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  1. Ken on Cape

    Wave 6

    I'd like to see the Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor for the Republic.
  2. Miniature Market says the Downed AT-ST is in stock. No longer pre order. Hopefully my order will go out today.
  3. Does that mean we won't see the point cost for wave 4 until then?
  4. If FFG put out regular bug fixes and added features to the app, most people wouldn't need to use a 3rd party app that does it better.
  5. FYI at my Barnes and Noble, they didn't have any wave 4 stuff on the shelf, but the website said they had them. I asked someone, gave them the sku and they looked in the back and got what I wanted. So if you don't see them, ask.
  6. Well it doesn't really matter if Barnes and Noble released them early. You can't use them because they aren't in the app yet. They won't be until the official release date. I saw online that my local Barnes and Noble had the Naboo fighter in stock. I went and it wasn't on the shelf. But I asked someone working there and they got me 2 from the back. So if you don't see any of the wave 4 ships you want on the shelf, ask someone.
  7. How long has Asmodee owned FFG? I think its been over a year. This is the first time I've seen these type of date announcements messing up with FFG.
  8. But small mistakes like these will make people think FFG doesn't know what they are doing or are flat out lying. Not good to make your customers upset. I know they are not like that, but I can see where others would see it like that.
  9. First FFG said Downed AT-ST was in stores, then they changed it to "on the boat". Now they publish an article today saying that the product would be in stores 11 days ago, then they edit that out of the article. Seems to me like there is some kind communication breakdown someplace.
  10. Says it's out June 6. X-WING not Legion. Looks like FFG has a communication issue to me.
  11. Between these dates for xwing getting messed up. and the fouled up US release of the downed AT-ST, I think FFG has some issues with communicating the right dates.
  12. At least with X-wing wave 4, FFG did say it was delayed. FG has'nt said anything about the downed AT-ST delay. Would be nice to get something from them. Something like "We are sorry, do to factors out of our control, the Downed AT-ST expasion is delayed in the USA. When we have more solid info, we will let you know."
  13. Maybe they coming from same factory or something.
  14. I'm not expecting FFG to say why its delayed. But just being upfront and telling us it is delayed would go a long way. But don't have pages on your site that has different information on if it's out yet and say nothing. Especially since it's out everyplace except the USA it seems.
  15. Yes they should communicate better. With X-wing wave 4, they said it was going to be delayed. FFG should have said that the downed AT-ST has been delayed in the USA. But nothing, and one page says its in stores. While another page on the same site, says it's still in pre order stage. Why can't FFG be straight with us?
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