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  1. @SlaveOne: Do you live in Southern Cal? If so, you're more than welcome to join me for a game.
  2. I can tell you that it looks like they have taken some of the mechanics from some older Rackham games (AT-43 and Confrontation: Age of the Rhagnarok). The cover rules are exactly the same as both games. The way that units activate is similar to both games. The leader to leader for shooting and range distance is the same as both games. The command distance radius mechanic is the same as both games. The way that you buy special abilities for unit leaders and units was used in Confrontation. These are all good things, though, as those games were a lot of fun, and I still play them even though they are OOP. Also, both of those games rules were not translated very well from French design team and wasn't fully fleshed out before the company went OOB. I believe that with FFG resources and design performance, Star Wars Legion will be one of the best miniatures games that ever existed, assuming they don't screw it up with too many special rules for units that destroy balance.
  3. The only thing I can even think about complaining about with this game is the freakin small box. Why they went with this style box, when all the others are perfect for card storage, is beyond me. Other than that, this game has met or exceeded all expectations for me.
  4. Anyone know if they will be adding this quest to the quest tracker soon?
  5. Actually, when I initially read this thread, I had a thought totally outside of the box. What if they went in a completely different direction? What if they created four new spheres where you play as the enemy? How cool would that be? As far as a new sphere as we know it, I don't really think I could get too excited about it. Like some have said, there are other decks to support like Secrecy first.
  6. Sauron, without a doubt, was the mightiest spirit to dwell in Middle-earth. It is written in the Silmarillian he is the greatest of all the Maiar. So much so, the Vala sent five other Maiar (the Istari) to keep the Great Darkness at bay in Middle-earth. In addition, second to him in power, were the Balrogs - also Maiar, but corrupted by Morgoth. Obviously, Gandalf defeated a Balrog, which automatically illustrates he is equal in power. Saruman would have similar power, if not greater, so I would group him in there somewhere at the top. To say Sauron had no real power is far-fetched. It took an army led by Celeborn, Galadriel, and Saruman to make Sauron consider fleeing Dol Guldur back to Barad-dur and that was when he was in his weaker, necromancer form. By the time of the War of the Ring took place, he was easily more powerful than any living being in Middle-earth, with the exception of Tom Bombadil. However, the only real chance they had in defeating Sauron himself was destroying the ring of power. The only reason I bring Tom Bombadil into this is because his origin is unclear as he could have been an AWOL Vala for all we know. IMO, Bombadil's power was greater than any other good living being, but maybe not greater than Sauron. With much of Sauron's power, the Witch-king was very strong, but I would not be willing to bet he could defeat Gandalf. If you think about it, if he was, he would have tried at the gates to Minas Tirith. Gandalf was his single greatest threat and obstacle to winning that battle. Had he smitten Gandalf right there and then, the battle would have been over. WIthout the White Wizard, they would have lost all will and hope to win the fight. I think that Peter Jackson's movies give a warped sense of the hiearchy of the characters, especially with The Hobbit movies. I do love the movies, though. I think people bring up an interest point about Shelob. Ungoliant dwelled with Morgoth, a Vala, and become so powerful that even he feared her. Her offspring could certainly be more powerful than a Maiar, but with her defeat to one Samwise Gamgee it is hard to say. I just don't see Samwise defeating any other person of power that would make my list, so I just can't include Shelob. Not to mention, Samwise used powers provided by Galadriel to defeat Shelob...probably couldn't have done it without. With that said, I would go in this order as top ten: Sauron (greatest of all the Maiar) Tom Bombadil (possibly a greater Maiar or Vala but uncertain) The 5 Istari (Maiar wizards sent by the Vala) Balrog (great Maiar) Galadriel (immortal Elf) Celeborn (immortal Elf)
  7. I agree. Immediately fell for this game out of the box. We played it all day on Christmas after opening. Usually, we play a game twice and move on. Not this time. Went through all five legends but couldn't get past legend five after two attempts. We were toast after that. Love the fact that we can make our own legend with the provided blank legend cards. Brilliant concept.
  8. We opened this game up Christmas day yesterday. I knew my 13 y/o would like it, but we couldn't stop playing it until we got through the first 4 legends and attempted the 5th one twice and were just burnt out at about 10pm. This game was absolutely great. I couldn't believe they supplied us with blank legend cards to make our own adventure as well. I wish I would have known about this game sooner and my son was sad he didn't get the game as a Christmas present. (I usually don't buy games for Christmas presents, just because I like it and want to play it.)
