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  1. Gregorius21778

    Want help and suggestions with my campaign

    Challenges: Get onto the planet undetected Unless the planet has -no- orbital sensors/satellites/patrol ships/listening posts up in the orbit and/or the wider system, your players may need to get stealthy. This means that they either need to smuggle themselves in or that the ship that brings them in enter real-space far away from such sensors, which in turn means they will have fly a guncutter for a -long- period of time. I had some inquisitorial agents spend DAYS inside an Aquilla for such an operation, they hated it. Aside from that, it means "sensor works" and this means tech-stuff. Once that is done, they will have to enter civilized area WITHOUT being spotted. Do you want to make this tuff for them? Do not give them local support. Spacemarines stick out like a sour thumb. Chaos Marines even more so. Challenges: supplies, supplies How much supplies do they have been able to bring along, and how (see above)? When will they run out of it? They will need a base of operation and will need supplies. Not only ammo, but food and drink as well. Chat with them before so that you know their general plans, this will help you to generate targets for such. Next, thing about disturbances and bring some up now and then. How do they deal with people that stroll into their lair? What if they will be missed...? Challenges: demon deals A daemon of tzeentch may offer support. For defined support , the creature will demand things like "raise a building I am going to show you" or "slaughter the first imperial priest you meet from now on, and leave him on display with his eyes in his mouth, right where you killed him". One succh thing will include "do me a favor when I ask for it". Make them really on it, then have it turn things into pure trouble for them. The daemon tests them, or it maybe follows its very own agenda. Target: the files of the enforcer and the church They will need support and followers. Those who are suspected to be evildoers may help. But how to get those WITHOUT tipping everybody off? Target: the astrophatic choir If they cannot call for help from off-world, it evens the odds... Target: the governour´s wife The planet will have somebody who is in charge when the RT is away. This person has a well-loved wife who is charitable, diplomatic and loved by the populace. Give them a prophecy about having foothold when the gov kills his wife and the populace learns it. Especially when he REALLY did it!
  2. Gregorius21778

    Want help and suggestions with my campaign

    Hello Brian To challenge the players, one needs obstacles. To put proper obstacles, one needs to know the goals. Exactly -how- may they take over the planet? What are the key pillars that uphold the status quo? These are things that need to be overcome, which in turn is a thing that the players have suggestions for (once the targets are clarified). When they have their way, you may start to build obstacles. Do you already have some ideas about the pillars of order? Or are those needed as well? I hope this helps to bring your gears into motion With kind regards: Gregorius21778 My blog P.S: Hey, Asmodee! We want our signatures back!
  3. Gregorius21778

    Gregorius´s Dump of Ideas

    Hi ThenDoctor, thanks for your request, I updated them as well today, and here they are. If you are looking for a printer friendly version, please let me know. I will change the background in the document then. With kind regards: Gregorius21778 My blog P.S: Hey, Asmodee! We want our signatures back!
  4. Gregorius21778

    Semi-Test...These Boards Still Alive?

    The forum still functions, but do not expect to much activity After all, the product is officially discontinued.
  5. Gregorius21778

    Gregorius´s Dump of Ideas

    A long, long time ago I created a table with Psychic Phenomena and Warp Perils, tailored for “Dead Stars”, the third part of the Haarlock´s Legacy Trilogy. Now, in 2017, a fellow FFG form-user asked me for such alternate tables, and so I dusted of my old table, correct some of bad grammar and got myself some artwork (see above) to give it all a neat look. And here you have it, all minted for DH1st, I hope you have fun with it. Download it here, or here for the printer-friendly version.
  6. Gregorius21778

    Gregorius´s Dump of Ideas

    As a fellow forum user asked me about a re-post, I take the chance to add my old Alternate Psychic Phenomena Table as well. Enjoy! ======================================================================= With kind regards: Gregorius21778 My blog P.S: Hey, Asmodee! We want our signatures back!
  7. Gregorius21778

    New to BC Humans

    Hi Jay, are looking for some ideas for the backgrounds or "stat and powerbuilds" for a psyker? I might be able to help with the first, but not with the latter (I suck at it, big time!)
  8. Gregorius21778

    Gregorius´s Dump of Ideas

    Hi everyone, welcome to the archive. I do not know how long it will last till all of this is burned, but for now it is here and since other places to store 40k-related RPG material sometimes end up... a bit in the "flux", I will dumb my old material here for now. Chunk by chunk and bit by bit. Drop by, if you like. In hope that none of you is averse to PDF, I will start with a slightly revised, 2nd-edtion version of my old Lectures of the Tech-Witch (which you may download right here). Enjoy! ======================================================================= With kind regards: Gregorius21778 My blog P.S: Hey, Asmodee! We want our signatures back!