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  1. New preview: save the dream

    Whats the ETA for this wave to be in stores? If its around May, I'm thinking they may add a couple more ship from the Solo movie to this wave.
  2. Alot of cards say "remove a character's die." If the character in question is elite, do both dies get removed?
  3. Expansion ideas?

    I'm new to TI, what was Distant Suns?
  4. Do players get dealt action cards at set up? I didn’t see anything about action cards in set up. Or do they get they on first turn status phase?
  5. I’m new to TI but I was wondering what people would want for expansions to TI 4. Or is it good the way it is? All 17 races, streamlined rules. Would expansions bog it down with extra rules, ect?
  6. I see some objective cards are things like “spend x resources” “build x amount of something “ Do they have to be all in the same action or can it be over a number of actions or turns to score them?
  7. As someone new to the game, what’s the best advice for someone that hasn’t played before? I know it takes awhile to play.
  8. Who's missing from IA

    Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru
  9. It’s official, release date 10/12/17. 😎
  10. Couple more rule questions

    1. The card Direct Hit says resolve one of your dice showing ranged or melee damage, increasing its value by 2. If I had a die showing a matching modifer to that damage type, can I resolve that then, too? 2. When a die says 2 shields, do I have to give both to the same character or can I give 1 shield to 2 different characters?
  11. I don't know if the rules say one way or another. I know 3 upgrades is the max but is there a limit to weapon upgrades or any other kind of upgrades? I have the 2 player starter box that has Lhasa the cross guard lightsaber for Kylo Ren. I pull Kylo Ren's lightsaber from a booster. Can I put both weapon cards on him at same time?
  12. Rule Question

    You can, as long the character or card doesn't have a restriction on color, I think some do have restrictions. Also, have to keep hero cards on heroes, villains on villains unless card says different.
  13. EaW - An Uncommon event printed as Common (?)

    If it's a misprint and labeled as a common, shouldn't you get a few per booster box? If uncommon, should be 1 a box? Isn't that normal CCG distribution? Not sure if different for this game though.
  14. When a ability says you can change the die result on a die, does it have to be a die that's been activated and in the die pool?
  15. Are there any cards exclusive to the Rey or Kylo Ren starter packs, or can I get all the cards from boosters if I just buy the 2 player box?