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  1. Rundbound 3e. I would love to see a big box expansion that contains a new map & scenarios! Are ther plans to continue developing Runebound 3e?
  2. I've also thought of heros fitting one of the character types of the war counceil: a warrior hero enables its squad a free "attack of oportunity" on any oppenent's adjacent squad moving away from the adjacent space a cleric hero can attempt once per turn to heal its squad or an adjacent squad. For each lore spent one die is rolled. Only banner collors return a figure to the wounded squad a wizard hero causes lore costs to be reduced by one (both for moving a creature out of zone and for playing lore cards) a rougue hero enables its squad to attack first, then move. a commander hero allows the player to activate one squad in addition to the designated squads listed on command cards; however, when the commander dies, the player's number of command cards immediately is reduced to 4 for the rest of the game.
  3. Here are some of the possible hero abilities that I've come up with: a hero's squad that successfully damages a squad with an opponent's hero causes the opponent to discard one command card (the opponent draws back to his full number of command cards at the end of his turn). a hero's squad increases its Bold rating by one. each hero might have a favored terrain type - when his squad in on the terrain some effect happens, such as line of sight restrictions are removed, or +1 attack die. a hero's squad that successfully damages a squad gain a second free attack against the same squad - only banner colors hit. at a cost of 3 lore token's a hero's squad may move immediately upon seeing the oppenent's command card just played and before the opponent activates any squads. This is just a free move, no attacks. I haven't play-tested any of these. Let me know how they play out. Christopher
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