  9. Hey all, The purpose of this topic is start a thread that we can share our interests in LoTR and potentially meet over an internet medium to play LoTR LCG and/or other games. If something like this already exists, point me to it, because I am not aware of anything. Are there any current groups for this game? There are a few outlets that I am aware that perhaps those interested could meet up to enjoy our similar interest. For example, we could be meeting up on OCTGN to play with one another. Skype and OCTGN make a great combination. Vassal could be used for the board games. I play LoTR LCG a lot with my 13 y/o son, but I would like to play with some of you all as well. Anyway, let me start by listing all my personal LoTR game interests. Please PM to join up for any of these games in person or online. I live in San Diego, but I am optimistic about allowing technology overcome distances. - The One Ring RPG: I just got into this and looking to play it via Skype, because it's definitely doable. There are no miniatures required to move around, nor huge table full of mats or terrain required. So far, I am really into reading the Adventurer's Guide and looking forward to GM'ing this one. I think this one could be Skyped quite easily (with video). - War of the Ring board game: Awesome game. My favorite boardgame to date. - Middle-earth: Quest board game: I just ordered this. I haven't played it yet, but I did a heck of a lot of research on it. It looks to have tremendous upside and fills in the gap quite nicely between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. - Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (miniatures game, newly coined The Hobbit): I am a decently skilled miniature painter and player, so this was a must have for me. - Lord of the Rings Online: I am on the Gladden server. If you have not played this yet, GET IT! It is a F2P game!! You will never find another game so visually immersed in Middle-earth. I play some other video games set in Middle-earth too, but none come nearly as close to this one in its vastness, enriching quality. and replay value. - Lord of the Rings LCG (obviously): My first and favorite card game. Actually, my favorite game to date. Period! Regards, Brian
  10. Nerdmeister said: I don´t think FFG will be able to get enough people to pay +200$ (guessing) in order to release easy mode decks for all quests. Easy mode is more for casual players and nightmare is for hardcore players. Of those 2 groups which do you think will most readily part with their money? At first read, I totally agreed with your statement and feel that the strategy is perfect from a business standpoint. Then, I took a second and thought about it from my own personal experience trying "easy mode" Into Ithilien. I removed almost half the deck after applying the "easy mode" guidance. That is way too much. I don't believe the difficulty to be the cards. I think it is the frequency of revealing those cards. Into Ithilien is ruthless. I find myself begging the deck for an archer enemy card that does automatic damage to me…before I even engage it?? Therefore, I don't think that removing cards is the real solution. The cards are great and make the theme of the quest special. I think the addition of easier cards is the best solution. I believe a single pack of general "easy mode" cards to add to decks would be better. That way, the theme is untouched and the probability of drawing certain cards is lessened, which lessens the difficulty of the quest based on probability of card draw. If FFG made a single generically "easy mode" card pack, you would only need about 5-10 of them per encounter deck. The could be generally themed, so you knew you were getting the "easy mode" break. That is just my opinion. What do you all think?
  11. I enjoyed battling the Watcher in the Water.
  12. Just wanted to update this post and say that I finally soloed Siege of Cair Andros last night. Again, it took me about 20 attempts to do it. I finally settled on a mono-tactics sphere with my heroes of Thalin, Legolas, and Beregond. I chose Thalin at the very end, because there are just so many enemies, anything that can soften them up with immediate damage was most welcome. Legolas was used to boost quest progress and to slay enemies in the staging area with Hands Upon The Bow. Beregond was used primarily as a quester…questing for 6 with the Gondorian Shield was a beautiful thing. I went with monosphere for two reasons. One, I wanted to have no barriers in getting allies out of my hand. Two, there is a nasty treachery that does nothing to a monosphere deck and there are archers that do damage to each different sphere you have in play (so, could be up to three damage every combat phase). My strategy was to travel to The Banks first, The Citadel second, and The Approach last; because The Approach was the least burdensome (stage 3) to my deck out of the three. I ended up successfully travelling to all three, however. I also did not even plan to actually clear stage 1, becuase once all three locations are out of play, you automatically go to the next stage available anyway. This happened to be stage 5, because I travelled to all three locations already. Cards that certainly helped me were drawing Horn of Gondor right away, drawing three Defenders of Rammas for potential 12 siege questing, Hands Upon The Bow, and Hail of Stones. Eagle allies also came in handy as did Born Aloft to bring back allies.
  13. Congrats! I was also pretty happy when I beat this quest. I posted my success as well. I don't use Dwarves, so that was even better. I have been working on Siege of Cair Andros, and it is proving to be just as challenging. These Heirs of Numenor quests have been great in their design, but brutal in their encounter cards. It's almost not fun, tbh. I tried doing easy mode Into Ithilien, but it removed half the deck. I haven't tried Outlands yet, so I'll have to see how they do.
