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  1. For what it's worth, I made a hack (it's very messy and badly formatted, if I get some time off work I want to take a second look at it) that is based on Destiny. It also has Warframe, DOOM and Anthem (before it launched). https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d71baN6dXsURmJonoHwtajr5MBthv5oX Its primary inspiration is Destiny, because a lot of people kept asking "how would I do Destiny in Genesys?" and nothing ever came of it. To answer your questions in the OP, I went with; Damage types - I ignored these. Heavily inspired by the Dark Heresy hack, I figured it'd be better to let players customise their own guns than try to represent the huge armoury of a looter-shooter like Destiny, straight out of the gate. I built 16 basic weapons (slug-rifles, plasma weapons, lasers, missile launchers etc) and then made an armoury of attachments and ammo-types that would complement them. No need to make a Solar-rifle when a character can just pick up Inferno Rounds that grant Burn 2, or increase the Burn rating by 2. There's also melee weapons and a matching set of customisable options. I also made an armoury of legendary weapons that are primarily based on Destiny exotics. To my memory there's the Last Word, Thorn, Lord of Wolves and (I think?) 1k Voices. I also ripped almost every enemy from Destiny, except the Taken which I turned into reality-hacking zombies that use video-game logic to spawn in monster-closets and such. Abilities - I used the Heroic Ability system as a base. I didn't want to recreate the Nova Bomb or Fists of Havoc and say "All Guardians use these, they're the only options". Not when Genesys has such a flexible magic system. In Another Dawn, Supers are a skill (much like Athletics or Arcane), but you gain a level in it for every 50xp you gain, like a Heroic Ability. All Supers have a basic profile that you choose at character creation (ranged heavy/light melee heavy/light, Brawl, Super soak and Heal). You spend Ability Points (50xp=1 Ability Point) to improve these weapons, multiple targets, granting allies buffs, that kinda thing. When you reach level 5 in a Super, you can begin to master another one and add the existing one to your skillset. Or you can continue to unlock more effects for it, granting you flexibility. The idea behind it is sound, but the execution needs a rewrite. For abilities like the Rally Barricade, Empowering rift etc, those are basic talents with a Strain cost to activate. They're mostly once-per encounter abilities. Nice and simple. I also omitted Ghosts, resurrection and immortality. It proved too hard to balance with the other game lines, and I felt like coming back from the dead once was impactful enough. For Archetypes and Careers, I streamlined even further. Destiny tells us through its mechanics that there's no difference between an Awoken, an Exo and a Human even though, by lore we know this is false. I thought about having races-as-archetypes to begin with. But because there was no concrete workflow (I'd already decided I was going to include Warframe content at this point), I didn't want an Archetype to be a class. Do I say "Titan has more Brawn but Hunter has more Agility?" and make each an Archetype? That felt weird to me. What I ended up with was just two Archetypes for Destiny. The Warmaker and the Cleric. The Warmaker is your Titan/Hunter, with 2/2/2/2/2/2 for a profile. They get a rank in Resilience or Ranged (Heavy), and use the Superhero rules from the corebook. They select either Brawn or Agility as an enhanced characteristic, and triumphs using those characteristics explode. Just like that, I felt like I'd created the granularity I needed to differentiate the two. It wasn't about double-jumps or punching harder, it was about how you spent that Triumph that you favoured. The Cleric is a Warlock/less militant Guardian. 1/2/2/2/3/2 with a free level in Discipline or Ranged (Light). Once per encounter, they can upgrade or downgrade a roll made by the GM or another player without spending a Story Point. They still make for a strong Caster-style character. At this point, I should say that the Archetypes were designed to work alongside oneanother. If anyone is familiar with Warframe they'll know the insane amount of Frames available, and the obscene customisation and complexity therein. I made two Archetypes for Warframes. Aggressor and Manipulator, a martial character and a caster, there are then a series of ranked talents thematically grouped after skill trees in Warframe. The Freelancer from Anthem is the jack-of-all trades character, starting with a statline of 1/1/1/1/1/1 and 200xp. They get different exo-suits that can allow them to fill any gaps in the fireteam. The Elite is your Doomslater or Spartan character, 3/3/2/1/2/2. They have an archetype ability that grants them the Quick Draw talent baseline, and gives the first attack they make with any weapon Accurate 1 (to incentivise weapon-swapping ala Wolfenstein/Doom/Quake etc). Hopefully this ramble has had some value to it, good luck with your write-up!
