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  1. I guess you could see it like that. Seems a little categorical though. I mean, if you can pose it "crouched to pounce" then you should probably also be allowed to pose it "stretched to shoot at height". It's obviously a versatile machine lore-wise, made to adapt as it moves to situations and environments. Just because the momentary snapshot in time that is the pose of the model doesnt confirm to your view of "cool" doesnt mean its wrong. Not saying I dont agree with you at all, just a bit thoughtful about where to draw the line. 5 cm lower than max? 3? Or is the limit where someone subjectively thinks it looks "cool" or "ok"? Isnt that a strange thing to impose on someone? Not trolling, genuinely thinking about perspective, judging others by category, and ones own preferences. I think what someone said before here is pretty relevant, if it's posed that high it's never getting cover either. You'll be able to see and shoot it as much as it can see and shoot you. Anyways.
  2. So, the best way to do it is to retain the flexibility of the joints, and adjust to build and board? is that even legal? (I will make it legal :P). I mean, is it stated anywhere that you must glue your mini to a fixed position? Really just spitballing here, these little kinks in otherwise solid rule-sets interests me. Well, we all have our odd hobbies I guess.
  3. I'm building my AT-ST, and my my working the way it does I got to wondering, what would be the best way to pose it, from a rules standpoint? I'll probably pose it the way that looks coolest regardless, but I'm curious. It definitely has the option of standing way, way tall. Or crouched real low (for an AT-ST). The former would leave it able to draw a lot more LoS over cover, buildings and the like, while of course being functionally impossible to put into cover itself. What would you prefer? Whats the "best"? Edit: For clarity. Without any additions to the base, I.e. no rocks, platforms or such, the top centre LoS point of the model can vary as much as between 13 and 25cm.
  4. I'm starting up legion with a couple of friends. My main opponent plays Rebels, and he has recruited one more player who plays Empire. A third friend might be joining us as the Separatists. I'm an empire man at heart. But I dont really like blue on blue. Not much interested in rebels. I've also been looking at The Galactic republic, and the separatists. The GRs main attraction is no blue on blue, but I'm struggling to find much inspiration for them. I could definitely use some help! Could someone make the case for each of the three for me? What's cool about them? What units can we expect in the future? How do they play? Cool pics of units that inspire? With any luck this could be a thread with lots of inspiration for each of these factions for anyone in the same situation as me. I appreciate the help guys
  5. I'm looking into the fan-made psyker supplement "Look not upon the witch". I cant quite make sense of the rules in there, and was wondering if the creator (or anyone else with good knowledge of these) might help me. These are the questions I have so far; 1. As far as I can see you become a psyker by selecting the "Psyker" elite advance during character creation, either with starting XP or through the "Mystic" career. (There are other options, nascent psykers, Wyrds etc, but this is the base one). This opens up all the different psychic discipline trees. If you then choose the free elite advance "Astropath" you gain a host of bonuses, but are limited to the telepathy, Telekinesis and divination psychic disciplines. However, the "astropath transcendent" advance (for just 200xp) confers all the benefits of the "Astropath" advance, in addition to two extra telepathy powers and a free talent. This entry says nothing of limitations in trees they may select. Is this an oversight? Why would anyone not take the transcendent advance regardless if they want to be an astropath, seeing as it gives so much extra for just 200xp? 2. The new psy rating rules allow focusing on three different levels, fettered (half psy rating, no risk of perils), Unfettered (full psy rating, risk of perils) and push (higher rating, always cause perils). The base rules allow reduction of psy rating to confer a bonus of +10 per level lower to the focus test. These rules state "+5 per point of psy rating". Does this mean that you always get +5 per level of Psy rating as determined by Fettered/unfettered/pushing? So if you have 4 PR, you always get +20 to your tests when you focus unfettered? 3. Technique trees. As far as I can see, the limits on the number of technique trees a character can possess across all different disciplines (equal to psy rating) only applies to the actual trees, not to the basic powers of each discipline. Does this mean that the psyker could take any number of these basic powers from any of the disciplines without "locking" one of his tree choices?
  6. I'm a bit confused about the DH2/RT v2 fan-supplement distinction between Sanctioned Psykers and Astropaths, rules wise. Character creation; For A "Sactioner Psyker" - Choose the Adeptus Astra Telepathica background (Does not grant PSY rating or access to psychic powers) - Choose Mystic career, gain the Psyker Elite advance for free (Granting PSY rating and access to psychic powers) or for an astropath (RT V2 supplement) - Choose the Adeptus Astra Telepathica or Adeptus Astronomica background (Does not grant PSY rating or access to psychic powers) - Choose Astropath Transcendent career (granting PSY rating and access to psychic powers) - Gains all astropathic psychic powers (general) from DH2nd ed "Enemies Beyond". or for an alternate Astropath route (not using the RT v2 supplement) - Get what is needed for "sanctioned psyker" above - Buy the "astropath" elite advance in DH2nd ed "Enemies Beyond" supplement. Question: Which psychic disciplines can an astropath choose? As far as I can see there are no limitations listed, can they get all of them just like a "normal" psyker? If so, why would anyone get the "Mystic-Psyker" variant instead of the astropath variant? The astropath just gets more better pretty much. Any help is appreciated
  7. Grats to all the players and winners, good to hear you guys had fun! I cant help hating these lists though, hating them so hard :-(. One actual ship... and rediculous amounts of flotillas... Huge props to Alex for his list, but it didn't win, and was pretty much another activation spam list.
  8. On the flip side, choice is artificially limited now in the exact same manner. I don't believe a pass rule will limit choice, all current ships will still be used including flotillas. But if you believe that a pass rule will limit choice artificially, then the same is true now. You have all the choices, in theory, but in practice any list below 4 activations just isn't viable and is effectively a "non choice". How is that different?
  9. Well that is the point isn't it? Why would anyone want to take a low cost filler -just- for the activation. In my opinion, eliminating that concept as a thing in armada is good. Any game where using something just for "filler" is almost mandatory is in bad shape. With the change we would rather see flotillas used for utility, bcc, comms net, slicing and so on. They would still have a place, one where they didn't necessarily just hug the map border, but none would have to take them naked just to have a fighting chance. MSU would still be viable as well, as stated before these put out very consistent damage (trc90s do more damage avg at long range than a vic or isd) from multiple sources, overwhelming defence tokens.
  10. Sheeeeiit. But, unfortunately Dominator wont work :(. The card itself is limited to close-medium range to use.
  11. Hmmm, wait, did my victory II class Star destroyers just get a little more viable? JJ+disposable capacitors+gunnery teams... two long range shots with all six dice per victory?! Woot! Or... with Vader
  12. Hmmm, wait, did my victory II class Star destroyers just get a little more viable? JJ+disposable capacitors+gunnery teams... two long range shots with all six dice per victory?! Woot!
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