcraft expired. Luckily, this was not a LCG type game so all the expansions for the games were released before the license expired. My main concern with LOTR is that once the license expires (say 5-7 years from now), what is the likelihood that it will be renewed again? The main attraction of the LCG is the monthly packs which usually means 240 unique cards a year, at 20 unique cards per pack. This is excluding any "big" expansions which contain 55 unique cards per expansion. So at 240 cards per year, that would mean a total of roughly 1,220 unique cards every 5 years. While that sounds like plenty, it can get repetitive after a while. Not to mention the idea of the game coming to an "end" after 5-7 years is not a good selling point. Anyone have any idea how many years is the license good for, or what is the likelihood that it will get renewed. From reading the rules, I believe this LCG will be as big or perhaps a bigger seller than Warhammer Invasion. I know Game of Thrones has nothing to worry about because George R.R. Martin is very supportive with the licensing renewals. He even wanted for the RPG of AGOT to continue after its initial publisher went out of business. But that may not be the case where LOTR is concerned, and I don't want to invest in a game with a limited lifespan. The game should remain alive as long as it makes a satisfactory profit for the publisher, not when the license expires and is not renewed. Any thoughts or flame words about this? Would be nice to hear from FFG regarding this issue.
  4. UPDATE: Got an email on Thursday from FFG that they will send me an English Lore deck on Friday's mail. YAY for fantastic customer support. It's times like this that makes you appreciate the company even more.
  5. Bought my BL repurposed set from my FLGS yesterday and when I opened it, the Lore deck is in French. The battle cards are in english though. Unfortunately, my FLGS had run out of BL sets and couldn't exchange it for another one. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there any way I can get an English version of the Lore deck from FFG or should I just scout ebay for one?
  6. I ran across this Errata summary for Conflict on BGG and it's just too many oops in the text and icons for me to ignore. Will FFG address these issues on a 2nd edition printing of Conflict? http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/620726/errata-summary-for-cosmic-conflict
  7. Where could I find the cheap ccg boxes? The one's I've seen are basically like 36 packs for $90-98 on Ebay or other card sellers.
  8. Any idea if a second expansion for TI3 will ever happen? I don't think it needs to be revamped into a 4th edition, but having more of everything would be nice.
  9. Would a request to FFG to reprint all the CCG cards in the LCG format be too much to ask for? I'd love for it to happen but don't know if it's economic suicide to do. Maybe a special limited edition of all CCG cards for collectors only. (Along the lines of what they did with War of the Ring). Thoughts anyone?
  10. I bought a core BL set last year that had the command cards in english but the Lore deck was in French. Anyway I could purchase just the Lore set in english? I did put english stickers on the deck but would be nice if I could get a genuine english deck.
  11. Will FFG release a scenario editor as well as a space for us to design/download new user scenarios for the game? I hope it's released on the same day it ships to the stores.
  12. With the new releases starting with Heroes thru Creatures, Dragons & Horrific Horde, I for one are eager to get new scenarios using these new abilities, but FFG has not yet put out a way for us to get new scenarios. Will FFG be allowing a scenario download page for BL? It doesn't make sense to release new stuff if you can't find other scenarios for it outside of those included in the expansions.
  13. Outside of the user scenarios listed in FFG's website, is there another place to get more?
  14. I don't see a specific target date for either the base game nor its expansions (100 Years war, Skirmish, Marauders, etc) on the upcoming section and that worries me. Does FFG still plan on reprinting the base and expansions? If so, what's the approx date of release? Will there be any modifications done to either the base game or expansions or will they be the same as was previously released by DOW?
  15. I personally wouldn't mind if a "big" expansion of at least 60 new cards or so would be released every quarter instead of the monthly pack for that particular month.
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