  2. As of now, I'm considering Another Dawn to be content complete. The systems within the game are functioning as intended and no glaring issues were detected. In the future I may well add more content in the form of 'expansions', probably adding more Aliens/weapons and equipment/miracle strands and focus trees. But for now, I'm tapping out. Hope people enjoy the game!
  3. Welcome Fireteam, to Another Dawn! Set in the aftermath of Humanities Golden Age, we've fallen far. Cooped up in a last city called the Holdout, Humanity is beset on all sides by enemies who would see us dead, subjugated and enslaved or worse. As the best of Humanity, the PCs form a Fireteam and undertake missions critical to the survival of Humanity itself. By your actions, you hold back the darkness and allow humanity to see Another Dawn. Another Dawn - V 1.0 But what is it really? Do you like Heroic adventure? Do you like Danger, Mystery and Exploration? Do you like Destiny, Warframe or Anthem? This is the game for you! Trying to be setting-agnostic where possible, form a fireteam using Archetypes based on popular video-games and kick the snot out of Aliens and Pirates across the Solar System. What's in it? 5 Archetypes: As Warmakers and Clerics, you are the Anointed. Resurrected by the uplifting Light of Dawn, you have no memory of your past, but are imbued with supernatural divine powers to protect Humanity. As Aggressors and Manipulators, you are the Awoken, a Golden-Age order of monastic warriors, your consciousness pilots a synthetic body. As a Scion, you use your dynasties prestige and glory to best effect, piloting golden-age Dragoon Exo-suits, highly modular and utterly lethal. Together, your differences are put aside, and with your backs to the wall you must strike back against those that would see Humanity destroyed. Gimmicks: As an Anointed, you are able to learn Miracles. Mighty shows of divine power that can wreak havoc and save your allies. Customise and enhance your Miracles as you grow in power. As an Awoken, find your Focus. Multiple trees of Talents inspired by Ninjitsu schools grant you supreme flexibility. As a Scion, your Dragoon Armour is your lifeline. Build a host of different suits, customise them individually and swap modules and attachments out to prepare for whatever lies in the darkness. Big Armouries: Inspired by looter-shooters, Another Dawn boasts a sizeable armoury with dozens of attachments for dozens of weapons. Aliens: Aliens innumerable have descended upon our Solar System. Some seek to conquer us, others would clap us in chains. Others yet would sacrifice us on altars on the Moon. Inspired by Destiny and Warframe, take the fight to the Carrion Lords of Luna, the Mercurials, the Sovereign Species, the Downtrodden and the Forsaken. With more races sure to be added, you just need to decide who you want to bring down first. As of now, I'm considering Another Dawn content complete. The systems within the game are functioning as intended and no glaring issues were detected. In the future I may well add I'll check here frequently to respond to any queries, and I appreciate any and all feedback!
  4. You're definitely right in thinking that Genesys makes a good substitute for World of Darkness games. I've (almost fully) made a Vampire the Requiem conversion for Genesys. However, I don't know anything about Mage whatsoever. Quite a lot of the existing rules (at least in the case of Vampire) moved over relatively easily, or at least it was simple enough to figure out what would and wouldn't work. I know that's not much use, but just know you're not the only person that's shifting a WoD game to a superior system!
  5. That's my bad. Formatting and updating is my achilles heel, and I just didn't update the OP to state that this was 2.2. It's using a flexible link on google drive that I just update with each new iteration as I make it, and I didn't update the OP here to reflect that. What you get from the link in the OP is 2.2.
  6. I'm sorry dude, I've not been on this forum for a while and didn't see the post! Thanks for the feedback, a lot of love and effort went into it and it's due for a rewrite sometime soon (I've started running a different game in the meantime at my groups behest and this conversion has suffered accordingly. I'm curious to see what old Clan Tzimisce brings to the table for sure, the Ritual rules (as they stand right now) are something I'm not happy with, I feel like there needs to be more clarity in what they enable and how they're carried out. And Vicissitude is such a large part of the identity of any incarnation of Tzimisce that I feel they've been done a disservice. I appreciate the comments re: Strain. It took a bit of thinking and a lot of overcomplication before it was completely stripped back to what it is now. Good luck with your work on old clan Tzimisce! Be sure to post it, I'd love to read it.
  7. Cheers! Let me know how it goes, it wasn't designed with the archetypal fantasy Vampire in mind but I'd be keen to see if it still works appropriately. There's no Necromancy though (beyond raising animals), which is the biggest setback I see right now. You can probably go without using Bestial Nature (or just set your Antagonist Vampire at Bestial Nature 5 and make him always monstrous), Frenzy might be interesting. Your Adventurers think they have the Vampire cornered with blazing torches and he goes mad with bloodlust and attacks them.
