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  1. That's fine, we play casual games at my club and I assemble all the decks for the group. Once there's significant play, I'll sleeve them but until then that sort of minor issue isn't going to affect our level of play. Thanks for the information!
  2. So does this means that Draft cards have the same backs as regular ones?
  3. I have a foot or two of WEG material - essentially all 1st Ed modified by the companion etc. I did pick up a revised 2nd ed rulebook and dragged a few ideas over to 1st ed. Ran a short campaign most recently about 2 years ago. Have done several over time. One of my favourite systems and works well with the genre.
  4. An expansion, no, I doubt it - but a new Rogue 1 game using the basic rules concepts could work...
  5. If it is any help I bought one core set and used the default setup for four decks for a few test games before investing in a few more cards. Thus far I have bought 1 extra core set, one copy of Taking the Black and also the Wolves of the North. By splitting the House cards from the two core sets, giving each a set of the Neutral cards and plot cards as listed and making about 3-4swaps across the deck I found I was close to 8 legal decks. OK not tournament decks as each was light on cards had 4 copies of a House location and only 2 copies of Kingsroad/RoseRoad but not far off. As soon as I took out the 4th copy of the location and I added in the house cards from the Taking the Black and some of the house cards from Wolves of the North plus some extra neutrals I found I have 8 decks that met the rules and seem not completely unbalanced so far. I also have a stash of Stark cards that I think I can use to make a Fealty based Stark deck (most of the cards from Wolves of the North and maybe make a few swaps with the existing 'core-ish' Stark deck to turn it into something similar to the Direwolf deck suggested in the Wolves of the North. So 9 decks from those cards with some spare cards left over. The games so far have been melees with 4 or 5 players and have been fun to play. I intend to tweak decks as we play more and understand the deckbuilding side. However, 2 core decks while not meeting tournament rules would give you 8 occasional play single house decks and not many more cards has given me 9 casually playable decks. No, these will not be good decks by tournament standards, but they do get casual players to the table at my club. My situation will evolve as I get more cards.
  6. Doh just realised that as I logged in now and followed the path. Thanks for the answer, I'll head over to the right forum now and try to take the tatters of my internet dignity with me
  7. OH and there's another rule we have completely missed! *mutters*, better go fix it in the next game....
  8. So I've just dived into the game and had a couple of first games with the starter set preset decks. So far this is generating some questions and I thought I would put them in place here. The one that leapt out first that I thought I would start on is Robert Baratheon. He gains +1STR for each other kneeling character. The first query was we assumed this meant all characters, not merely others in the Baratheon players play area, so he gets stronger as people kneel to oppose or indeed to do or have done anything previously (powerful in a melee we assume). The second query is when do STR changes like this kick in especially during a challenge - is it at resolution or is it dynamic through play. We started only thinking about the added on STR at the end of challenges but a few cards came up that made it appear much more dynamic. In particular the timings in Kraken's Grasp that made us wonder. Firstly if anyone is knelt anywhere is it accurate that Kraken's grasp bounces off Robert Baratheon because as soon as someone kneels his STR goes to 6 making him invulnerable to the card - given he has to be defending and that generally means someone is knelt to attack pretty much stops it affecting him. Then we wondered about if the card is played and successfully takes him out after some putative card effect that stands everyone who might have initiated the challenge, would he stay out as his STR increases because the Kraken's Grasp has already has its effect, or would he come back in as the STR increase subsequently cancelled the effect - the second hypothetical option was more so we got our heads right for thinking of other combinations - we don't know the cards in the deck well and with expanding decks we imagined all sorts of effects so wanted to see we had timings right with wordings. Any comments welcome on that one and then Im sure other questions will pop up. Thanks all! [EDIT - now aware Im in the wrong place]
  9. Would images of the tokens used be helpful (Ion, Cloak, etc) in their sections. If I remember correctly the base cards have them and I can only ever remember the ones I am using.
  10. That could be mould release agents messing with the paint, since the surface is not meant to be painted they won't take it off. Give them a good scrub in detergent laden water, and let then dry and you might find a better binding. Or lightly sand the surface with T-cut or similar to let the paint bind, perhaps.
  11. I see little benefit from most forms of expansion compared to how some games can gain. I see more likelihood and benefit for producing other related games using the same mechanics - be that a Resistance vs First Order game, or maybe a reversed type of Sith vs Republic where the Sith are rebel-like in trying to run missions to topple the powerful Republic. Or something generic out in the OUter rims of Empire vs pirates, or even in a novel/different world setting - I could see a Chaos vs Old World Warhammer game on the same core concept for example. On the base game - a new card set, or expanded missions is perfectly possible - will it add much, don't know. New Units is a possible - be that swap ins or add ons. All perfectly possible but how much is it needed is what I am dubious on. FOr the effort to produce an expansion you might as well go the whole hog and do a new game.
