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  1. I hope that they keep up support. Its a pretty new game and doesn't have enough stuff yet to get real traction but I think it has potential. I finally caved in and cracked a box and while I havn't played a game yet I was impressed with the figs. They seem a little better quality than Descent and IA to some degree although still a little bendy and the rules are pretty familiar given that I have played Trek.Xwing.Armada, D&D Wing and so forth. And its fairly affordable. I am not a big fan of the Runebound setting but I have been in the mood for vanilla fantasy lately, probably still sentimental over the loss of The Old World and never getting enthusiastic for Age of Sigmar.
  2. The 2 boxes of awakenings I got were pretty awful for duplicats but my 2 boxes of SOR were great for even distro. I did ALOT of CCG buying through the 90s and it seems pretty standard. Sometimes you get a great variety sometimes you pull the same stuff.
  3. I have $800 in x-wing so far and still don't feel like I have enough variation to truly enjoy the game fully and there is another wave coming. Its approaching the cost of some of the larger 40k armies I have shelled out for.
  4. 2 Hours is an EPIC mini wargame? My how times have changed. 2 days was once regarded as truly epic. 2 hours.....I have had games that took longer than that to even set up. LOL.
  5. I commented in one of these threads shortly after the announcement that I thought FFG was probably going to fast track this one for the holiday season.
  6. I know, I just dumped $600 into and army to barely squeek to 1850 points. Then I realized why I tray to avoid 40k. its worse than a marriage. $130 for 3 cores and I am set? And can revel in the 40k universe with how many armies? And still have how much money left over to dump on other miniatures? I can probably save 30 or 40 bucks more on Amazon when they have it? I would rather not buy 3 core sets if I plan on playing but FFG explained AGES ago that they do it in order to pack more variety into the box.
  7. That's why I said it was likely wishful thinking. Actually I think that shipping time on the boat is fairly predictable its the customs snags that tend to delay things from what I have heard anyway.
  8. Its interesting that the Descent dice mechanic has become such a mainstay. Even the RPG is a greater detailed version of the Descent engine. Frankly I dont care what the meta-minded crowd with their absolutaly never ending critiscism says, the FFG Star Wars line as a whole is a lifelong SW fans dream come true and even if the games stunk (and they definetly do not) I would still throw my cash at each and every one of them. So far the minis are awesome, the books are spectacular the cards are GORGEOUS, probably the hands down nicest quality Star Wars collector products ever produced.
  9. Given the huge positive response I am wondering if they are fast tracking this and we will see it sooner rather than later....say by xmas? Probably wishful thinking on my part. Need it or not I see 2 copies purchased at the get go. I never pre-order anything but I might actually buy this game before its even released.
  10. Almost starting to hope we might see a Terrinoth based RPG someday.
  11. Just make it your goal to collect all the Terrinoth setting games. I played a bit of Descent 1e for awhile and tried Descent 2 and Runewars and while there were aspects I liked and didnt like the setting didnt really grab me but with BL2 the whole Terrinoth thing is starting to grow on me.
  12. Given that "attack" is a complete step attack/counter/advance the mobility effect would occur post step.
  13. I hope for a dice booster but for now rerolling dice doesnt really impact my game flow at least not by more than 3 or 4 seconds. LOL.
  14. I've played/owned almost every single game that uses the C&C system including Battles of Westeros and Battlelore 1e and out of them all I must say Battlelore 2e seems to work the best. Probably put MM 44' a close second but definetly BL2 is #1 so far. Tweaks some of the things that needed tweaking without adding to many extra layers of odds and ends. I must admit I like having pre set scenerios as well as the custom set up options. Given the sheer legacy of Richard Borgs system I have high hopes for some good expansions given FFGs devotion and the popularity of the Terrinoth setting.
  15. Well fortunatly you dont have to play games you dont like. I have known plenty of gamers that dont care for the C&C system. I have played more games than I can ever remember from the absurdly complicated ASL and SFB to the simplistic C&C. I for one enjoy simple games that I can pull out and play fast and put away. I think C&Cs overall record speaks for itself and while you may feel like you are somehow insulting yourself and thereby obligating yourself to insult others because a game is to "sophomoric" there are plenty of us that enjoy the system for what it is. Is it a great tactical wargame? Not really but there arent to many that are unless you want to get bogged down in details.
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