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  1. I would kill for a big box expansion for this game! Adventures in Innsmouth would be a great place to go next.
  2. I really wanted to play the Sea of Blood campaign for D1 but never managed to make the time. Now that I have D2, I am really hopefull that FFG will give us a similar campaign. I would love to have some boarding actions or even ship to ship combat like they set up in the Sea of Blood set. Anyone else want this?
  3. I would love to see five and six players in this game. Granted it would take a long time to play, but it would be no worse than any other Epic game (I'm looking in your direction Twilight Imperium). Obviously after seeing Orcs and Dwarves in the card game that would be a good choice for new players. Even if they decided not to go in that direction and add more players, I would still like to see some new map sections and who knows, instead of new kingdoms, perhaps the Orcs and Dwarves could be hired as allies?
  4. I would figureatively kill for an expansion to this game!! More Terrain! More Adventures! More Heroes! More Races! Support for 5 or 6 players! How about it!
  5. Of course there are players like myself that aren't huge fans of Star Wars. Yeah, I enjoyed the movies, but I'm just not into the games and I will probably give IA a miss. Descent on the other hand I really like! I have all the 1e sets and all the 2e sets. I'm sure there are plenty of players out their like myself that will continue to purchase new expansions as they come out. Sure, it may lose some impetus while they crank out IA expansions, but I very much doubt they will just flat out stop producing sets. There is still plenty of room to expand this game and offer new campaigns. I am looking forward to expansions that may focus on some of the previously released Runebound expansions (Desert, Jungle, Artic) and I would be particularly thrilled to see them take another crack at a seafaring campaign!!! And as for the co-op version of the game. If they will be producing POD sets, then I am sure we will see more and more of them in the future. Now if only they would make an expansion to RuneWars!
  6. I have a group of gamers that meets at a Condo every week (between 15-20 of us on average). If I can't get my FLGS to come through for me, I'm guessing that there is no other way for me to order a kit for our group?
  7. Alternatively, the FLGS owner politely explains that the co-op expansion will be on sale later this year, and that the customer can buy the core box now if he likes, as it will be required to play with the co-op expansion later anyway. Has FFG confirmed that the solo version will be available for purchase later this year? I have asked my FLGS to order in at least one set for the organized play, but I haven't heard a response from them. I love Descent and would really like the oportunity to try this coop version!
  8. I never played the original, but I really enjoy this game! I just hope that if they create an expansion, they don't over-complicate things! The game has a really sweet balance to it now.
  9. That's good news. Of course this begs the question about what will happen to the first edition figures. I have all the current sets and will pick up the second edition upgrade. Anyone that is new to the game, may want the older figures, but not have to buy the first edition game. It would be nice if you could purchase a "figure" upgrade! Heck, I would buy the figure upgrade even though I already have all the sets.
  10. One of the things I'm anxious to see is what monsters and heroes will be included in the second eddition! I can only guess that they will not include figures that were already released (at least I hope they won't). I would love to see a preview of the new sculpts! If they have a Q2 release planned, then they must have a good portion of the figures on the go. I don't even care if I see the cards or stats that are associated with them, just the models.....
  11. Hi All, In Sea of Blood, the level leaders have their wound and armour bonus per campaign level (eg. 8 extra wounds and 1 extra armour per campaign level). Has anyone tried applying this to the level leaders in Road to Legend? Does it make the leaders too powerful or would it help them stay in line with the heroes at higher campaign levels?
  12. Salem


    I just recently played my first game of Runewars and loved it. I will be purchasing a copy of it shortly to add to my collection and I would love to see an expansion!!! More races would be nice, as would quests and map tiles. I have all the Runebound games as well as all the Descent games and building a wargame in the same world worked out quite well! I think that FFG will be taking special care that any new expansion to Runewars fits into the game world properly. I own a copy of Warrior Knights which I really enjoy (and has many similarities to Runewars), but it is really meant to be played with three or more players. Runewars on the other hand scales well with only two players and I can imagine a six player game would be incredible!
  13. I have two copies of a strategy card in play that lets me take an action, when my opponent declares an action (surprise assault, I think). Can I play both at once? ie. My opponent declares an action, then I play both cards, activating two units? Or does my opponent declare an action, I play one card, then he takes his action, then he declares his next action, then I use my second card....
  14. Salem

    2 player game?

    Android was an Xmas gift from my Brother this year. After reading the rules, he and I both wanted to give it a quick run to gain better understanding of how the game system worked. We played a game with just the two of us and had a third character that we played as a "blind hand". We kept the "non"player's hunch cards face down so we didn't know who he was after, and then we played him jointly. Whenever he was able to place evidence, we didn't look at the value, we just took turns placing them. This started me thinking about how you could make Android a two player game without the 3rd character at all. You could have a rule that basically has someone placing random evidence after both players take their turn. Has anyone else attempted this? P.S. The Non-Player won the game by about 20 VP!!
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