  14. richsabre said: sam showed initiative and courage when alone after the encounter with shelob so i do not think he should have a frodo only use (though an ability that targets frodo would be great) he was also a ringbearer remember - so that puts him in a rather exclusive position for some decent stats….certainly willpower rich Great points. Equally as impressive, was his one-man assualt on the Cirith Ungol fortress to reclaim Frodo. Can you imagine navigating your way through Minus Morgal and then Cirith Ungol on the footstep of Mordor? Unbelievable act of courage.
  15. The_Big_Show said: Rather than come up with an easy mode, though a good idea, would be for FFG to sort out a solo player mode that doesn't involve removing cards. We want a reasonable challenge not a walk over I'm sure. What's funny about this statement is that I tried the "easy" mode for Into Ithilien a couple times after not being to complete it after about 12 attempts. So, I remove the cards and it almost removed half the deck - literally. My thinking was that we shouldn't be eliminating cards, we should be "adding" some softer cards to give casual players a breather and reduce the probability of drawing f-you cards constantly. Anyway, I still did not defeat Into Ithilien on easy, so I just reconstructed my deck, put all the cards back in the deck, and then beat it on my sixth attempt with the new deck. Regardless, I think adding easy mode cards would be better than eliminating anything. Probably too late now, but its too bad they could release an easy card pack and we can just include those into decks.
  16. I must have tried to defeat this quest 20 times before I finally did it. The real triumph was that I did it with only 4 Dwarves in my deck - Bofur and three Veteran Axe Hands. Originally, I tried about 15 times with leadership/tactics comprised of Boromir (HoN), Prince Imrahil, and Beregond. I really wanted a full Gondor-themed deck. But, the truth is I could not find a way to use Prince Imrahil enough to be worth his threat level, and I was having severe threat problems by stage 4 every time I made it there. The solution ended up being the addition of spirit Glorfindel (FoS). Not only did he come in at 6 threat less than Imrahil, he also provided me the much-needed threat reduction, when revealed cancel effects, and shadow cancel effects. I also brought with him Light of Valinor x3, Unexpected Courage x3, Ancient Mathom x1, Elrond's Council x3, Imladris Stargazer x1, Arwen Undomial x1, and Bofur x1. The other good thing about grabbing a spirit hero, was that it forced me to reconstruct my deck. It's not that I had a bad deck, but there are soo many cool cards that sometimes it gets really hard to eliminate them. Since I was running a tri-sphere deck, I knew I couldn't keep some of the higher cost cards for fear of not acquiring enough resources. There is only about ~7% chance of drawing Steward of Gondor during initial draw, so you can't rely on that. Even after I taliored my deck, I found myself taking cards out that didn't serve me in the game. If I drew a card and it didn't fit an immediate need, I discarded it permanently. This is what it took to defeat this quest. It took me six tries with Boromir, Beregond, and Glorfindel. Let me say that this was, by far, the hardest quest I have ever attempted. I would gladly post my player deck and strategy (as best as I can remember) later, if anyone is interested. I did not use much of my player deck, as I was able to defeat the quest in six rounds with a final score of 95. I probably only drew about 16 total cards, and had about 4-5 in my hand upon completion.
  17. I don't see how easy mode is a negative in any way. Players who like the challenge will still play normal mode or nightmare mode. Players who are part of leagues or getting together for casual play will find easy mode a much more enjoyable time and certainly less stressful. One of the biggest advantages to this new mode of play is the fact you pretty much can now construct the heroes and player deck that you find enjoyable and have a good chance of success. I think that is brilliant. And for those who think easy mode was a bad decision. Easy mode has been available for awhile now…it's called using the Dwarf-tailored deck. For the record, I have played the quest, Into Ithilien, 8 straight times with a carefully constructed Gondor deck and haven't sniffed victory yet. I have beat every quest up until now by the fifth try. What is going on here? LOL
  18. I agree that this is a well-deserved option for the players of this game. I am so thankful for this update from the designers. I can't tell you how many times my frustration level was sky high, embarrassingly so, and tossing cards on the table became a real option. I do appreciate the challenge of the game, and I plan on doing each scenario in standard mode, at least. With that said, sometimes I just want to play and have a **** good time with my son or friends, in a more relaxing way. For new players, this is a godsend! The timing couldn't be more perfect, as I am currently starting a LOTR LCG league at my LGS. About the feeling of cheating, I don't think so. In fact, the rulebook ALWAYS suggested an easier way to play by just not dealing shadow cards for attacking enemies. Although I never tried that method, the option was always there.
