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  1. Ken on Cape

    FAQ/Rules Update, when?

    When its done.
  2. Ken on Cape

    Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILER THREAD]

    I read someplace that Disney said this takes place 10 years before A New Hope. Not sure what Maul's timeline is after Phantom Menace or if Shadow Collective is in Clone Wars/ Rebels. I loved the movie. I want to see at least one Calrissian Chronicles movie with Lando narrating. Chewie rip arms off of people, finally, and Han speaking wookiee. I hope they do at least one more Solo movie. We still have the whole Jabba thing. Plus I want to know whats up with Maul and Qi'ra. I also loved how Becket used the same Dejarik move the R2-D2 used in A New Hope on Chewie.
  3. Ken on Cape

    Options to acquire official SW:Legion Bases?

    Anyone think if there is enough demand, FFG will put out packs of just the bases like they do for X-wing?
  4. Ken on Cape

    X-Wing 2.0 - batteries required.

    Amish people are'nt getting them. Just saying. I wish FFG would have just put the point values on the cards. I picture all of a sudden, some people's builds won't be legal anymore because of a whim from FFG to change point values and you have 10 minutes before a tourney starts and you have to re work your whole list. Also, has FFG said if you need the cards for tourney's anymore? If you have the app can you run your whole squad on the app as you play? Keep track of dammage, missles, ect?
  5. Ken on Cape

    Tournament Regulations are up

    From what I seen of some of the 3D astroids, ect., X wing is a rare game where its better with the 2D terrain. Because it matters if the base touches the terrain, not the ship model. The 3D terrain will just be in the way, and the 3D terrain I've seen have a base thats not in the shape of the piece of terrain.
  6. Ken on Cape

    Tournament Regulations are up

    So is my always on heavy cover force field base legal? EDIT: Not my pic used with permission.
  7. Ken on Cape

    Tournament Regulations are up

    Considering the RRG is digital only, FFG may want to allow people to look that up on there phone/ tablet during a match.
  8. Ken on Cape

    So what's next?

    Two words: Porg swarm. I'll leave now.
  9. Ken on Cape

    Fleet and Leia sold out everywhere?? Seriously?

    You can pre order Leia here. But the Fleet troopers are waiting on restock.
  10. Ken on Cape

    Converting to 2.0 maneuver templates ... ?

    I thought FFG said the move templates were staying the same with 2.0. Only difference is a line down the middle of each to help.
  11. Ken on Cape

    Other operatives

    Chewbacca, maybe some more bounty hunters, The crew from rebels, the crew from Rogue One.
  12. Ken on Cape

    Imperial Scout troopers announced.

  13. Ken on Cape

    That Boba Tho

    Last night at my FLGS, we were talking how there should be bounties for characters like Boba Fett. Seems they worked that in.
  14. Looks very nice. 10 black dice for normal ranged attack with a full 5 man squad. Wow.
  15. Ken on Cape

    Solo TV Spots

    Thats the same move R2-D2 used on Chewbacca in A New Hope. Looks like Chewie did'nt learn lol.