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    Available at Gencon???

    I am really hoping that it will be available at Gencon. I have a friend that will be picking me up a copy if it is. Game looks very interesting!!
  2. diablo666

    Available at Gencon???

    They said in the video on BGG that it is not coming out until Christmas. I have to admit that is really disappointing as I figured it would be out in like October or so.
  3. diablo666

    Available at Gencon???

    Just heard from a friend who is at Gencon. Sadly,this is not available to purchase there. I am pretty bummed out.I know there was only an outside chance of it being there but a small part of me was hoping it would be available to buy there.
  4. It has been a VERY long time since Fantasy Flight has released any new content for Arkham Horror. I wonder if this means the end for anything new?? I wish I had some insider knowledge to at least know the answer to the question.If this is the end I just wish they would tell us that instead of leaving us hanging so I can deal with that (LOL!!)
  5. Is there any chance that this is going to be available to purchase at Gencon?? Probably not,but i figure it does not hurt to ask.
  6. I know I REALLY hope that is not the case.There can NEVER be enough Arkham Horror for me!!! What does everyone think??
  7. I wish I was a fly on the wall in the offices of FFG and knew the answer to this question. It seemed pretty clear from there report at Gencon that Arkham Horror is going to have more things for it but what is that going to be?? Where is this FAQ that was talked about YEARS ago??? Questions that I hope will get answers sometime soon.
  8. Anyone attending the Arkham Nights event this weekend find out any news about the future of Arkham Horror. I hope there will be something but I really doubt it. Thanks to anyone who posts here.
  9. diablo666

    Gen Con, any news on Arkham horror?

    A friend of mine sat in on the in game flight report that FFG had at Gencon. He asked if there was more stuff coming for Arkham There response was along the lines of,"it was would be very dumb of us to stop supporting our best selling game" I have a feeling that there is more coming but the only question is:What is it going to be??
  10. diablo666

    Miskatonic horror is this the end ?

    I am with you,Tibs!!!!!! Keep those expansions coming!!! There is NEVER,EVER enough Arkham Horror stuff!!
  11. Hey,everyone. I just got several orders,from different places,of the black backed sleeves that FFG produces. I noticed that they are coming in two different sizes!!! To be honest,this is quite annoying to me and I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with any of the sleeves??
  12. Just wondering if they said anything about future releases??
  13. Just wondering if anyone has heard if it will be for sale at Gencon or not
  14. Hello,everyone. Our gaming group played a couple games of Arkham last night with the new COTDPR (Curse of the Dark Pharaoh Revised) and one of the investigators got the Mask of Vice.We quickly realized how powerful this item is and used it as much as possible before the ancient one awoke. Unless we are missing something this item seems to allow to you go to the general store or the curiositie shoppe,draw the three items (unique or common) then exhaust your mask of vice to take one of them without paying for it.I have to say that all of the people in our group thought that this item is broken!! I realize that there is only one copy of this item in the entire exhibit deck but that does not change the fact that once an investigator acquires this item then the game completely changes because investigators can get a free item EVERY turn once the investigator with this item gets to a shop.WOW!!! Any other opinions would be welcome on this mask and I am very curious what others think of it.
  15. diablo666

    Miskatonic In Stores

    Waiting for Boardsandbits to get Miskatonic. I shot them an e-mail and they said they will get it today.
  16. diablo666

    Monster Grid

    This is a sheet that you can use to lay all of the monsters onto a 12x12 grid instead of using a monster cup. Just roll two dice that are twelve sided and use that result when a monster is needed. You need to make up four counters that read "Up","Down","Left" and "Right" and place them randomly in one pile before you can use the grid. If you roll a result that does not have a monster or you roll a mask monster when you cannot have them,then simply refer to the top counter and go in that direction until you get a monster that you can use. Note:If both dice show a 12 then simply re-roll the dice. Our group has been using this method for a very long time.It really helps with the wear and tear on your monster counters!! Have fun with it and any comments are welcome!! diablo663.fileave.com/Monster%20Sheet.xlr
  17. diablo666

    Miskatonic Shipping!

    That would be so great is Miskatonic came out next week as I didnt think it would be quite so soon because it just changed status.
  18. I am REALLY hoping the rules are posted this week so I can read them before the preview even this weekend.
  19. diablo666

    Rules posted soon???

    Well,now that it is on the boat and even closer to our hands (I CANNOT WAIT!!) I would think the rules would be posted soon. What do you guys think??
  20. diablo666

    They're here!

    Hey,Shub-Niggurath. Have your mini's been delivered to you yet? I placed my order on sunday (7th) and according the FFG web site it says "pending shipping" for the order status.
  21. This sounds like a great idea to me. What better time to announce it than Halloween?? What do you guys think??
  22. I would love for this to be true but I just dont see how. It is still listed as being at the printer.Can it really be done there,moved onto the boat and released to us in November?? I am really hoping this is true as there is a convention here in Michigan that I would love to run it at.The con is in the first weekend of December. I am crossing my fingers. What do you guys think?
  23. Hey,everyone. I started a poll on the geek about Arkham and I would appreciated it if you head over there and cast your vote. Thanks. Here is the link: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/557886/a-poll-about-arkham-horror
  24. diablo666

    FAQ Question

    Hello again,Tibbs. I was just curious as to how long you have been working on this FAQ??