  19. Just wanted to throw in my opinion. My 13 y/o son and I have owned this game since release in early 2011. Our first experience with it was at a gaming convention. I read the rules, we played two-player and got so obliterated after three tries that we shelved the core set for about a year. The main reason for this was the rules stating you could play with 1-3 heroes per player, which is absurd. We were only running two heroes each - never 3 - and that was what led to not playing this wonderful game for a whole year. Once we got the itch to try it one more time, we maximized our heroes and our decks and went to town, never looking back. We have everything that has been released but have not attempted every quest yet. Every quest up to Heirs of Numenor we have beaten. He runs leadership/tactics dwarf, and I usually run spirit/lore with various different combinations. Very seldom does he have to change heroes. I have to do it much more frequently, as the formula for success beyond SoM cycle is much more dynamic. So, HoN expansion is really no different to what we have been experiencing. We tried Perils at Pelargir with the deck we used from Shadow and Flame and it went horribly. We both had to recreate our player deck and I had to do a full swap of heroes. I went to an exclusively Gondor/Dwarf ally deck and we won pretty handily. Our threat was close at the end, but we didn't feel overwhelmed like we did with our old decks. So, on one hand I like trying different cards and hero combinations. But, on the other, I don't like being forced to do it, because I don't have X, Y, and Z cards or heroes. I know we would both agree that this game is our all-time favorite game, and we both have played many, many games over the years. Oh, one other thing. I just wanted to share our strategy for approaching quests. Once we determine what quest cards are in the encounter deck, we break each type of card into piles (i.e., enemies, treachery, and locations). We look at the size of each pile side by side. Then we go through and evaluate all the encounter cards. For example, if there a bunch of 1 or 2 health enemies, we almost always sport Thalin. If there is a large stack of treachery, we definitely bring out our Spirit cards and maybe even sport Eleanor. For lots of enemies, we run tons of low cost allies. Little things like that in initial prep can really help out. When we have tried just simply going from quest to quest without deck changes, it has been less fruitful.
  20. CJMatos said: Some people feel that playing with the cards that were released after that particular quest is cheating… Others don't… This sort of implies power creep. Is there one? And, if so, is it necessary to keep up with increasing difficulty of quests?
  21. I will be heading up a LOTR LCG league for my not-so-local gaming store. So, having three core sets will really help me out with new players. I can have three quests going at once with 2-players each. I am thinking of having pre-made monosphere decks for everyone to start out with, so they can get used to the game and how the different spheres vary. Any ideas from folks who are in leagues?
  22. Thank you for putting this resource together!
  23. Rich, I play with three core sets, but that's largely due to my son and I sharing those cards. He usually runs a duo sphere leadership/tactics Dwarf deck, and I run spirit/lore. On occassion, when I want to play solo, I run a separate solo deck for myself. So, that's more cards, and I plan on dipping into the tactics leadership cards at some point as well. But, even if I didn't have those excuses, it would still come down to having the resources to procure Unexpected Courage (times 3), and I gladly would. Brian
  24. To give perspective, I am relatively new to card games. My first experience with card games was LoTR LCG, which has now taken over as my favorite game of all-time, but it certainly didn't start off that way. Previously, I usually played miniature wargames or fantasy games, so this type of game was a little different for me. In fact, I originally did all the research to purchase Arkham Horror to play as a family game to get my wife more involved. However, when I went into my LGS, the owner talked to me about the difficulty my wife would probably have, since she does not play complex games. He recommended Elder Sign. With a little hesitation, due to my initial interest in Arkham Horror, I thought about it and pulled the trigger. With that said, I can't believe how quickly it became a household favorite for myself and my youngest son (13). I played this game solo the first three games to get acqainted with the rules. I didn't do all that well, but I had a strong feeling it was going to get much better fast. My son couldn't stand sitting on the sidelines any longer once he saw it set up, so he insisted he get in on the following game. Long story short, I bought this game on a Friday night, and played it nine times over the weekend. I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it is for me. To play any game nine times over a weekend is unheard of around here. Not to mention, when we took breaks from group games, someone was usually playing it solo in between. It had that much draw to it! My wife was still a little overwhelmed, but she was a good sport, and my son actually rage-quit, because she accomplished every single task (with no prior experience) and he wasn't doing well at all that game…LOL. For those people that are concerned that this is a dice game, do not worry. It is NOT just a straight-up luck game. There are plenty of dice manipulation investigators, items, and effects that allow for much more strategy than simply just rolling the dice and hoping for the best. I am shocked and pleasantly surprised about how much we enjoyed this game! Thanks FFG! Regards, Brian
  25. Ironhelm said: There is a vassal tournement going on and another getting ready to start. Here is the link: http://boardgamegeek.com/guild/1523 If you want to get together sometime for a face-to-face game let me know. Mike I don't use Vassal, so in person would be best. Please PM me, because I hardly ever check here anymore. Brian
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