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  1. I thought Slaanesh was the chaos god of nipples?
  2. What, you don't want a perpetually running nose?
  3. I love beastiaries (sp?). Absolutely love everyone one I read. This doesn't look like it will dissapoint.. it just needs to come out on Amazon!
  4. Start playing it again! Took a few months off looking for a new job, just found one, time to get back to bolt gunning!
  5. I would buy one depending on the content. the WFRP companion didn't do much for my campaigns but I still enjoyed the fluff and extra tools to work with, whether I used them or not. On second thought, I would say yes, I would buy a 40K companion.
  6. I understand the fellowship decrease as well, blanks give everyone around them the creepy crawlies. I also understand there needing to be an attribute linked to the 'power' itself, otherwise it could get out of hand roleplay wise. Glad they are included one way or the other.
  7. In my experience Amazon is great for browsing around buying products on a whim, but if I REALLY want to get it day one I talk to the guys at the comic shop by my house and they bug their distributor about it.
  8. I am going to have to check Outpost out, love Ray Stevenson and bizarre WW2 stuff. Also thanks for the 'Dead Snow' heads up, I have been itching for a nazi zombies movie since I beat Call of Duty 5 and unlocked that mode ha ha.
  9. I think it would royally screw up a lot of peoples campaigns if FFG came out with an official story for the Tyrant Star. Some interesting ideas in this thread. I still haven't come up with the story behind the TS in my campaign, nothing I have coem up with thus far has been 'epic' enough for my liking. My players are scared of it for sure though, they dread it like its the eye of sauron. Should be a lot of fun.
  10. Not exactly the definition of irony, but I get what you mean. I will be ordering this bad boy with my Christmas bonus, which I refuse to use in a responsible manner!
  11. msears

    Rogues Gallery

    That character generator is a nice tool, it takes care of the busy work (I have enough of that as it is) and still leaves you the fun stuff. Thanks for linking it.
  12. Ah, I can't wait for this even though my current gaming group is in 'hibernation'. Bestiarys are always a fun read.
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