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  1. Absolutely. My wife and I fell in LOVE with BLUE MOON CITY, and even though the Blue Moon card game is totally different, we really want to play that as well. More fun in the same world and all that. Fingers crossed for a reprint soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I must be missing something in the revised rules. I know that Bouncing Betty does 4 automatic attack successes, but here's my question; if Betty only damages characters on the circle with Betty, and it can only be detonated on Delastillas' activation, WHY would any enemy character ever stop on the circle with Bouncing Betty? Has anyone managed to hit a character with Betty's explosion? If so, how? Thanks for your help gang, M13
  3. If Zor'ka attacks a figure adjacent to herself, does she have to make an attack against herself as well? I know she does for all non-voivode friends and foes, but does this include attacking herself. Seems pretty ungodlike if she hits herself as well. Thanks, M13
  4. Wow. Just spectacular work. Saves me SOOOOOO much time both in not having to make something like this myself AND especially in playing the game. Big thanks. M13
  5. droesler said: Thanks for the catch. I'm not sure where that came from - I copied my text straight from stormknight's cards on the boardgamegeek forum. I'll correct that and do the expansion cards within the next 2 weeks, I'm busy prepping maps for an rpg campaign right now. Wow, that would be great. These cards are such a great idea for making it fast and simple to kit-out your team. I look forward to the rest of the cards. Thanks MUCH for your efforts. It is appreciated. M13
  6. The made character for Runbound / Runewars in Dungeonquest. Seems wholly logical to use the unpainted AH figs for MoM. FFG know what they're doing. It seems to me like AH really doesn't have any more expansions, so a spin-off game to carry on the HPL world; that rules! M13
  7. Out of curiosity, where did you get that Tala's Corporal stripes allow her to take a discarded grenade? Thanks, M13
  8. Wow. Those are beautiful! My wife and I played for the first time last night and we both dug the game but it took a while as we continually had to refer back to the book. Your cards will alleviate all of that. Thanks! I for one would NOT complain if you felt like doing this for all of the characters in the Tannhauser-verse. Thanks for the effort. The results are wonderful, M13
  9. Ok. I guess I posted the link wrong. Is thee a way to preview you posts? Or delete a post? Or edit a post? Thanks, M13
  10. Heya guys, Nothing earth-shattering here but I thought some of you might dig seeing my proxy figs for the Troll, Hill Giant, and Earth Elemental. Nothing terribly fancy but I thought they fit the bill well enough with a bit of glue and putty. Now I just have to find time to paint them. Game well. M13
  11. Well, I can only offer a view from the perspective of a casual player who loves the game mainly because it's based on the writing of HPL and his pals. Sure, I love the resourcing mechanic. Very Eurogame, that is. I'm also lucky x10 that my wife is an HPL fan AND a gamer so I mainly play with her and a couple of pals and for a gamer that doesn't bother with any competitive play, the Asylum packs are absolutely great. A steady flow of new cards at a cost of less than 10$ a month? That's a winner in my book. It's unfortunate that this seems to have upset the apple cart for some tourney players and I can appreciate their passion for a game that they love. Maybe they can find some fun in variety and making decks with 1 or 2 copies of each card and just relishing the tentacled fun of Antediluvian horror? Maybe not. I do think, though, that, like most things in life, reaction is a matter of perspective and sometimes, being too embroiled in the 'politics' outside of a game can skew you enjoyment of the game itself. Love the art not the artist and all that. Anyway, here's to an Asylum Pack based on The Whisperer in Darkness at some point! Ia Ia and all that, M13
  12. Hey gang, A quick question on day and night event cards. Am I to understand that, even though they're event cards, that they remain in play to indicate that it's now day or night? So, I play the card, resolve its immediate effect, and then leave the card in play to indicate that it's now night? thanks, M13
  13. Marius, Thanks for the quick response. I figured that there was some bit of history with those cards and since I don;t play competitively, I miss out on a lot of the metagame (which, I admit, I prefer). Still, nice to see the FFG understands that once the gameplay goes, most of the players will soon follow. Game well, M13
  14. Hey gang. New forums. Nice! Anyway, I have a couple of questions about banned cards. I understand why Rip-off is banned. That' card's been a game-stopper since launch. I've never come back from getting ripped-off in the first couple turns. Could just be my playing though... That said, why are cards like Saturnalia, Secrets of Bubastis etc on the banned list? Specifically, is there a combo that caused these 7 cards to be banned? Is it just because they can potentially allow a (now) 5 cost or more character to gate into play on the first turn (if you get a few of them)? I'm just curious why, specifically this family of cards got banned. thanks guys, M13
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