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  1. it looks like the attack is also immune to modification by the defender, so is a counter to M9-G8 etc.
  2. What Waaagh said. And wouldn't you read the card in its entirety first before deciding if the trigger conditions are met first? Second chance is even used as the example for replacement effects. "Because this prevents the character from being defeated, the character is never considered to have been defeated."
  3. Make heat the cost that must be paid on specific dice results instead of 'resources'
  4. Light sabre hilts seem rather well insulated when you look at all the book/movie/show references to jedi using their sabres to block or catch force lightning thrown at them. The way ion shots are depicted as playing over the surface of what they hit makes it look like the shots lightning only barely contained in a field. Where as you blaster bolts hold their energy together much better and penetrate their targets. I would lean towards the ion shot being blockable but not able to be reflected as it would dissipate on contact. Strain from advantages on the ion attack could be the shot getting past the insulation and numbing the target.
  5. Alternative question. Would the VCX-100's rear arc that can fire torpedoes override this cards primary arc requirement? Because the special arc only mentions it's use in attacks I would guess not.
  6. I would love to parallel park a TIE/sf up against something like an opposing shuttle or firespray. Two three dice attacks, well thank you very much. Of course the chances of pulling that off are ... small.
  7. So we have, Ion Projector "After an enemy ship executes a maneuver that causes it to overlap your ship, roll 1 attack die. On a HIT or CRITICAL HIT result, the enemy ship receives 1 ion token." And Ion Tokens (p13) "Activation Phase: The owner moves the ship as if it were assigned a white [ 1] maneuver. After executing this maneuver, remove all ion tokens from the ship. It may perform actions as normal." And initiative (p12) "If both players have effects that resolve at the same time, the player with initiative resolves all of his effects first." It sounds like if the bumpER has initiative, then they would clear the ion tokens, then the ion projector could add a token. But if the bumpED has initiative, the ion projector could add a token but then the bumped ship would clear the new token along with the old. Which sounds like it you want to be multi block/ioning a ship then you would want to give away initiative.
  8. A legitimate question. What size ends do the base and pegs have on the coloured bases? New or old size? The last few wave pegs and bases have been incompatible with the earlier wave ships.
  9. Missed opportunity really does seem to be down to personal preference and table arguments. It would be useful to see some kind of marked point that is easily recognised as the point of no return. Maybe after the player makes any play (takes and action, moves a ship, rolls or modifies any dice) then the opportunity is missed. I feel that there are more and more abilities that let you do something that is in between your normal rounds that makes it easy to miss things. I don't play with cloaked ships very often (don't get to play often at all these days) and have to actively be mindful of decloaking after dials are set.
  10. I think the problem is the illusion of choice. If FFG went to the extra effort of making new aux firing arcs for these ships there wouldn't be as much fuss. But really it would be a bit more messy rules wise. Going with a title looks like a choice. But if given a choice people want to be able to take that choice. Think of the ARC-170 and TIE/sf as Whopper combo meals and the titles as the chips and drink. You can ask for a combo meal but with no chips or drink. They will still charge you combo meal price because that's what you ordered.
  11. On a related note. I assume that it would be tournament legal to filed the two different YT-1300 models while using two pilots from a single set.
  12. FFG waves their hand. "This is not the expansion you are looking for."
  13. Welcome to the catch up. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/217826-so-about-the-squadron-benchmark-site/
  14. Yup. I find it great for trying out various squads against the AI (often more A than I). You will find the occasional glitch where it might skip some ones firing turn or other odd things but for a browser based freebie it is pretty fine. Phones are going to be a bit small for it and tablets not that much better (stylus may be required). Don't spend too much time playing on it at work.
  15. Delivery X-wing models isn't like dusting crops boy. Without precise information your shipment could fly right over Ukraine or bounce too close to a wharf strike. That would make your delivery real quick wouldn't it. *Please note that this was written in jest for all you ragers*
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