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  1. So what is the local meta in your area wining with, what are you guys encountering? Thanks!
  2. If I flank a unit, hit them on their back row and then destroy a tray... leaving my unit now in corner to corner contact with their unit... are we still engaged? 34 in the rulebook under engagement: "If any part of a units trays are touching any part of an enemy units trays those units are engaged." So why wouldn't corner to corner contact be still engaged? What am I missing here?
  3. Anyone had any luck with the Geomancer lately? I'm still pondering a list to fit him in and make him effective. I'm thinking I'll screen him with a 2*1 of Golems, maybe 2 of them. He doesn't need line of sight to use his skill and they should take some abuse before falling (as well as dish out some punishment).
  4. Other than a 2x2 unit of Spearmen backed up by Heroes and /or Golems (that won't take damage from his ability) has anyone figured out an innovative way to use this guy? It seems like it would be next to impossible to keep your fast moving cav far enough away from him so that they don't take damage. However, it seems like he would be very effective against large groups of skeletons, if you could screen him and keep him protected.
  5. What are you guys using to clip out the pegs on the bases before gluing the disks down? I tried fingernail clippers but they don't cut flush and leave behind too much plastic residue.
  6. ...and the wavy decorative line under the cards name denotes "uniqueness?"
  7. Can I have more than one Greyhaven Channeler (occupying separate units) in my 200 point army?
  8. Missouri and Kansas Players organize here! MOKAN Runewars on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/425912327762528/
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