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  1. Really? I find that very hard to believe tho. How long does an average game take?
  2. I don't mind if a game take 3 hours. 4 is stretching it though. We played a game of 3 players with the rise of the elder things GoO and the sideboard and it took well over 5 hours!!! But yeah, we did it sorta story heavy, reading events to eachother. I can see what you mean with having more co-op in more player numbers. I have a feeling you are quite experienced with the game, what setup have you found out is the most exciting (to the last turn) so far? What combinations of expansions, mythos setup and player numbers do you recommend?
  3. I see what you mean. Gate closing seem to be the absolute priority.
  4. How do you feel 6 player games work out? Can you compare to any other games with less/more players? I'm thinking of the "sweet spot" number of players combined with what expansions and mythos card combinations to create the absolutely most nail biting and close and exciting matches.
  5. I'd say, any game pretty much need a fighter. Someone that has high Strenght, and everyone drop their best fight items to him. Also a support, but I am not sure what the role should fill really. Most games support turns out to be someone with high influence and more dedicated to buying necessary items early. Secondary, the importance of having a spell user! Supportive spells are a HUGE deal! And since there are so many things giving bonuses to spell casting, I feel there is a need to have your support being good at lore. Then a gate closer/objective hunter. Someone usually good at lore+observation+will. Since it seems lore+observation are the most common in completing clue encounters and lore+will for gate closing. And it always seem that someone need to be 100% focused on gate closing unless you want to drop 3 on the doom track at a bad time. I was thinking something like: 3 players: Fighter + gate closer + support 4 players: 2 Fighters + gate closer + support 5 players: 2 Fighters + 2 gate closers + support What are your thoughts on this, I haven't figured out much about optimal role distribution. But it sure sucks when you don't have someone that can pretty much guarantee any item at any time when they show up, and having expensive items rack up is pretty bad, and discarding to cycle them is time consuming and you don't progress for your spent actions doing so.
  6. @Raj1984: Perhaps we are playing with "wrong" number of players. 3 seem really hard. 2 seem a bit too easy and I've not tried with more than 3. But seeing as 4 spawn equal amounts of monsters and clues it feels like it's more advantageous for the group. I don't know, it's just that weird feeling that everything that happends is automatic and you are just a passenger watching it unfold. That constant feeling in your guts of stress and panic, the anguish. My group really love challenge tho, enjoying dark and pessimistic things like Dark Souls, and rogue like adventures. However, I simply find events that are generally bad, with a choise, and some good. A perfect example is "chose a monster to discard, then lose as much health as it's thoughness". It's good combined with bad, and you are forced with a choise, but still some choise involved.
  7. @Krysmo: I am all for variety. But it's not the most important. I am actually rather fine drawing the same stuff over and over... BUT! I want it to be consistent, and not TOO UNFAIR! Being chain delayed/detained, and forced to put curses on players, is no fun. Nobody think it's fun, or hard "the correct way". There is a huge difference between difficulty and unfair difficulty. I want to actually be able to play the game, up to the point where I lose. Having a curse effectively deletes the players entire existence for well up to 3+ turns most the time. Having delays occur way too often so far aswell... OR, just standing around on the same space (with monsters) waiting for the next turn to be able to fight them again... pure boredom. I want to mitiage this as much as possible. And I wonder if there are any expansions in particular that beef out the event decks with more interesting stuff that is just not... as we put it, "pure cancer".
  8. @StLemon: I thought of exactly that! I figured, adding focus tokens to the base game would seem like a great idea. I don't think anyone would concider it cheating...? Maby, the focus tokens are taken into concideration at the point of their introduction as a necessary tool to conquer the new content... would it perhaps break balance if introduced to the base game or anything?
