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  1. Much obliged, sir. You are truly a Scholar and a Gentleman
  2. So I was wondering. If a Sentry Droid becomes focused due to, say, Technical Support, and does a double-attack @ -1 damage, are both attacks focused? Also, just thought that Sentry Droids would probably be a great use of Arc Blaster + Superior Augment, for the automatic +1 damage and maximum splash damage.
  3. 3 layers of wash removed the problem. I should have taken a pic before.
  4. Hey guys. Currently painting the Sentry Guards models i got for Christmas with the HotE expansion. And i realized a very strange square-shaped texture change (causing the wash to come out lighter) on the right should of 3 of my 4 models. Anyone else has noticec the same issur on their model? At first i thought i had simply missed a spot while applying the wash, but i reapplied it and the model seems definetly faulty. Its on the model's right shoulder, on the "back" + "closer to the head" side. The area is about 4 mm wide x 9mm lenght.
  5. Thanks. Its just that my (newbie) players jusy picked the mission to recruit Han, and i kept hearing from everyone that he sucks. So i was hoping for a good fix for them.
  6. These alternate cards are really, really cool. So for a campaign, should i have those replace the original Vader, Chewie and Solo?
  7. Yhea.. slower to put away, if your previous method was to just lump everything in the box
  8. I created a storing binder with plastic sheetholder (the ones with holes), using cutters and a welding iron (for electronic works) to weld the plastic in size-appropriate pockets. I lay out the tiles in numerical order (first all core, then set by set) on thin sheet-sized pieces of cardboard. I draw the appropriate pockets i will needz and i then proceed to cut/weld the plastic in the calculated shapes. I then identify all pockets with sticky notes that are then taped shut on the plastic. Every tiles has its own pocket; no exception, and i allow number scrambling only within the same sheet (so #17 may be above #16, but never in a sheet before). Took me about 3 hours of work to do the entire thing for the Core Set + Hoth, with a budget of about 10$, with plenty of leftover material for more tiles. I then bought a quality zipping binder to store the sheets so the tiles dont accidentally drop out during transit.
  9. The real nemesis in my campaign has been the tank, deployed early with only 7 threat cost due to agenda card. My players consider it their personal adversary.
  10. Yhea, pretty much. Why hang on the 1xp card you have if you want the 2xp card? The imperial player can change his class skills at will
  11. Luke dressed in his black suit. Everyone think of THAT when they think of Luke Skywalker in Jedi
  12. Tell that to Agent Blaise Except that Blaise isnt a popular character existing in popular culture. Black suit Luke kind of is iconic.
  13. 1- i dont get your point. Everyone gets to spend all their xp all the time. Nobody hoards anything. A player who bought low cost cards card, if he wants, throw them away for the high value card. 2- meh. That would hurt them in the inter missions. If i win those, i get the influence.
  14. - all players, me includd, are new at the game. So i will allow free XP redistribution between missions to allow players to explore their upgrades and prevent permanent costly mistakes. Since the Imperial player has the same rule applied to him, i doubt it will hurt balance. It will also make things funnier while the players hoard XP to get their 4-xp upgrade. - i allow players to keep looted equipment between missions. It gives them more of.an incentive to rush to the crates if they finish early. If they start playing the deck by never spending the sucky items, i will hit them hard. - i allow them to return a unwanted Side Mission card to the deck after their selection.
  15. I might have helped if they didnt used the more popular Black Suit-only of the final battle in ALL OF THEIR ART DEPICTION I sort of expect the art to match the miniature.
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