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  1. I'm new to the game and playing my first game. My friend is going first and played his character and is now attached to a story. I don't have any characters to fight back with. My question is on turn 1 can I really be rushed for 3 tokens just because I didn't go first?
  2. It says in the back of the game guide that you can add extra life and damage to monsters as well as extra threat for large groups of investigators playing.
  3. God, just stop teasing us already. We all know we wont see these until a year from now. It's just too sad!!!
  4. I played a game today with some friends for the first time using Novgorod and a few concerns came up. First off how do the Voivodes move? It says they move in synchronized pairs; does that mean that Voivodes A/B move together on the same turn or do they have seperate turns? Also can they go their separate ways or do they have to stay near one another? Another question is about Zor'ka's Magnifier. When you make an attack do you make one roll for each character it's attacking or do you treat it as a grenade where you make seperate rolls per target? Also, can it really just lay waste to the WHOLE path that Zor'ka is on? That seems a little powerful to me, especially if she's attacking a path that has multiple connecting paths. Answers to these questions or more additions to them would help out a lot of people I think. Thank you.
  5. Yes this is a good idea. We just need to think up some gameplay type that only needs 1 player at most. Perhaps a zombie mode. Where you have an objective and if you move within a certain amount of spaces near a zombie they will take the shortest routes to get to you and attack until they're dead or something of that matter. Afterall it could work well with the U-Chronic setting. Undead and Nazi's always work well together. Just a thought for starters at least, I'm sure we can do better though or build uppon something.
  6. You can however replace a token from a pack with a current official bonus token and still get to use your special item. So that still leaves you with some change of pace.
  7. I can see how one might have this problem. After reading about it on this board before I punched mine out. I just did them VERY quickly and percise; like a bullet going through something. It worked perfectly and took no time at all.
  8. They're not underpowered, they are just not the attacking type. They're more defensive and retaliatory; killing you slowly while they soak up the damage. They can take a huge beating and keep on ticking. Almost every unit has the capabilities to heal. they have items that reduce damage taken, and their troops can be resurrected if the do die. If they could lay out the damage as well as some other teams then they would be overpowered. So ask yourself; you can do the damage but be fragile or take the damage? People are just overlooking how they work right now because they're new. I remember when Reich players couldn't win against Union players, and now it's a different story.
  9. I was also thinking the same thing. I wonder how a lot of the French players use the team. I think you can form a really good strategy though seeing that your opponent will more than likely try to be taking out Zor'ka. They will have to weeve their way through your set up defense to get Zor'ka; which now becomes your offense. You can have your enemy move exactly where you want them to and spring traps. You can always add Wolf to the team or Gorgei when he comes out.
  10. It's sad that it's taking forever I think we can all agree on that, but look it's not like FFG makes the game; they just localize it. Translating a game and then making sure all there are no loopholes in the translations with loads of play-testing takes a long time. Plus I'm sure TOY has some say in when they can start with the process in the first place (with new content that is). I could be wrong, but I'm just stating the obvious from a business stand point. It's not as if we aren't getting anything at all. Personally It's better than a CCG where new sets come out 5 times a year or more and you have to fork over your money to keep up.
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