  9. I've heard the focus tokens are very popular, and that people can't think of playing without them. But I just want to know, if I were to get... one, or maby two expansions, and all I want is more variety and maby not so excited to get an expanded board (game is already eating massive amounts of table space and I can't picture more space used), what would I get? I'd prefer something that make the overall game easier, or - well - more choises. Right now the game is way too hard (I only have the original), I am aware of the difficulty modifying, but I don't really want to remove a lot of cards as it make the same sort of events occur over many games. I really do want more variety overall. What things are people that has played the game a lot's first thing they get tired off in the game? In terms of variety that is... I have only played about 6 games, and lost every single one. It's just going to be very hard for me to sell this game to my gaming group as the game feels super unfair. We love hard stuff, but being chain delayed is simply just boring. As it feels like you have no choise at all to do anything at way too many times. We've been chain delayed so many times, only to have severe events occuring that simply make you have no choise at all (defeat this thing or lose). So generally, I just want the most smooth sollution, without removing cards, that make you have a more easy experience with more choises (most of all). I prefer having it easier from the get go, to make people fall in love with the game, then make it crazy hard later on as you get more experience with the game. So to sum it all up, I am looking to make the experience a lot more consistent. Quick rules Q, if anyone know (so I can skip bothering the devs with mails): 1A) Let's say I am the character that cannot be delayed unless he chose to. And an event happends that says "chose an investigator to become delayed", may I pick myself, simply nullifying this effect? 1B) Let's go back to question 1A, but this time I am delayed as this event occurs. Can I still pick myself (even if I am already delayed)? 2) When fighting the Ghost, after resolving the will test, do you even get to do a fight test? (as it has "-" for modifier and damage) The same question can be asked about the monster "colour out of space" that has "-" for fight modifier and damage. But an effect that tells you to roll a die and defeat the monster on a 5 or 6. So the only way to defeat it is by succeeding that die roll? 3) Whenever you do a test, does it only count as failed if you roll NO successes? So even if you take sanity or health damage, but roll at least one success, it's concidered a success for rules purposes?
  10. I... think so. I do a great deal of single playing, but mostly through the RTL app. And I enjoy it. It's simple to play multiple characters and still have fun on your own. Maby I can't justify the high price tag for a solo play game... but I haven't done enough solo gaming to compare to much, (reading a little comments above) yeah maby a computer game would be a wiser choise, something like Wasteland 2 or whatnot
  11. 1) Can I, as a hexer, use viral hex: "Exhaust this card during your turn to take a number of hex tokens equal to the number to hexed monsters within 3 spaces of you. You may place each hex token on a monster of your choise within 3 spaces of you" the very moment after I have used Enfeebling hex: "Surge: Hex 1 monster within 3 spaces of your target" before damage is dealt? This is (to most) a little "abusive" timing trick to try and get the most out of your Viral hex skill. Let's say you have three monsters within 3 spaces of you. One of them is hexed, you declare an attack against one of the other two un-hexed monsters. You roll a surge and spend it to hex the monster, right afterwards (before damage is dealt) and as fast as the hex is put on your target you exhaust Viral Hex to put 2 hex tokens on the third monster resulting in all 3 monsters being hexed. Afterwards, when the damage of your attack sink through the initial target dies. 2) The target of Fel Command: "Exhaust this card when the overlord chooses a hexed monster to activate. Discard 1 hex token from that monster to immediately perform an attack with it. You make all choises during the attack. After the attack is resolved, the monster activates as normal." cannot attack itself... right? (like Dark Charm) I guess it follow any normal rules of an attack since it doesn't specifically tell you to be able to attack yourself
  12. I should have specified it's for RTL when one quest can be disassembled multiple times but I suppose it's no difference there
  13. 1) In the RTL app, if a monster is required to engage/spot the closest hero with the lowest of a certain skill value, and a familiar treated as a hero figure (like the reanimate) is nearby, does it count as having 0 for the certain value..? Or not counted into the equation at all (since it does not have any values to begin with) 2) In the RTL app, I'm a little confused when it come to ranged units. If it says "attack the closest hero" for example, and that target is grossly far away (let's say... 10 spaces but within los, or even if the closest hero is within the max calculated distance that the monster can possibly get from a best scenario attack roll), will the monster attack..? Or resort to cycling through to make another spot/engage action to get in closer 3) For some quests you remove all map tiles and figures etc. to place a new map. Do familiars follow and get placed aswell?
  14. Hi! Welcome, hope you'll find this game as addictive and awesome as I have! I see and understand your problem as I have similar experience and so on. I really have only gotten to have one single group to be able to play the main campaign with, other than that I've gotten random groups multiple sessions. If you have one game night I suggest using the RTL app! This will make many things more simple for you. It keeps track of everything you need and the first campaign is relatively short but still in several steps so it's pretty perfect for one session to finish! It randomizes items in the market for players to buy so they just pick and chose from what is randomized. I understand the problem of having overwhelming content that might scare new players instead of having just the base game. This is where the app seems the most smooth. Playing epic or expert rules is a HUGE pain in the butt even for players that know what pretty much everything does and it's not something I think I'll ever play much of.
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