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  1. Last issue of Doomzine, #26, italian e-zine ALL about Mutant Chronicles, is ready. You can download it at this link: http://www.mcic.it/materiale-mcic/doomzine/
  2. Hi Wytefang. We, like MCIC, make tournament of this great game. And we make miniatures: http://forum.mcic.it/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=2319 http://forum.mcic.it/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=3318
  3. Like MCIC we make a miniature for use like Brass Apocalypt. You can see it here: forum.mcic.it/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=2319
  4. Coral Beach said: Two sources, - At the 9th post of this thread - And as a question asked directly to Nate French the 22 january 2009 (by rules question formular).> Message from: > Coral Beach > > Rule Question: > Does the Invoke Frenzy command card (n°6) may be applied to the > Barrage unit action of the Gommorian Emasculator (n°7) ? > Some players think that this damage bonus may only be applied to > normal attacks and others that Barrage may be assimilated to an > attack (the game text is ambiguous). > Thanks. "Play before the chosen unit attacks" refers to the chosen unit taking an attack action. Using the Barrage action does not interact with this play restriction. Nate French Design and Development Fantasy Flight Games Uhm... but in this way, there are two distinctive attacks, "Attack Action", and "Other Attack" like Barrage. So, if I make an Attack using Wait Order, is still Attack or no?
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