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  1. I think FFG said they not putting out any more IA physical products
  2. Episode 2 was great. But it's only 30 minutes. I was hoping the episodes would be around an hour each. Maybe it's a good thing, they not putting unnecessarily stuff in just to put stuff in. But this is so good, I want more. This has resstored my faith in Star Wars.
  3. Anyone else worried because the reviews don't go out until the game is on sale? Usually if a game is good they will let reviews out before the street date. This looks really good, but that's a big red flag for me.
  4. Lucas just had to change it. WTF. I feel that's a slap in the face to everyone that complained about the 1997 change.
  5. 100% Agree. My only complaint is they didn't show a trailer for the next episode at the end. Is it Friday yet? New episode.
  6. Wouldn't it have been less confusing if it was a card you get on Mon Calamari instead of the planet you have to deliver the cargo to since every other cargo card I seen says you can't get job on the planet you are to deliver the cargo to?
  7. This is the Naboo encounter card #8, so you draw it when you are on Naboo. The Naboo section of encounter card 8 says destination is Naboo. So you can only draw it on that space. But I thought you couldn't get a cargo if you are on the place you are bringing it to? It also says if you are on another planet you gain the cargo above. Am I missing something or is it a misprint?
  8. I think first expansion will be more cards.
  9. I wonder if FFG will do what they do with Eldritch Horror and 2nd edition Arkham Horror. Small box expansions with extra cards and big box expansions with extra boards or something.
  10. Ken on Cape

    Wave 6

    I'd like to see the Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor for the Republic.
  11. Miniature Market says the Downed AT-ST is in stock. No longer pre order. Hopefully my order will go out today.
  12. Does that mean we won't see the point cost for wave 4 until then?
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