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  1. Ken on Cape

    Can you build your own decks?

    Thanks for everyone judging who I am and my life. I actually have a real life and don't have all the free time in the world to stay on a message board and make fun of others.
  2. Ken on Cape

    Can you build your own decks?

    I've seen that the big selling point of this game is how every deck you buy is unique. Has FFG said if you can build your own decks for official events? I think if you can't it's a wasted opportunity from FFG as alot of the fun of these games is making your own decks.
  3. Ken on Cape

    Why is a leg of my Vader brown?

    Well yesterday I got some simple green, got a glass, filled it with half water, filled the rest with the simple green for 50/50. I put Vader in, been about 24 hours, some stuff has come off but not much change. Should I give more time or take it out and brush with old toothbrush?
  4. So last Thursday I went there and it said they had 3 copies of the Priority Supplies expansion for Legion in stock. I ordered that and the Barricade pack. As of today it hasn't shipped. My card was charged first thing, but they never shipped the stuff I paid for. I call them and they tell me the Priority Supplies was a pre order. They not getting any more in until next month. I wanted these next week. I told they it said clearly that they had them in stock when I ordered. They kept saying it was pre ordered. I cancelled my order. They are nothing but liars and will mislead you to take your money.
  5. Ken on Cape

    Best car paint primer to use?

    I should have said i'm using these for the 3D printed terrain from imperial terrain, not the FFG models. Those I'm using model primer.
  6. Ken on Cape


    Just use some fur and a bit of red paint.
  7. Ken on Cape

    Best car paint primer to use?

    I see alot of people say they use car primer for the plastic, what are the best ones? I have the models from FFG and some 3D printed pieces from Imperial Terrain.
  8. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/1/arkham-horror-third-edition/ looks interesting. Modular board.
  9. Ken on Cape

    New RRG!

    Did they clarify line of sight and cover?
  10. Defending the Empire Only 4 minis I think.
  11. Excellent Great addition
  12. Ken on Cape

    FAQ/Rules Update, when?

    No it’s going to be in A Dream Of Spring, the Book after Winds of Winter
  13. Ken on Cape

    Help me choose my last Rebel Troop Squad colors

    Scottish Highland plaid
  14. Speeder bikes Compulsory Move Aim shoot. Some people look at the compulsory move as a penalty. To me its a bonus action.
  15. A update to the RRG Legion second edition. FFG really needs to update it soon IMO.