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  1. Stosh2


    talismanisland said: As it stands, if you land on the Chapel and decide to encounter a Character there, you do not lose a life if you are Evil. It's the same with the Desert. This is one of the areas that I'm really not happy with about spaces such as the Chapel/Desert in that they do not follow "real" logic, merely "game" logic. I've been considering resurrecting the Talisman X feature on my site to detail suggested House Rules and other Experimental Rules for the game. Global Space Effects would be one of those suggested rules... My group has already house ruled the "Global Space Effects" into action. It makes more sense to have it that way, and sometimes a life is sacrificed in order to attack a weaker character that holds a desirable object.
  2. Stosh2

    talisman luck

    One of our house rules that we have tested and liked: All characters get +1 bonus to their roll in their Start Space.
  3. Yes, the priest is weak and needs some adjustment in order to make him a playable character. When my crew and I were playing the BI 4th edition, we house ruled it so that the priest could keep his automatic kills as trophy points and then turn them in. Sounds over-powered, but he had nothing else going for him, basically. We decided to abide by the rules for FFG's Revised 4th edition since he now can gain spells. He has only been played a few times so far, but the majority opinion amongst us feel that it is not enough of an improvement. We have had talks about keeping the trophies again, but have not implemented it. Our other thought for priest improvement is to switch his praying to +2 and change the knight's praying to +1. He definitely needs something.
  4. Stosh2

    Riding Horse

    The way my crew plays: If you are using the riding horse, you are rollling two dice for your movement, totalling anywhere from 2 to 12. There is no chance of you rolling a "1" for your move, hence no chance for you to play the Reaper. We just consider that part of the price to pay for being able to use two dice. Concerning the magic carpet, we only allow it to be used when a "6", and only a "6" is rolled. Using the horse and rolling a 2 and a 4 does not count. So, only rolling one die for your movement is what qualifies for getting a chance to play the Reaper or use the magic carpet.
  5. Stosh2

    Promo Cards

    Just to let everyone know, my friend emailed FFG on Tuesday the 16th, asking them about the promo cards and ordering online. He received a reply back very late Tuesday night stating that all online orders placed by Friday the 19th would be eligible for the promo cards. We placed our order online on Wednesday the 17th and actually received the Reaper expansion AND the two promo cards yesterday the 18th! (even though we selected the 2-day shipping) Played a game last night. We all loved the new adventure cards and spell cards. There is some good stuff in there. The new characters are great also. So get your order in online today (the 19th) and you will receive the promo cards! Thanks, Stosh
  6. Stosh2

    The Druid

    The Druid card says that he receives his full complement of spells when he lands in a woods space. When exactly does he receive the spells? At the end of his turn? Right when he lands there before doing anything else (draw a card, encounter existing card, encounter a character)? Had a heated discussion last night during a five-player game. Would appreciate input and/or a rules clarification. Thanks, Stosh
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