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  1. Very nicely painted with a lot of detail and definition. Great work with the yellow cloak. It is a difficult colour to do most times.
  2. HighHanded said: Indeed. 20 models to be precise and... overall, doesn't this seem a lot like it's intended to be standalone? Sounds like what happened with The Adventurers. Hopefully it will be usable as both a standalone or an expansion.
  3. Or do you have to open the box to find out which version it is. The FAQ says the 'Revised Printing' tag appears on the rules/manual covers:'If the tag “Revised Printing” appears on their covers, you have a corrected copy and no further action on your part is needed. If such a tag is missing, you have a copy of the initial Forbidden Alchemy shipment.'
  4. Enies said: Reading that people got distored pre-paints makes me question if its worth buying them. Dont really understand how the pre-paints can bend when they come in a box which looks very well protected. Makes me wonder if they were bent when they started painting em. This sort of thing happened to the Confrontation & AT-43 prepainted figures too where you occassionally find bent or damaged figures in the protective plastics cases. This could have happened during manufacture or packing at the factory.
  5. Tried the the hot and cold water trick on most of the figures. They retained the corrected shape for a day then when I started painting them and noticed a few slyly starting to bend back over the past few days. Sneaky bastards. Still what can you expect from a bunch of thieves. FFG could look at the way they are being packed to reduce the amount of distortion on the figures.
  6. There is a topic on the old AT-43 forum about dealing with bent plastics. http://en-forum.at-43.com/viewtopic.php?t=402 Jakews, you shouldn't have a primer issue as they are already primed. Some of the AT-43 stuff is a bit hard to paint over depending on the paints & plastics. Some models were composed of several componets in different types of plastic.
  7. I suppose Dust Tactics will be a substitute for a Tannhauser Tactics game without the occult aspect. Pity the English Tannhauser Field Ops tatical card game never materialised. Or a minatures version of it.
  8. A great game that could be made even better with FFG's luscious cardboard counters & tokens and maybe even a cloth battlemap. The original metal figures are fantastic but even plastic versions of them would look striking.It would be a good to finally have an English manual too. Plenty of potential for expansions in the different types of hell too.
  9. I'd like to see FFG revise and rebox GWs Battlefleet Gothic or an Inquistor/Necromunda hybrid style board game.
  10. Sergey said: As for WOLF - wil it be in English? He should be. The one I bought along with Yula was in English.
  11. I think "Tyrannid Attack" was a re-boxed version of "Advanced Space Crusade". belisarius from AT-43 has a link to Visite au salon du jeu de société de Paris 2009 on his site shows what could be some future Tannhauser figures? (about 2/3 of the way down): http://jeuxdefigs.canalblog.com/archives/2009/04/25/13511909.html
  12. Drop Bear said: They pick up the rights to "Space Crusade" " Space Hulk" "Ultramarines" and "Hero Quest" Though all Cool you'd have to tie in all of the first three and the WD articiles as a compleate game series to keep the product line alive for more than 18 months. with Hero Quest they have about two years worth of product releses if they pace themselves right. There was also another game 'Tyrannid Attack'. I'm hoping they actually do pick up "SpaceHulk V3" as it will cost a packet anyway and with FFG atleast you'll get decent cardboard mapboards and counters. I recall SpaceHulk originally had two expansions plus a separate mission book.
  13. I really like Okko. It plays in a cinematic way with characters retreating and loosing their nerve. The standups are ok to play but the black silhouette used for the back of the figure detracts from play even when you paint their names on. A few of the figures look very similar when viewed from the rear and you often have to check the front to see who is who. I did get the figure for Oni Bushi which is a very close representation to the standup however it seems somewhat expensive compared to other games. A plastic set (painted or not) would be fantastic. Hopefully their is an expansion sometime in the future.
  14. * More maps. Maybe a modularised(!) set of smaller rooms or outdoor areas with separate connecting paths/panels to allow different setups. * More troopers
  15. Your site is essential reading for Tannhauser. Keep up the good work. As an alternative to using Heroclix bases for Tannhauser I've considered using WH40K 25mm closed round bases. They come in packets of 10.
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