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  1. Lightning bug: "After moving, if this bug shows its special side, shoot a lightning projectile at an enemy bug." Lightning projectile: "If this hits a bug, put an electrocution counter on that bug. Then put a lightning projectile next to that bug, shoot it, and repeat this process. Bugs with electrocution counters on them cannot move during their player's next round." there would be four lightning counters, meaning you could hit up to four bugs in one turn.
  2. "When an enemy bug within medium range is moved, if it shows its special side, flip it over before any other effects occur."
  3. "When this bug shows its special side, it may not be affected by projectiles, and allies within short range are not affected by projectiles."
  4. We don't have to wait for anyone to put out an expansion, we can just make our own. I've been thinking about this lately as I love this game. I've also been thinking about adding 3-d terrain. I hope we can come up with some cool stuff.
  5. Trent8


    as a group of people we could invent our own expansion armies. the only problem would then be figuring out how to make the new pieces, though you could just take one army and format it such that each piece of that army directly represent a piece in the expansion. or you could put coloured dots on the pieces or some such. i'm going to start a thread for possible new pieces/army ideas.
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