  12. The same holds true for Structures which also have an auto-lose condition - be that thematically laid at the feet of point defence equipment, last few crewmen or booby traps etc. I suspect the reason for this is simply time. We have run some test battles with transports and structures and they near inevitably lose, but quite frequently do end up taking an inordinate amount of time to process a battle to conclusion - particularly true for structures with their heavy damage absorbance. Therefore I conclude that they did the same in playtesting and decided that cost/benefit of the rare event of the unarmed items winning a battle was simply not frequent enough justify expending the amount of time required to take every such fight to conclusion and introduced both these rules to cut the battles to a sharp conclusion. Nothing to stop you using a house rule for taking those rulings out if both sides want to but to be fair you need to decide in advance of any given game and then do it for every such fight whatever, and accept the time loss.
  13. Indeed and that's where I start out with this sort of thing. However, no matter how useful said aphorism is as a start place, I have been burned on doing just that in too many games only to find out there is a ruling going the other way for something due to some convoluted track. Also, the subtle differences between US and UK English mean there can always arise arguments over what the card says. Fortunately, this one has turned out simple in this case.
  14. Thanks, that's what I thought but I have been caught out in space games where the wording of increase shield rating required there to be one there already (and Zero covered both lowered and non-existent shields rather than separating) so I just wanted to check - the internal consistency seemed there but one bitten, twice shy....Thanks
  15. Just to check - you can slap this onto anything that takes modifications can't you? I just wanted to check whether it is or isn't limited to those with shields already, essentially? Cheers!
  16. Does the captured leader add to this mission? We thought initially and played 'no', as they are not opposing the mission and also the card doesn't actually target the leader - but wondered since it does directly involve them. Cheers all....
  17. Yeah, this unfortunately is in practical terms a direct contradiction in the rulebook - it requires open communication but then permits coded and hidden (whispered) non-open communication.
  18. I am just starting to add Scum faction vessels to my collection. Are there any sets out there that include Scum dials and cards for the YT freighters at all (as the Most Wanted set does for Firesprays and other vessels)? Since we only play casual at the club and friends I can easily set up a game with a Rebel dialled basic freighter and Han was a bit Scummy to start with after all, but if there were any official extra cards it would be handy to include in the collection. Has anyone played three factions on table at once at all and how did it play (Im going to run a search now for mechanics of this but some experiences on how well it worked would be nice to hear) Thanks all!
  19. No, boost and barrel roll cannot normally overlap asteroids; if the token or ship would overlap, the action fails. ...and I learn something new. No-one has ever used one of those action to overlap in any game I have played but I had missed that restriction on those actions!
  20. I think it's more correct to say you can only suffer the effect of an obstacle once per maneuver. I don't know of hand if there is any way to perform more then one maneuver per turn, but if you pull that of some how, you could well suffer the effect of the same obstacles more than once per turn. Daredevil. SLAM. Does Barrel Roll count, out of curiosity?
  21. There is sort of an element of that in Red and Green manoeuvres and their overall effects - Red it and you lose an action that means you evade less well (ultimately less power to shields if a little abstracted into manoeuvre terminology) and when stressed, a Green gets an action back for many so going slowly gets more accurate firepower and/or defense (lasers or shields abstractly) if you use that action to pop a focus that you would have if you remained stressed Even the focus action itself is partly a controlled balancing of firepower vs shields/speed defences in some ways. So I think it is there. I would not want to see any ship just being able to take actions of this type though - there is such a thing as too many options being slapped out to everyone. I mean there are near half a dozen standard actions and ships can take 2-4 of them which makes for a perceived variety that is quite high If you added 6 more than everyone can do then you get ships doing 8-10 out of 11-12 available which is less proportional loss of ability. There's nothing to say they couldn't come into the game in some form - but I would rather see it as an upgrade card of some kind. Flexibility does have a value after all. That way you can add the ideas to the game but not swamp it with too many extraneous actions or playing with the balance of actions as you are simply adding another slot. We do have to think about balance as well - we already have such a card in the game in R2D2 where you trade speed for shields. So how many others exist that simulate the idea looked for already and how much would it alter the balance of the game to introduce more options that do this either as a generally available card option or even more so a generally available action option. If you have an Xwing with R2D2 and could add another card that gave more shield back on a green how would that affect things - even if it was made an action unlike the automatic effect of R2D2. So yes, nice idea with some potential but there are many elements - kind of - in-game so any introduction needs care if it becomes generally available.
  22. I think it needs to be seen what End Times does to the Old World - no point and I suspect little likelihood of being allowed to put out contradictory material to the main line. A 2nd Edition might recast the game in the new world, A new version of the game might work for say a Conquest of Lustria type thing with different gods involved in beating on the Slann using the same basic mechanism - game = Slann, gods=invaders....
  23. myrm

    Black Dragons

    They do seem to be a chapter that isnt going to send its most identifiable members to Deathwatch....younger ones perhaps before the bone develops too much
  24. Both effects are going to be relevant - Zero-G will affect motion and balance. However while you are no longer trying to swim to support yourself in the water while its balled in zero-G the resistance to movement from the fluid IS going to have an effect on the characters.
  25. Your figures are limiting, that is why there is a different mix for each chaos power - to reflect their requirents and style. Once they are all on the board you have to move them around the board - they can fly a fair distance if you have people scattered about the board
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