  8. After three or so weeks of playtesting with my group, I'm relatively confident and happy to declare that the latest release of Vampire the Requiem is Content Complete. Sift through it and let me know what you all think, raise any concerns you may have. I can barely see the forest for the trees anymore with regards to spelling errors and formatting shortcomings, so anything you can offer is greatly appreciated. I've updated the OP with what's included in the latest release. Happy Hunting Kindred.
  9. I have one up but it keeps slipping from the front page, Here you go.
  10. I'd really appreciate the inclusion of my Vampire the Requiem rules conversion to the big ol' list in the sky.
  11. Thanks, it is intended to allow that to be broken but I didn't absolutely state as such. Cheers.
  12. I've updated this to 1.2! I've moved the publication over to Indesign for smoother formatting, added Devotions and Blood Rituals and corrected some typos and formatting errors across the board. I hope to start playtesting this soon, once that's done I'll hopefully be able to ascertain if any key talents or other gameplay elements are missing and identify any weaknesses or imbalances in the current rules and rectify them. Then it's onto the easy stuff like making gear and NPCs for a small Bestiary. Be sure to let me know if you guys read anything that doesn't make any sense, could use further clarification or just seems broken.
  13. For formatting, I'm currently redoing it in Indesign! I think it might be a limitation of how Word does columns but I'm not too sure. I'll be sure to pass through and fix Stress to Strain, one of my players has taken to calling it Stress and I think I've picked it up. I like the idea for Resilience! Right now it's a bit of a holdover from when Vigour did much the same thing, just boosted and upgraded Brawl and Athletics rolls. For Masquerade I'm keeping my distance for now. If some of the Disciplines make for a better fit then I might fit some in instead. Masquerade Clans i'm also a little unsure of right now. Requiem did a peculiar job of messing around with clan Archetypes, gutting Nosferatu's sneaky spy aspect and mixing Ravnos in to make Mekhet, rolling Brujah into Gangrel (I'm okay with this one), and turning Toreador into Daeva but keeping Ventrue the same with no name change. It's all a bit confusing. When I'm satisfied with the conversion, I'll want to bring over Lasombra and Tzimisce though, those guys were always fun at parties.
  14. I never got to play Werewolf unfortunately, though being the Spirit Police does sound pretty cool.
  15. Hi guys! This is my work in progress Genesys Conversion of White Wolf's Vampire the Requiem 2nd edition. Core Rules Current Release: 2.2 Here's a quick outline of what's included currently: Character creation including 5 Clans (Archetypes) Vampire Bloodlines (only 3 right now, bringing my favourite Masquerade clans into the modern day) New uses for Strain as Vampiric power A suite of Vampire Disciplines, functioning as a Vampires innate blood magic and less spell-slinging magic Rules for measuring Vampires morality Vampiric Devotions, combinations of Disciplines that are more powerful than individual Disciplines Blood Rituals (Cruac, Theban, Vicissitude and Thaumaturgy) Bestiary, Nemesis and Rival tier enemies to pit against your party in the long nights. What's to be included in future releases: Fixing all those spelling mistakes and grammar inconsistencies, yum. What I won't be including (as of this moment): Carthian, Invictus and Mysteries of the Dragon Armoury I must stress that this is not intended to be an entirely comprehensive work. My aim is to produce enough content that a baseline for a game can be established, and that 90% of all scenarios will have some representation within the rules. World of Darkness, and specifically Vampire, has a long contrived History and everybody has favourite pieces and others they'd rather not talk about. This publication is intended to combine as much good content as Requiem has to offer (mixed in with my favourite parts of Masquerade) in one Document. This is highly subjective of course, and if a strong enough case can be made then I'll probably add additional Masquerade content in the future. This isn't a finished product by any stretch of the word, but I feel that as of right now it is Content Complete. Every system that would alter how you play Genesys is in place, and barring tweaks and re balances, they likely won't change for the foreseeable future. I don't intend to ever be adding an armour of Equipment for players to use, there's very little in Vampire that justifies a chapter worth of unique weapons and armour when everything provided in the Modern Day chapter of the Genesys Corebook should provide enough to get anyone started. Fluff is intentionally left absent, this book will not teach you everything about the Camarilla, Strix or anything Masquerade relevant. If you want to know more, ask about online or pick up a book or pdf off Drivethrurpg. There's definitely some food for thought in those pages. Happy Hunting Kindred!
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