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  1. Grats to all the players and winners, good to hear you guys had fun! I cant help hating these lists though, hating them so hard :-(. One actual ship... and rediculous amounts of flotillas... Huge props to Alex for his list, but it didn't win, and was pretty much another activation spam list.
  2. On the flip side, choice is artificially limited now in the exact same manner. I don't believe a pass rule will limit choice, all current ships will still be used including flotillas. But if you believe that a pass rule will limit choice artificially, then the same is true now. You have all the choices, in theory, but in practice any list below 4 activations just isn't viable and is effectively a "non choice". How is that different?
  3. Well that is the point isn't it? Why would anyone want to take a low cost filler -just- for the activation. In my opinion, eliminating that concept as a thing in armada is good. Any game where using something just for "filler" is almost mandatory is in bad shape. With the change we would rather see flotillas used for utility, bcc, comms net, slicing and so on. They would still have a place, one where they didn't necessarily just hug the map border, but none would have to take them naked just to have a fighting chance. MSU would still be viable as well, as stated before these put out very consistent damage (trc90s do more damage avg at long range than a vic or isd) from multiple sources, overwhelming defence tokens.
  4. Sheeeeiit. But, unfortunately Dominator wont work :(. The card itself is limited to close-medium range to use.
  5. Hmmm, wait, did my victory II class Star destroyers just get a little more viable? JJ+disposable capacitors+gunnery teams... two long range shots with all six dice per victory?! Woot! Or... with Vader
  6. Hmmm, wait, did my victory II class Star destroyers just get a little more viable? JJ+disposable capacitors+gunnery teams... two long range shots with all six dice per victory?! Woot!
  7. Unfortunately most of the answers so far that have not advocated a core game change or what is effectively an equivalent in upgrades has been; 1. Nah, just use flotillas a lot and you can play with one single large ship 2. Nah, MSU will work, just play that. 3. But the large ship gets a much better activation than the many small ones. 4. We just plain like pushing small ships and flotillas around, no problem here (Which is fine, if that's your preference). The entire point of most of these threads is that most want a game everyone can enjoy. Some people want to be able to play a medium heavy list or more than one large ship. Some people plain hate flotillas and the often present shuffling along one board edge as far away from fighting as possible they do. Even if you can build ships to kill them (inefficiently and never at a cost back) their mere ubiquitousness irk those people (me included). Flotillas, if intended as a fix to activation for large ships, was a really bad idea. People who watch games with flotilla shuffling goes "eh" and goes to do something else. It has zero Star Wars cinematic feel or flair. This last is obviously my personal opinion. So change should aim to: increase viability of all list types, allowing lists that are not MSU or flotilla heavy to go toe to to with those lists. Doing so should not require a super specialised oddball build. Note, flotilla fleets and MSU should still be -just as viable- as any other fleet, so if you enjoy them they are no worse off. If you do not however, you should not be forced to take them or a narrow specific build to stand a chance. MSU and flotillas are just way too good right now, so everyone uses them. A large ship does in fact not generally have a "higher quality" activation to match several smaller ships. One activation in an entire game might be strong, but meanwhile a trc-90 has been doing more damage than the ISD can on all turns except that one every turn since turn 2. Consistent 4-5 damage every shot from multiple sources every turn is crazy deadly, especially when the ISD does the same or lower with its one activation.
  8. The big problem with this is that it again relies on those much too strong revel synergies. Yavaris and Adar turns both anti fighter and anti ship into monsters. imperials cannot do the same.
  9. So has anyone tried this? Could anyone share experiences?
  10. Sounds like you have a nice local meta that you guys enjoy :-). I agree that flotillas have a place in the game, filling in those points and helping the list as a whole out. Do you think the proposed flotilla rule would harm that too much, or be ok?
  11. I've been reading the forums a lot these past two months, keeping up on all the different trends and arguments. With all the reading I collected a "battery" of small changes that I believe would make Armada much better and more enjoyable, regardless of whether you are on the "I like armada as it is, its' fine" side of things or the "Armada is broken, we need change or its dead" side of things. These are taken from the good ideas of others, and they seem to have at least some backing in comments. 1. Flotillas do not count for tabling. This introduces a risk reward element to their use. Player who like flotillas and do not see an issue with them might enjoy the additional challenge of that risk, and those who do not like them is given a possible counterplay that does not rely on them. 2. Change to engine techs. It becomes an "exhaust to use" card that is exhausted if it overlaps a ship or obstacle during movement. This makes "ramming them to death MSU" tactics less viable, without actually changing the core mechanic. It also introduces an element of challenge in using engine techs, plan those maneuvers carefully! Also, certain ion cannon upgrades might actually start to see some use.The obstacle part might not be necessary, but would make for a consistent rule. 3. Points up to 450, squadron allotment down to 25% (for a total of 112). Less points for squadrons might encourage more generics, and will regardless reduce playing time overall. The squadron game is one many find enjoyable, and others dislike. Regardless, both sides should benefit from a decreased playing time in an armada match and more points for ships other than squadrons. A thought on Riekan, with these changes, he himself might not need a change? The composite elements that make him so incredibly good are all adjusted slightly, might that be enough?
  12. ****... this unit just plain outdoes the reanimate archers in every way. Blight is, in my opinion, too easy to get rid of. Might write a post detailing exactly how and why. Anyway, these guys shoot hard with an easy 3 threat formation and rank discipline. Can do a lot of damage, especially if they get the large block and upgrade dice with a champion, will be rediculously damaging. And the archers cant take champion upgrades... Also, lots tankier, will fight well in melee with champion upgrade, protected... and almost the same price. Wtf?
  13. This... makes me so incredibly sad. The complete reduction of how awesome this game could be, in all of its actual Star Wars fleet glory, into... that.
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